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Various ‎– Inside Deep Note 2 -2005

01 - Theme From Sweet & Sticky  (02:48)
02 - Cruisin Downtown  (02:35)
03 - Dialogue From Door To Door Daddy  (00:41)
04 - Cant Get Enough Of That Hot Buttered Stuff  (03:06)
05 - Motion Lotion  (02:37)
06 - Walters Revenge From If It Feels Good Do It  (00:23)
07 - Rollerblade Escapade From Jailbait  (02:32)
08 - Hello Miss Martin From Under The Bleachers  (01:07)
09 - Nightclub Theme From The Devil Made Me Do It  (03:39)
10 - Bedtime For Busty  (03:46)
11 - Smart Mouth Kid From Under The Bleachers  (00:23)
12 - Gabis Theme From Dagmar Zeigts Euch  (02:41)
13 - Clavinet Love Suite From Clackers  (02:22)
14 - Romantic Interlude From Emanuelles First Time  (02:21)
15 - California Creamin  (04:11)
16 - Roscoes Theme From Big Black And Beautiful  (03:37)
17 - Ten-Four Good Buddy!  (02:46)
18 - Dr Freuds Advice  (00:39)
19 - The Big Bedtime Beat AKA Cant Stop Those Drums  (02:45)
20 - Back Up To The Bumper Boogie  (02:48)
21 - Night Driving Scene From The Thrill Is On  (03:09)
22 - Eurodisco Affair From Liebe Auf Den Ersten Schluck  (02:04)
23 - What You See Is What You Get Honey  (03:09)
24 - Das Einzige Was Dazwischenkommt Ist Ein Glas Champagner  (03:34)

Inside Deep Note Music Of The 1970's Adult Cinema 2.
When my partner and I started digging through the archives of the adult film industry searching for music from the golden age of adult cinema (the late Sixties until the widespread change from film to video tape around 1980). We were surprised to discover how little information we could find about the producers, composers, and musicians that created the soundtracks for theses features. In this age of blogs, obsessive online discographies, and infinite at-hand minutiae, it is hard to imagine that there were virtually no records kept of this information. Why is this so? Simple. It wasn't important. In fact, most of the soundtrack composers, when they were credited, used an assumed "nom de porn". They made this music to pay the rent, not to advance their careers. It was no feather in one's cap in those days to be associated with adult movies.
Many famous musicians, whether on the way up or on the way down, made ends meet by creating music for the emerging adult film industry. Artists as diverse as Frank Zappa, Michael Bloomfield, Rupert Holmes and countless others made extra bread producing, composing or performing as sidemen on adult movie soundtrack sessions.
My partner and I have gotten many e-mail asking us why there isn't more information about the music in the first two Deep Note volumes. I hope you are beginning to see why. When we get acces to a new library of soundtrack masters, the tape boxes usually don't even bear the name of the film for which the music was composed. Many times the composer recorded the soundtrack having never seen the film, been instructed to provide so many minutes of each different mood needed. The result being edited and looped together with the movie later.
We've uncovered several new libraries for this volume (both American and European) and baked countless hours of analog tape (the magnetic oxide layer of recording tape tends to flake off after many years: baking it in the oven stops the process), picking the best and digitizing it for Inside Deep Note 2. We hope you enjoy!
Gorm Pedersen June 2005. Produced and Compiled by Gorm Pedersen and Torben Madsen e-mail: OST_Records@hotmail.com
O.S.T Grammofonpladen A/S. Størgade 10 København, Danmark.
Text on CD: Dress her up and let her serve. Dress her down and keep her home.
DVD has full printed text from various magazine advetisements on it!

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