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Gershon Kingsley--Music to Moog By 1969

Music to Moog By 1969
Gershon Kingsley
Audio Fidelity AFSD 6226 Stereo
Total Time: 25:21

Track List
Hey, Hey
Scarborough Fair
For Alisse Beethoven
Pop Corn
Twinkle, Twinkle
Nowhere Man
Sunset Sound
Trumansburg Whistle
Paperback Rider


The Mocha Beans -In the Moog 1976

 In the Moog
The Mocha Beans
Morning Records MOR-16 Stereo
Total Time: 30:28

Track List
Latin Fever
For Cat Lovers Only
Hot Dog
Snakes and Ladders
One Friday Afternoon
Knock Knock - Who's There
Lucky Day
I Saw My Baby Last Night
Gurgle Along
Taste the Mocha Beans
I Like Your Walk, You Like My Talk

Walter Wanderley - & Portinho - Orgao, Sax E Sexy (1964)

1- Walter Wanderley & Portinho- 01 - Eu Sei que Vou te Amar (02:48)
2- Walter Wanderley & Portinho- 02 - Castigo (02:33)
3- Walter Wanderley & Portinho- 03 - Fale Baixinho (02:38)
4- Walter Wanderley & Portinho- 04 - A Noite do meu Bem (02:53)
5- Walter Wanderley & Portinho- 05 - Por causa de Voce (02:29)
6- Walter Wanderley & Portinho- 06 - Meu Sonho e Voce (03:26)
7- Walter Wanderley & Portinho- 07 - Suas Maos (02:43)
8- Walter Wanderley & Portinho- 08 - Ouca (02:41)
9- Walter Wanderley & Portinho- 09 - Contando Estrelas (03:23)
10- Walter Wanderley & Portinho- 10 - Cancao de Amor (02:45)
11- Walter Wanderley & Portinho- 11 - Ninguem me Ama (02:48)
12- Walter Wanderley & Portinho- 12 - Risque (02:35)

Armand Migiani & Couroyer - Sex O Rama (1970)

1 - Armand Migiani & Couroyer - Venus (02:49)
2 - Armand Migiani & Couroyer - Knock, knock (02:13)
3 - Armand Migiani & Couroyer - Carmen (02:49)
4 - Armand Migiani & Couroyer - Colombe ivre (02:28)
5 - Armand Migiani & Couroyer - Je t'aime, moi non plus (03:11)
6 - Armand Migiani & Couroyer - C'est si bon (02:54)
7 - Armand Migiani & Couroyer - Tzeinerlin (02:32)
8 - Armand Migiani & Couroyer - All kinds of everything (03:02)
9 - Armand Migiani & Couroyer - Helsinki (02:37)
10 - Armand Migiani & Couroyer - Marie-blanche (02:57)
11 - Armand Migiani & Couroyer - I'm in the mood for love (02:35)
12 - Armand Migiani & Couroyer - Lover (02:20)

The Three Suns ‎– High Fi And Wide 1956

Come Back To Sorrento
In A Persian Market
Lady Of Shangri-La
A Song Of Old Hawaii
Blue Bells Of Scotland
The Sheik Of Araby
Galway Bay
In A Little Spanish Town
On A Little Street In Singapore
Mexican Hat Dance
Far Away Places
Song Of India
Londonderry Air
Bali Ha'i
April In Portugal
Viennese Refrain (The Old Refrain)

The Three Suns ‎– Fever And Smoke 1961

Fever 3:00
Like Young 3:30
Theme From "A Summer Place" 1:45
Tequila 2:15
Beyond The Sun 2:42
Petite Fleur 2:36
Colonel Bogey March 2:25
Sleep Walk 3:00
Chanson D'Amour 2:50
Volare 2:30
Misty 2:43

Smoke 3:00


Various ‎– Stairways To Heaven

Various ‎– Stairways To Heaven

Artist Listing
01 - Kate Ceberano And The Ministry Of Fun 
02 - John Paul Young
03 - Pardon Me Boys
04 - Rolf Harris
05 - The Australian Doors Show
06 - Sandra Hahn And Michael Turkic
07 - Robyn Dunn
08 - Neil Pepper (Elvis)
09 - The Rock Lobsters
10 - The Beatnix
11 - Vegemite Reggae
12 - Leonard Teale
13 - Barry Crocker & The Doug Anthony Allstars

Stairways To Heaven album for sale was released May 23, 1995 on the Atlantic label. STAIRWAYS TO HEAVEN features 12 Australian acts performing their versions of "Stairway To Heaven." The Australian release of Stairways To Heaven CD music contains a single disc with 12 songs, while the European releases featured 22 versions of the song

Thanks to Australian TV compere Andrew Denton,  every week on his early 90s tonight show "The Money Or The Gun" a different artist would come on and slaughter "Stairway" in a different style.

For this month's WOCK on Vinyl, I'm bringing you Barry Crocker version of  Stairway to Heaven  - Yes, Barry "Neighbours" Crocker singing it Barry Crocker style

Barry Crocker And The Doug Anthony Allstars.
(Arr: The Doug Anthony Allstars). v: Paul McDermott, Tim Ferguson, Richard Fidler, Barry Crocker. DAAS are Paul McDermott: Vocals. Tim Ferguson: Vocals. Richard Fidler: Guitar and Vocals. Barry Crocker: Vocals. Chris Harriott: All other instruments.

Stairways to Heaven is one of the wackiest albums ever released. Every song on here is "Stairway to Heaven," but all performed in very different styles. To even get a grasp on the range of styles here is almost mind-boggling. For instance, Rolf Harris, best known for his novelty Australian hit "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport," essentially re-does that song with the lyrics for "Stairway to Heaven" as the basis. John Paul Young puts in a straightforward rock rendition. Other versions include a B-52's cover band, an Elvis impersonator, a Doors tribute band, and two Beatles groups (one early period, one late) all doing the cut in the styles of those groups. There is even a crooner-style rendition (watch out, Pat Boone, you've got competition) and a classically tinged operatic. The liner notes on this one, with their fabricated tale of the making of the album, are even hilarious. The end result is that this is probably close to the most fun you can have listening to an album. ~ Gary Hill


So you've heard Rolf Harris' cover of "Stairway To Heaven" on the wobbleboard and wanna get it on CD? Well this is where you'll find it, along with 21 other cover versions of the same song. These 22 cover versions are not so much a tribute to the Led Zep song but a wooden dagger driven through its heart by tongue-in-cheek sarcasm. Once you listen through all 22 the song has been well-n-truly killed. You'll be waking in a cold sweat at night with nightmares of a dystopic Orwellian world where the only song is "Stairway". The original won't ever sound the same again.

The concept comes from Australian TV compere Andrew Denton. Every week on his early 90s tonight show "The Money Or The Gun" a different artist would come on and slaughter "Stairway" in a different style. This album compiles some of the more memorable. Not only do you get Rolf singing it "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport" style, you also get: John Paul Young singing it "Love Is In The Air" style; The Rock Lobsters (B52s cover band) singing it "Rock Lobster" style; The Beatnix (Beatles cover band) singing it "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" style; Elvis impersonator Neil Pepper superbly singing it "Viva Las Vegas" style; Barry "Neighbours" Crocker singing it Barry Crocker style; and Doors cover band The Australian Doors Show singing it "When The Music's Over" style, sounding as though this song was always supposed to be done by Jim Morrison! The one that had Radio One listeners the most up in arms in 1995 when it broke through in the UK was the version by actor Leonard Teale. His droll poetic recitation of the lyrics, sounding like a smooth-talking used car salesman, was just too much for some to bear -- the BBC's switchboard was jammed by complaints from irate Led Zep fans!

These 22 tracks are by no means an exhaustive collection, there were  more versions from what I recall (after seeing all of them played back-to-back on late night music show Rage). Lamentably, one of my favourites, the Castanet Club's "toora loora loora lie" sea shanty version is missing. And a great opportunity was missed not to kick it off with the Hard-Ons own demolition of the song (from their Yummy album) where, after trying (and failing) to pick the opening guitar piece, guitarist Blackie swears and smashes his guitar instead. I guess putting Rolf Harris, Barry Crocker and the Hard-Ons on the same album would have been just a tad too surreal.

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VA - Club Reggae (Trojan, 1974)


A1-Marcia Griffiths - When Will I See You Again
A2-Jackie Robinson - Homely Girl
A3-Lloyd Charmers - Sweet Harmony
A4-Ken Boothe - Darling You Send Me
A5-Maroons - Kung Fu Fighting
A6-Skin, Flesh & Bones - Solitary Man
A7-Tinga Stewart - Play De Music
A8-Pat Kelly - Best Time Of My Life
A9-Maroons - Rock Your Baby
A10-Lloyd Charmers - Let's Get It On
B1-Turnell Mccormack - Irie Festival
B2-Skin, Flesh & Bones - Bammie Fe Fish
B3-Jenny Taylor - Come lay some loving on me
B4-The Soul Messengers- Do It (Until You're Satisfied)
B5-Derrick Harriott - Some Guys Have All The Luck
B6-Tito Simon - This Monday Morning Feeling
B7-Johny Clarke - Enter into his gates with praise
B8-Derrick Morgan & Hortense Ellis - I'm Gone
B9-Barbara Jones - Changin partners
B10-Pat Rhoden - Boogie On Reggae Woman

VA - Club Reggae (Trojan, 1974)
Trojan is a British record label founded in 1968 by Lee Gopthal and specializing in licensing ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub, and other Jamaican sides for international distribution.
Trojan Records has a deep catalog of late-'60s and early-'70s Jamaican classics that the label recycled into compilations like this one. These compilations are full of fascinating tracks that chronicle the emergence of Jamaican pop music onto the international stage, and if they're constantly recycled, well, it's good that they're out there.        

Diana Trask – Diana Trask 1961

It Might As Well Be Spring 3:49
Little Girl Blue 4:30
Spring Is Here 3:55
My Funny Valentine 4:26
By Myself 3:36
Spring Never Comes 4:20
Hello, Young Lovers 2:50
Let's Fall In Love 2:50
I Hear The Music 1:56
The Gypsy In My Soul 2:15
Let's Face The Music And Dance 2:00
Temptation 3:05

Alex Puddu ‎– The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography Vol. 2 2014

01. Hot Mouth  (03:31)
02. Boys and Girls and Danish Hotdogs  (03:23)
03. Gimme More  (03:42)
04. The Rope  (03:26)
05. Horny At the Office  (03:02)
06. She Wants It Black  (02:59)
07. Bad Love  (02:06)
08. Sweet and Perverted  (03:11)
09. Group Sex At the Birthday Party  (03:25)
10. After Party  (02:47)

Composed By, Arranged By, Producer, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Synth, Sitar [Electric], Vocals – Alex Puddu
Organ – Alex Puddu (tracks: A3, B2 to B4)
Organ, Electric Piano – Massimo Fiorentino
Photography By – Maiken Kærgaard
Bonus CD included 

Composed, Arranged and Produced By Alex Puddu 
Recorded in Copenhagen at Sexy Lady Studio, between 2012 and 2013 

In 2009 we started up Pink Flamingo Entertainment as a sub label of Another World Entertainment. It’s aim was to release vintage and quality porn on DVD and VOD, as a counterpart to the cold and mechanical commercial porn of the mainstream. 
The first release was Ole Ege’s ‘Pornografi’ (1971), which we put out in 2009. Ole Ege was one of the pioneers of Danish porn, working from the period leading up to the legalisation of pornography in Denmark in 1969 and up until a few years after that. ‘Pornografi’ had previously been released on VHS and appears as a feature film, but it is in fact a collection of short films that Ole Ege had made for the blooming 8mm market at the time. The films are from the period 1964 to 1971, which means that some of the films are from before the legalisation of pornography and hence were sold under the counter. 
Shortly after releasing ‘Pornografi’, I received a phone call from an elderly gentleman, who had been given my number by Ole Ege. He was a former business partner of the late Freddy Weiss, and held the copyright for and had a large collection of negatives for Freddy Weiss’s films, that had been released on Super8 in the early ‘70s. Freddy had been a photographer for Ole Ege in the early years but had later gone his own way. I told him that this all sounded very interesting and that I’d like to have a look at it. The next day a silver-grey Mercedes rolled into the courtyard of our office. The trunk was loaded with film spools. During the course of the following days I started gathering an overview of what the collection consisted of, which wasn’t easy, as it was all negatives. So I couldn’t just view them. Besides many of the spools were damaged by moisture and mold and the information on them was extremely sparse. Most of them were in a can or a bag with a tiny note thrown in stating titles such as ‘Anal Sensation’, ‘Black Triangle’ etc. 
We selected some of them and sent them off for scanning so we could get a better idea of what we were dealing with. Most of what came back from the lab turned out to be of a great quality and of high cultural value. But they had no sound and if we were to release them on DVD we had to find a soundtrack to make the viewing experience more entertaining. I did not for a single moment doubt that my good friend Alex Puddu was the right man for the job. I have a former career in the music business, where I got to know Alex in the early ‘90s, while distributing the music of his first band, Excess Bleeding Heart. In 2004 I put out Alex Puddu’s debut solo album ‘Chasing the Scorpion’s Tail’ and the year after that his second one, ‘The Silence of the Sun and the Rhythm of the Rain’. Both on my record label April Records. I then left the music business in 2006 to dedicate myself fully to the film industry. Working with Alex Puddu had led to a close friendship between the two of us . We shared a love for the era of the late ‘60s to early ‘70s and would often meet up for good food (Alex is an incredible cook!) and listen to soundtrack records and watch films. Especially Italian Gialli and poliziesco/poliziotteschi films from the ‘70s. We also live out our mutual interest of the old soundtracks and the funky music of the era through our DJ’ing activities, in club concepts such as ‘Club Frenzy’ and ‘Orgasmo’, together with our dear friend Anders Arentoft (a.k.a. DJ Curious). So I knew that Alex would instantly understand which direction I wanted the soundtrack to go in for the first collection of Freddy Weiss’s short films ‘The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography’. And the end result of his work was nothing less than mind-blowing. It simply suited the films perfectly. Alex self-released the soundtrack as an ultra limited vinyl pressing of only 250 copies and that record got him signed to the acclaimed Italian record label Schema Records. Both the DVD and the soundtrack were well received worldwide and on selected occasions Alex Puddu and his band have performed his groovy ‘70s style porn soundtrack live to Freddy Weiss’s sleazy films in cinemas. 
Now that I am standing here with ’The Golden Age of Danish Pornography Vol. 2’ I can’t help but smile. Another great collection of films has been put together and Alex… well, he’s done it again! That man is definitely the uncrowned king of groovy porn soundtracks… I love it! Thanks my friend! 

Jan Schmidt 
February 2014

Alex Puddu ‎– The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography 2011

01. The Barber Shop  (03:31)
02. Kinky Hairdresser  (03:53)
03. Madam Delight  (04:05)
04. Miss Butterfly  (03:35)
05. Massage Salonen  (03:40)
06. The Dirty Games Of Dr. Love  (03:59)
07. Naughty Girls At The Wild Party  (05:06)
08. Black Triangle  (03:18)
09. Lusty Nurses  (04:16)
10. Sex Bar  (02:24)
11. Lady Lovesport  (02:01)
12. Piano Lovers  (04:01)
13. XXX Action (Bonus Track)  (04:11)
14. Feeling Saxy (Bonus Track)  (07:55)

Composed,Arranged,Produced and Performed by Alex Puddu 
Recorded at Easy Beat Evil Bite Studio Denmark Copenhagen 2011 
Sitar Theme on track 2 Written and Performed By Peter Peter 

Alex Puddu :Drums,Bass,Guitars.Percussion, Backing Vocals on track 12,Piano on track 10,Electric Sitar on Track 5 
Sinthesizer on Track 12 
Massimo Fiorentino: Electric Piano 
Jesper Løvdal. Sax and Flute 
Soren Christense:Organ 
Hendrik Jørgensen : Trumpeth 
Peter Peter: Electrick Guitar on Track 9,11 and Electric Sitar on track 2 
Beniamino Solinas: Electric Guitar on Track 8 
Gavino Congiatta: Bass on track 9,11 
Trine Echidna: Vocal on track 11 
Justin Schøning: Sax on track 14 

This is the First original and Promo Cd from The soundtrack Of The Golden Age of Danish Pornography 1970-74 
Limited Editions including the two killer tracks xxx Action and Feeling Saxy 

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Various ‎– Mersey Beat '62-'64

Mersey Beat '62-'64 – LP 1

- Introduction - Bill Harry ("This, then, is Mersey beat!") 
A1 Faron's Flamingos - Let's Stomp (Feldman, Gottehrer, Goldstein) 
A2 The Merseybeats - Fortune Teller (Naomi Neville) 
A3 The Searchers - Farmer John (Terry, Harris) 
A4 The Big Three - Peanut Butter (Barnum, Cooper, Smith, Goldsmith) 
A5 Sonny Webb And The Cascades - Who Shot Sam? (Edwards, Jackson, Jones) 
A6 The Undertakers - Everybody Loves a Lover (Richard Adler, Robert Allen) 
A7 The Escorts [Merseybeat] - The One To Cry (Weiss, Schlaks) 
A8 Mark Peters And The Silhouettes - Someday (When I'm Gone From You) (Glasser, Lesslie) 
A9 King Size Taylor And The Dominos – Stupidity (Solomon Burke) 
B1 Johnny Sandon And The Remo Four – Lies (Colin Manley) 
B2 Earl Preston And The T'T's - Thumbin' A Ride (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) 
B3 Denny Seyton And The Sabres - Tricky Dickie (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) 
B4 The Big Three – Some Other Guy (Barrett) 
B5 Rory Storm And The Hurricanes - I Can Tell (Chuck Willis) 
B6 Beryl Marsden - I Know (Barbara George) 
B7 Howie Casey And The Seniors - I Ain't Mad At You (Smith) 
B8 Faron's Flamingos - Shake Sherry (Gordy) 
B9 Lee Curtis And The All Stars - Skinny Minnie (Haley, Keefer, Gabler, Cafra)

Mersey Beat '62-'64 – LP 2

C1 The Shakers - Money (That's What I Want) (J. Bradford, B. Gordy Jnr.) 
C2 Sonny Webb And The Cascades - You've Got Everything (Bryant, Bryant) 
C3 Freddie Starr And The Midnighters - Peter Gunn Locomotion (Henry Mancini) 
C4 The Merseybeats - Really Mystified (Tony Crane, John Gustafson) 
C5 The Dennisons - Be My Girl (Stephen McLaren, Eddie Parry) 
C6 Earl Preston And The T'T's - All Around The World (Blackwell, Millett) 
C7 The Mojos - Everything's Alright (Crouch, Konrad, Stavely, James, Karlson) 
C8 The Escorts [Merseybeat] - Dizzie Miss Lizzie (Larry Williams) 
D1 Faron's Flamingos - Do You Love Me (B. Gordy Jnr.) 
D2 The Searchers - Twist And Shout (Bert Russell, Phil Medley) 
D3 The Big Three - I'm With You (Hiller, Ford) 
D4 Ian And The Zodiacs - Beechwood 4-5789 (Marvin Gaye, William R. Stevenson, George Gordy) 
D5 The Dennisons - Walking The Dog (Rufus Thomas) 
D6 The Undertakers - (Do The) Mashed Potatoes (Rozier) 
D7 Rory Storm And The Hurricanes - Dr. Feelgood (Curtis Smith) 
D8 Lee Curtis And The All Stars - Let's Stomp (Feldman, Gottehrer, Goldstein) 

Funkaloo ‎– Robot Dancer 1979

A1 Robot Dancer 4:02
A2 Top Spot 2:50
A3 Pulsar 3:43
A4 Boogie City 3:08
A5 Hot Sweat 4:06
A6 Shaping Up 4:48
B1 Racer 3:05
B2 Thunder Thighs 4:12
B3 Love Session 3:23
B4 Happy Hypher 3:13
B5 Last One 2:42
B6 Corkscrew 3:43
B7 Shaping Up 4:48

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Various – The Cheesy Listening Album 2002

1–Joe Loss & His Orchestra Wheels (Cha Cha)
2–Geoff Love & His Orchestra Guantanamera
3–Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra* Let's Face The Music & Dance
4–Joe Loss & His Orchestra Music To Watch Girls By
5–Manuel And The Music Of The Mountains-Mas Que Nada
6–Geoff Love & His Orchestra-Mexican Hat Dance
7–Joe Loss & His Orchestra-Tequilla
8–Ron Goodwin And His Orchestra- Do You Know The Way To San Jose?
9–Manuel And The Music Of The Mountains-Quando, Quando, Quando
10–Laurinda Almeida & The Bossa Nova All Stars*-Desafinado
11–Geoff Love & His Orchestra- The Girl From Ipanema
12–Ron Goodwin And His Orchestra-The Guy's In Love With You
13–The Starlight Strings-Unforgettable
14–Basil Henriques & The Waikiki Islanders-Can't Take My Eyes Off You
15–Geoff Love & His Orchestra- One Note Samba (Samba De Uma Nota So)
16–Ron Goodwin And His Orchestra-What The World Needs Now Is Love
17–Joe Loss & His Orchestra-Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
18–Geoff Love & His Orchestra- Theme From 'A Man And A Woman'
19–Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra-Moon River
20–The Joe Loss & The Concertium-Music To Drive By
21–Ron Goodwin And His Orchestra-Walk On By
22–Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra-Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)
23–Manuel And The Music Of The Mountains-The Peanut Vendor
24–Pepe Jaramillo-Y Viva Espana
25–Ron Goodwin And His Orchestra-Wives & Lovers

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Joe Harnell ‎– Golden Piano Hits 1966

Misirlou 2:34
Alley Cat 2:44
Sunrise Serenade 2:08
Near You 2:02
Cast Your Fate To The Winds 2:16
Take Five 2:28
Autumn Leaves 2:22
The "In" Crowd 2:16
Polonaise 2:30
Canadian Sunset 2:46
Snowfall 2:09
A Walk In The Black Forest 2:08

Alla Pugatšova ‎– Huipulla   1980

Alla Pugatšova ‎– Huipulla
Kansankulttuuri Oy ‎– KK-43
Vinyl, LP, Compilation 
Ballad, Schlager
A1 Все Могут Короли · Kuninkaat Voivat Mitä Vain
A2 До Свиданья, Лето · Näkemiin Kesä
A3 Очень Хорошо · Oikein Hyvä
A4 Куда Уходит Детство · Minne Lapsuus Katoaa
A5 Если Долго Мучиться · Jos Kauan Kiusaa Itseään
A6 Ты Снишься Мне · Näen Sinusta Unta
A7 Не Отрекаются Любя · Rakkaus Ei Luovu
B1 Арлекино · Harlekini
B2 Ясные Светлые Глаза · Kirkkaat Loistavat Silmät
B3 22+28
B4 Приезжай · Saavu
B5 Песня Первоклассника · Ekaluokkalaisen Laulu
B6 Песенка Про Меня · Laulu Minusta
B7 Женщина, Которая Поет · Laulava Nainen


Roger King Mozian ‎– El Twist 1962

Roger King Mozian– El Twist
Columbia Special Products – ES 1776
Vinyl, LP

A1.Mama Inez
A2.Linda Mujer
A3.La Runidera
A4.El Manisero (The Peanut Vendor)
A5.Moliendo Cafe
A6.Twisting Shepherd
B2.Capullito De Aleli
B4.Negra Consentida
B5.Mack The Knife
B6.Desert Dance



Henri Rene And His Orchestra – Music For Bachelors 1956

Henri Rene And His Orchestra – Music For Bachelors
Easy Listening
Dinner For One Please, James
I'm Confessin'
I'll See You In My Dreams
Comme Ci, Comme Ca
Be My Love
Easy To Love
For The Very First Time
I Cried For You
Time On My Hands
La Vie En Rose
Somebody's Wrong

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Jackie Gleason – Music, Martinis, And Memories 1954

Tracklist Hide Credits
A1 Once In A While
Written-By – Bud Green, Michael Edwards (3)
A2 I Can't Get Started
Written-By – Ira Gershwin, Vernon Duke
A3 I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
Written-By – Duke Ellington, Paul Webster*
A4 My Ideal
Written-By – Robin*, Chase*, Whiting*
A5 Yesterdays
Written-By – Jerome Kern, Otto Harbach
A6 I Love You (Je T'Aime!)
Written-By – Harlan Thompson, Harry Archer
A7 Uforgettable
Written-By – Irving Gordon
A8 How High The Moon
Written-By – Morgan Lewis, Nancy Hamilton
B1 I'll Be Seeing You
Written-By – Irving Kahal, Sammy Fain
B2 Shangri-La
Written-By – Matty Malnick*, Robert Maxwell
B3 I Remember You
Written-By – Johnny Mercer, Victor Schertzinger
B4 It Could Happen To You
Written-By – James Van Heusen-Johnny Burke*
B5 Somebody Loves Me
Written-By – MacDonald*, DeSylva*, Gershwin*
B6 Time On My Hands (You In My Arms)
Written-By – Adamson*, Gordon*, Youmans*
B7 The Nearness Of You
Written-By – Hoagy Carmichael, Ned Washington
B8 The Song Is Ended
Written-By – Irving Berlin

The McGuire Sisters ‎– While The Lights Are Low 1957

I'm In The Mood For Love
Don't Take Your Love From Me
My Darling, My Darling
I Hadn't Anyone 'Till You
If You Were Only Mine
Wonderful One
Confessin' That I Love You
Moon Song
Love Is Here To Stay
Think Of Me Kindly

McGuire Sisters ‎– Teenage Party 1957

Please Don't Do That To Me
Rhythm 'N Blues
The Golden Rule Of Love
Goodnight My Love, Goodnight
Everybody Loves My Baby
Be Good To Me
Rock Bottom
Drownin' In Memories
Lullaby Of Birdland
My Baby's Got Such Lovin' Ways
Beginning To Miss You

All I Do Is Dream Of You


McGuire Sisters ‎– Musical Magic 1957

A1 Are You Looking For A Sweetheart
A2 Miss You
A3 Lonesome Polecat
A4 No More
A5 Melody Of Love
A6 Somebody's Wrong
B1 Doesn't Anybody Love Me?
B2 Missing
B3 Goodnight My Love, Pleasant Dreams
B4 Without Him
B5 Kid Stuff

B6 He's Got Time



McGuire Sisters ‎– Do You Remember When? 1956

Tracklist Hide 
A1 Do You Remember When?
Songwriter – Bill Katz, Ruth Roberts
A2 Sometimes I'm Happy
Songwriter – Irving Caesar, Vincent Youmans
A3 June Night
Songwriter – Abel Baer, Cliff Friend
A4 All By Myself
Songwriter – Irving Berlin
A5 Tip Toe Through The Tulips With Me
Songwriter – Al Dubin, Joe Burke (3)
A6 Them There Eyes
Songwriter – D. Tauber*, M. Pinkard*, W. Tracey*
B1 Mississippi Mud
Songwriter – Harry Barris
B2 Cuddle Up A Little Closer, Lovey Mine
Songwriter – Karl Hoschna, Otto Harbach
B3 Does Your Heart Beat For Me?
Songwriter – Arnold Johnson, Mitchell Parish, Russ Morgan (2)
B4 Somebody Loves Me
Songwriter – B. MacDonald*, B. G. DeSylva*, G. Gershwin*
B5 'S Wonderful
Songwriter – G. Gershwin I. Gershwin*
B6 Blue Skies
Songwriter – Berlin*

McGuire Sisters
The McGuire Sisters were a singing trio in American popular music.
The group was composed of three sisters; Christine McGuire (born July 30, 1926), Dorothy McGuire (born February 13, 1928 - September 8, 2012), and Phyllis McGuire (born February 14, 1931).

Among their most popular songs are "Sincerely" and "Sugartime / Banana Split".