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Trevor Duncan ‎– Other Worlds 1981

Galactic Congress 4:12
Cyclopulse 2:56
Enigma On Centaurus VII 2:39
Downtime On Lasvega V 3:30
Sunrise On Aldebaren III 3:25
Sunset On Sirius IV 2:15
Girowarp 2:40
Landscape On Rigel VI 2:53
Beltegeuse V 3:29
Outpost On Beltegeuse V 1:58
Terror On Beltegeuse V 1:51
Megadrive 2:39
Laybeam I 2:03
Laybeam II 0:38
Laybeam III 1:26
Eden On Arcturus IV 3:45
Asteroid Trail I 1:59
Asteroid Trail II 1:05
Asteroid Trail III 1:04
Asteroid Trail IV 1:07
Leonard Charles Trebilco
British composer, arranger, conductor, producer and engineer.
Born February 27th, 1924, Camberwell, London, England.
Died December 17th, 2005, Taunton, Somerset, England.
Pen-name used by Leonard Trebilco (born Trebilcock). He had no formal music training, but developed as a self-taught composer whilst working as a sound engineer and music producer with the BBC. He left the BBC in 1956 following the success of his light music compositions, and devoted himself to to composing full-time

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Technicolor Paradise - Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights

Daiquiri Dirges
–Chuck "Big Guitar" Ernest With The Satellite Band Blue Oasis
–The Sound Breakers Marooned
–The Wailers Driftwood
–Lenny And The Thundertones The Moon Of Manakoora
–Biscaynes With Co-Encidentals Midnight In Montevideo
–Red Garrison And His Zodiacs Chant Of The Jungle
–The Palatons Jungle Guitar
–Chayns Live With The Moon
–Bailey's Nervous Kats Feat. James Mills Cobra
–The Blazers Sound Of Mecca
–The Gems Slave Girl
–Jerry & The Catalinas The Arabian Knight
–The Jaguars Night Walker
–The Shelltones Blue Castaway
–The Blue Bells Atlantis
–Bill & Jean Bradway Paradise Isle
Rhum Rhapsodies
–The Melody Mates Enchantment
–Don Reed (Feat. The Voice Of Love) Nature Boy
–The Baton Of Andre Brummer Tumba
–Darla Hood Silent Island
–Martha Raye With Phil Moore Orchestra Lotus Land
–Baha'i Victory Chorus Nightingale Of Paradise
–Carmen Isle Of Love
–The Monzas Forever Walks A Drifter
–Akim Voodoo Drums
–Don Sargent & His Buddies  Voodoo Kiss
–Joan Joyce Trio Captured
–Pony Sherrell Tobago
–Jerry Warren & The Valids Enchantress
–The Centuries Polynesian Paradise
–The Potted Palm My House Of Grass
–The Castiles Enchantment
Mai Tai Mambos
–Five Glow Tones Quiet Village
–Modesto Duran & Orchestra Silent Island
–Ross Anderson Chorus & Orchestra Tam-bu Theme
–Bobby Christian Caravan
–Bruce Norman Quintet Arabian Rhythm
–The Slaves Hari's Harem
–Arnie Derksen & Chisé Similou
–The Three Bars Feat. Nicky Roberts Caribbean Cruise
–Robert Drasnin Chant Of The Moon
–The Blue Jeans Moon Mist
–Artie Barsamian The Enchanting Melody
–Eddie Kochak & Hakki Obidia Jazz In Port Said
–Gene Sikora & The Irrationals Tanganyika
–Bobby Paris Dark Continent
–Chico Jose Locura (Madness)
–Clyde Derby Lost Island

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Buttshakers Soul Party Vol. 7-8

A1 –King Leo & The Champions Chicken Scratch Pt. 1
A2 –Issac Clark Do The Dog Funk
A3 –The African Beavers Jungle Fever
A4 –Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds Get Down
A5 –Big Sambo & The House Wreckers At The Party
A6 –Jimmy Graham A Soul Walk In
A7 –Bobby Kool Mini Skirts
B1 –Lee Garrett Do The Funky 4 Corners
B2 –Tender Joe Richardson Originl Hip Huggin' Mini
B3 –Jimmie "J" Do The Jet
B4 –Wally And The Knight Hang On Little Mama
B5 –Eddie Curtis Those Foxes And Pussy Cats
B6 –The Fugitives Jump Back
B7 –Louis Jones The Birds Are Coming

A1 –Bobby Rush Gotta Have Money
A2 –Guy Maurice Hip Shaken Gogo
A3 –Little Ceasar & The Empire Everydoby Dance
A4 –The Fabulous Gardenia What's The Matter With Me
A5 –Billy Gales I Am Hurting
A6 –The Team Beats Sorry 'Bout That
A7 –The Knight Bros Show Stopper
B1 –Dan & Dale Robin's Theme
B2 –Herb & His Cronies The Phantom
B3 –Sam Rhodes Shake Your Soul Honey
B4 –Don Williams & The Exchange Soul Meeting
B5 –Sam & The Soul Walkers Soul Walk
B6 –Big Moose Puppy Howl
B7 –Clarence Nelson Super Soul

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Disco spatial Quebec 1976-84

 1-On est bien dans l'espace - Les Satellipopettes
2-Disco Goldorak -Michel Smith
3-L'amour est magique -Espace 5
4-Down But Alive (inst.) -Yves Rousseau
5-Discoville -Zig Zag
6-Me Faut Une Femme -Boule Noire
7-Les planetes / M. Robidoux -Pierre F. Brault
8-Mirage - Kebekelektrik
9-Pas de Troye - Roger Gravel
10-Reveuse d'amour - Fusion
11-Il faut me toucher du bout des doigts (inst.) - Nancy Harris
12-Space Conqueror -Dogs of War
13-Le sphinx -Daniel Barbe
14-Gotta Take You Higher (inst.) -Rythym Section Montreal Rock
15-Les visiteurs - Gino Soccio
16-Lady Capella - Space Project
17-La Paloma - Le son du Quebec
18-Monsieur Tranquille-Madame Thibault
19-Mike Lafayette-Lache Pas La Patate
20-Voltaire -Dracula Disco
21-Big Bad Jack-Gros Jambon
22-Mon Oncle Alphonse--J'Pense Que J'Vas
23-Disco Gag Band-Le Frigidaire
24-Paul Vincent- Disco Duck
25-Real Beland-Yakete Yak
26-Disco Gag Band -Chu D'Bonne Humeur

Этот сборник нашел на каком то блоге несколько лет назад,их даже два было,но второй состоял из каких то клочков,собрал все в одно,достаточное редкое диско из Квебека

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Various ‎– Buttshakers ! Soul Party Vol.5-6

A1–Soul Runners Grits 'n Corn Bread
A2–Singing Sam & His Sparks Messin
A3–Jarvis Jackson The Long John
A4–Bowlegs & His Band One More Time
A5–Jimmy Beasly And The Rokers Johnny's House Party Part 1
A6–The Dynamics Soul Jerk Part 2
A7–Billy Lane Quintet The New Night Train
A8–Menard Rogers & The Players Ain't Nothing But Titty
B1–Ernie Freeman Dumplin's
B2–The Roller Coasters Rimshot Part 1
B3–Elliot Shavers Rock My Soul
B4–The Counts Soulin'
B5–The Off Beats Doodlum
B6–Jon Thomas And Orchestra Teasin'
B7–The Shoelaces Work Song
B8–Martini's Hung Over
B9–Pancho Villa & The Bandit Ain't That Bad

A1–Ripp Tide Dynamite
A2–Bobby Rush Camel Walk
A3–Lonnie Brooks The Popeye
A4–Joe Haywood Play A Cornbread Song
A5–Bill "Butter Ball" Crane Stepin' Tall Part 1
A6–Soul Bros. Inc. Soul Train
A7–J.C. Davis Shake With Me
B1–Carl Johnson & The Remarkable Sound Bros. Scoopy-Doo
B2–Len Wade Boss Beat
B3–Spencer Wiggins Love Machine
B4–Billy Davis Stanky Get Funky
B5–Stacy Lane No Brags Just Fact
B6–Little Willie Jones You Are Welcome To Try
B7–"Lil" Willie Crazy Stomp

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Various ‎– Buttshakers ! Soul Party Vol.3-4

Buttshakers! Soul Party Vol. 3

A1 –Bernie Hayes The Soul Pearl
A2 –Alvin Cash Poppin´ Popcorn
A3 –Billy Sha-Rae Do It
A4 –Pervis Lavawn & The Commanders Soul Dance Number 3
A5 –The Inclines The Hippie
A6 –Shan Miles Soul People
A7 –The Soul Invaders My Lucky Day
A8 –The Seven Sounds The Sound Of Soul
B1 –Benny Poole Pearl, Baby Pearl
B2 –Syl Johnson Ode To Soul Man
B3 –Little Royal Soul Train
B4 –Danny Freeman Shang Foo Part 1
B5 –The Soul Superiors Shang Foo Part 2
B6 –The Madmen  Do The African Twist Pt 1
B7 –The Madmen  Do The African Twist Pt 2
B8 –The Dynamic Eight Street Woman

Buttshakers Soul Party Volume 4

A1 –Johnny Vick & The Victors Take A Trip
A2 –Marvelle & The Blue Mats The Dance Called The Motion
A3 –Eddie Griffin Miss Pretty
A4 –Leon Haywood Stake A While
A5 –Lynn Minor & His Band Hesitate One Time For Me
A6 –Homer Chambers Do The Fire Bird
A7 –Jackie & The Tut & Big 'O' Ten Two Double Plus
A8 –Mel Brown Chicken Fat
B1 –The 7th Son & The Rock In Airs Mosdesty
B2 –The Blue Match Soul Fever
B3 –Al Erik Put Your Mini Skit On
B4 –Maurice Mc Kinnies & The Champions Sock-A-Poo-Poo 69
B5 –Dynamic Walter B. & The New Breed Band Butter Toast
B6 –Bobby Brown A Woman & Some Soul
B7 –Stacy Lane Funky Little Train
B8 –Clifton White & The Royal Knights The Warm Up