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Señor Coconut ‎– Gran Baile Con...2001(1997)

1.El Coco Baile (Nova Rare) 7:21
2.Supertropical (Neo Tradicional) 3:58
3.Chocolatina (Guanganco Libre) 4:27
4.Upper Mamb/Lower Funk (Mezcla Sentimental)
Vocals [Enthusiastic Latin Rap] – Jorge González
5.Pisco Control (Jive Electronico)
Synthesizer [Moog Solo] – Lisa Carbon
6.Mambo. Val (Revival Cabazon Latino) 1:10
7.La Noche Cool (Cha Chambiento) 7:30
8.Suavito (Jive Electronico)
Choir – Arielle
9.Musica Moderna (Samba Virtual)
Flute – Ricardito Tambo
Piano [Solo] – Lisa Carbon
10.Diarios Clave (Rumba Funk) 6:55
11.4-D Cha Cha (Cha-cha-delic) 3:14
12.El Ovni Mambo (Mambo Retro Futuro)
Voice – Maria Chavez

Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto ‎– El Baile Alemán 1999

Señor Coconut
Uwe Schmidt
Led by Uwe Schmidt (a.k.a. Atom Heart), and inspired by his move from Germany to Santiago, Chile, the Señor Coconut project revisits classics of the 70s and 80s, reinterpreting them with a Latin flair. 
- Señor Coconut alone is Uwe Schmidt 
- Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto is also Uwe Schmidt. "Y Su Conjunto" means "And His Band" in Spanish, but in fact, the "band" consists of an Akai MPC3000 and S6000! 
- On later releases, as Señor Coconut And His Orchestra, Uwe actually brings in a real band playing acoustic instruments.

Introducción 1:15
Showroom Dummies (Cha-Cha-Chá) 5:26
Trans Europe Express (Cumbia) 5:56
The Robots (Cha-Cha-Chá) 5:07
Neon Lights (Cha-Cha-Chá) 4:52
Autobahn (Cumbia Merengue) 6:32
Homecomputer (Merengue) 3:51
Tour De France (Merengue) 4:32
The Man Machine (Baklán) 4:26
Music Non Stop (Cumbia) 4:47
Весело!Почти 20 лет прошло но этот немец мне не попадался!Ну лучше поздно чем никогда !

среда, 30 мая 2018 г.

МЕЛОМАНЧИК !: Various-Oriental Disco & Acid Arab 2012

МЕЛОМАНЧИК !: Various-Oriental Disco & Acid Arab 2012: va - oriental disco & acid arab (2012) 01 - the gaslamp killer - nissim (ft. amir yaghmai) 02 - adil el miloudi - track 2 (dj su-r...

La Pupuña-The Charque Side of the Moon 2007

1.Speak to Me / Breathe 2:59
2.On the Run 3:34
3.Time 7:07
4.The Great Gig in the Sky 3:24
5.Money 6:53
6.Us and Them 5:21
7.Us and Them 5:21
8.Any Colour you Like 2:52
9.Brain Damage 4:27
10.Eclipse 1:39
Какой то полуподпольный Бразильский проект 2007 года  https://rateyourmusic.com/artist/the_charque_side_of_the_moon
Во всяком случае весело и необычно !

понедельник, 28 мая 2018 г.

Billy Strange His Guitar And Orchestra ‎– Great Western Themes

 1.  High Chaparral (2:41)
2.  High Noon (2:31)
3.  Magnificent Seven (2:51)
4.  The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (2:41)
5.  Bonanza (1:56)
6.  Cowboy And Indians (3:05)
7.  Gunsmoke (2:50)
8.  For A Few Dollars More (2:19)
9.  Paladin (1:41)
10.  Hang 'em High (2:47)
11.  Five Card Stud (2:25)
12.  Showdown At La Mesa (4:16)
Great Western Themes

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The Johnny Mann Singers ‎– Sixties Mann

1 Up Up And Away
2 The Girl From Ipanema
3 Snow
4 A Heartful Of Soul
5 Call Me
6 To Sir With Love
7 She Loves You
8 Do You Want To Know A Secret
9 Never My Love
10 Windy
11 Cherish
12 What The World Needs Now
13 Do You Know The Way To San Jose
14 Like To Get To Know You
15 Mrs Robinson
16 My Colouring Book
17 The Worst That Could Happen
18 Daydream
19 Something Stupid
20 Goldfinger
21 Monday Monday
22 This Is Dedicated To The One I Love
23 A Taste Of Honey

Sixties Mann
The Johnny Mann Singers
American vocal group formed by Johnny Mann (August 30, 1928 - June 18, 2014), composer, arranger, conductor, entertainer and recording star, best known for the over 40 albums arranged for his group of super-talented young singers appeared with him in Chevrolet's weekly syndicated series "Stand Up And Cheer" which enjoyed a three-year run on national TV and many tours around the country, resulting in two Grammy Awards. Johnny got his start in Hollywood arranging scores, then became the choral director of the "NBC Comedy Hour" which led to the formation of The Johnny Mann Singers and a record contract.
Home label was Liberty Records between 1956-1969.

воскресенье, 20 мая 2018 г.

Clint Eastwood – Flags Of Our Fathers (Music From The Motion Picture) 2006

The Photograph 0:55
I'll Walk Alone 2:44
Knock Knock 3:13
Wounded Marines 4:38
The Thunderer 2:47
Armada Arrives 3:49
Goodbye Ira 0:51
Symphony In G Minor, 3rd Movement 3:49
String Quartet Opus #6, 2nd Movement 3:53
Inland Battle 4:44
Flag Raising 1:02
Any Bonds Today? 2:39
Summit Ridge Drive 3:22
Vic'try Polka 2:33
The Medals 3:00
Platoon Swims 3:14
Washington Post March 2:39
Flags Theme 3:21
End Titles Guitar 1:56
End Titles 4:25
Flags Of Our Fathers

Clint Eastwood – Mystic River (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2003

1 Mystic River - Main Title 1:53
2 Abduction 2:37
3 Communion / Katie's Absence 2:02
4 Jimmy's Anguish 3:08
5 Meditation # 1-Piano 2:16
6 Orchestral Variation # 1 Of The Music From Mystic River 7:34
7 Escape From The Wolves 1:32
8 The Morgue 2:03
9 Brendan's Love Of Katie 1:30
10 Meditation # 2-Piano 2:21
11 Dave's Past 1:57
12 The Confrontation 7:09
13 The Resolution 3:15
14 A Full Heart 2:53
15 Meditation # 3-Piano 3:36
16 Orchestral Variation # 2 Of The Music From Mystic River 3:26
17 Theme From Mystic River 5:05
18 Cosmo / Kyle Eastwood 5:30
19 Black Emerald / Kyle Eastwood 2:00
Mystic River
Chorus – Tanglewood Festival Chorus
Composed By – Clint Eastwood  (tracks: 1 to 17), Kyle Eastwood (tracks: 18 & 19), Michael Stevens (tracks: 18 & 19)
Conductor – Lennie Niehaus
Orchestra – Boston Symphony Orchestra
Orchestrated By – Patrick Hollenbeck
Piano – Brad Hatfield
Producer – Clint Eastwood


Jos Mulle Sydämesi Annat  1977

A1 Jos Mulle Sydämesi Annat (Amada Mia, Amore Mio)

A2 Chanson D'Amour (Chanson D'Amour)
A3 Soittotunnit (Mathima Solfege)
A4 Kotiin Saavun (Sailing)
A5 Maa On Meidän
A6 Diskoilta
B1 Angelo (Angelo)
B2 Sirkus Bimbo (Bobo Step)
B3 Onnestain On Puolet Sinun (Donde Estan Tus Ojos Negros)
B4 Osuit Oikeaan (So You Win Again)
B5 Hän Saapui (Parasol)
B6 Alla Erään Auringon

Oi Mikä Sirkus 1979 

Oi Mikä Sirkus (Oh What A Circus) 4:15
Yksi Yö 3:19
Jumpata Jumpata (Bamba Dabam) 3:12
Oot Mun Kaikuluotain (Annie's Song) 3:26
Balladi Tehtaan Tytöstä 3:33
Karkuun Maailmaa 3:46
Saat Tästä Korvikkeen (Substitute) 3:21
Tähden Kirkkaan Nään (Mary's Boy Child) 4:38
Pitkä Yö (Solo Tu) 3:21
Toivelauluja (Non Stop) 3:19
Mua Tuuli Suutelee 4:10
Toivoni Mun 2:46
Развеселые финны ,исполняли свое и чужое,второй диск несколько раз издавался в СССР

суббота, 19 мая 2018 г.

Clint Eastwood ‎– Rawhide's Clint Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favorites

 A1 Bouquet Of Roses 2:37
A2 Along The Sante Fe Trial 2:47
A3 The Last Round Up 2:51
A4 Sierra Nevada 2:50
A5 Mexacali Rose 2:56
A6 Searching For Somewhere 2:44
B1 I'll Love You More 2:26
B2 Tumbling Tumbleweeds 2:46
B3 Twilight On The Trail 2:46
B4 San Antonio Rose 2:25
B5 Don't Fence Me In 2:32
B6 Are You Satisfied 2:23
Sings Cowboy Favorites
немного пройдусь песенной тропой культового американского героя !

Singing Tv Stars Of The 60s 2007


Когда деревья были большими а музыка очаровательно наивна !Эх золотые времена !

С Днем Пионерии !

Взвейтесь Кострами
Красный Галстук
Маленький Барабанщик
Марш Пионерских Дружин
Песня О Пионерах-Героях
Веселый Барабанщик
Девчонки И Мальчишки
Эх, Хорошо!
На Зарядку
Наш Край
Песня О Первом Пионерском Отряде
Замечательный Вожатый
Пусть Всегда Будет Солнце
Гори, Костер
С Днем Пионерии !
Для всех кто был Пионэром !

пятница, 18 мая 2018 г.

El Pasador - La Sberla 1978

La Sberla 2:58
Giorgio Chitarra 3:27
Madrugada 3:45
Rock Traumatologico 3:45
Una Rosa 3:40
Non Stop 3:25
Mucho Mucho 3:07
For Piano In Sol 4:45
Amada Mia, Amore Mio 3:15
Bamba-Dabam 3:07
Yo Lo Quiero Mama 3:05
Safari 3:42

За окошком месяц май !По этому поводу вдруг вспомнился этот веселый чудак из 70-х !

четверг, 17 мая 2018 г.

James P. Johnson-Harlem Stride Piano, 1921-1929 -1997

Real Name:
James Price Johnson
Jazz pianist born February 1, 1894, New Brunswick, New Jersey, died November 17, 1955, Jamaica New York 

James P. Johnson was an important transitional figure between ragtime and jazz piano styles. His style became known as Stride. As a boy, Johnson studied Classical music and Ragtime. He started playing professionally in a sporting house, and then progressed to rent parties, bars and vaudeville. He eventually became known as the best piano player on the East Coast and was widely utilized as an accompanist on over 400 recordings and from 1916 on, produced hundreds of piano rolls under his own name. He backed up many of the Classic Blues singers of the 1920s, such as Ida Cox, Ethel Waters and Bessie Smith. 
Johnson's 1921 recording of Carolina Shout is considered to be the first recorded Jazz piano solo by some critics, although it sounds a lot like Ragtime to this listener's ears. He wrote several musical revues, including "Running Wild" and "Plantation Days" and his 1928 collaboration with his former piano student Fats Waller, "Keep Shufflin'". His song Charleston from "Running Wild" was one of the best known and most widely recorded songs of 1920s. 
Other hits included "Old Fashioned Love" and "If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)". Johnson composed several symphonic works, which include "Yamecraw: A Negro Rhapsody" (1928), "Tone Poem" (1930), "Symphony Harlem " (1932), a symphonic version of W.C. Handy's "St. Louis Blues" (1937), and the one-act opera "De Organizer" (1940), with lyrics by Langston Hughes. None of his symphonic works were very popular and have seldom been performed. Johnson is generally considered the "Father of the Stride" piano, and was a major influence on some of Jazz's great pianists such as Duke Ellington, Fats Waller and Thelonious Monk. He was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1970.

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Bonnie Lou ‎– Friction Heat (1953-58)-2009

1 Tennessee Wig Walk 2:35
2 Hand-Me-Down Heart 2:48
3 Seven Lonely Days 2:20
4 Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms) 2:40
5 No Heart At All 3:02
6 Welcome Mat 2:25
7 Don't Stop Kissing Me Goodnight 2:32
8 No One 3:03
9 Huckleberry Pie 2:03
10 Please Don't Laugh When I Cry 2:36
11 Two Step - Side Step 2:23
12 Wait For Me, Darling 2:02
13 Darling, Why? 2:07
14 Train Whistle Blues 2:34
15 Finger Of Suspicion 2:10
16 Tweedle Dee 2:17
17 Drop Me A Line 2:30
18 Old, Faithful And True Love 2:21
19 Miss The Love I've Been Dreaming Of 2:15
20 The Barnyard Hop 2:38
21 Daddy-O 2:04
22 Dancing In My Socks 2:06
23 Little Miss Bobby Sox 2:17
24 Bo Weevil 2:23
25 Lonesome Lover 2:09
26 One Track Love 2:33
27 I Want You 2:27
28 Kit 'N' Kaboodle 2:37
29 La Dee Dah 2:10
30 No One Ever Lost More 2:07
31 Have You Ever Been Lonely? 2:46
32 Friction Heat 2:12
Bonnie Lou (b. October 27, 1924 Towanda, Illinois, USA – December 8, 2015 Cincinatti, Ohio, USA) was an American country singer, yodeler and guitarist.

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Alden Shuman ‎– The Devil In Miss Jones (Original Soundtrack Recording) 1973

Alden Shuman

Alden Shuman
American songwriter, born 14 November 1924 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA and died 3 May 2002 in New York City, New York, USA. Brother of Earl Shuman.

Joe Bataan ‎– Latin Funk Brother

Gipsy Woman 2:30
Chickie's Trombone 2:37
Too Much Lovin' 2:35
Subway Joe 2:57
Special Girl 2:51
Chili Beans 3:05
Make Me Smile 3:00
It's A Good Feeling (Riot) 7:30
Ordinary Guy 2:35
Cry 7:48
I'm Satisfied 3:34
Johnny's No Good 3:35
Shaft 3:59

Filipino-African American Latin R&B musician from New York, born 1942.

Burt Bacharach ‎– Hit Maker ! 1965

Don't Make Me Over
Walk On By
Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Blue On Blue
The Last One To Be Loved
Always Something There To Remind Me
24 Hours From Tulsa
Trains And Boats And Planes
Wives And Lovers
Saturday Sunshine
A House Is Not A Home
Anyone Who Had A Heart
Hit Maker !
Музыка теплого мая,который совсем у нас не теплый!Тем не менее!

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Jimmy Hughes ‎– Steal Away - The Early Fame Recordings

1 Lovely Ladies
2 There Is Something On Your Mind
3 A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues
4 Neighbour, Neighbour
5 Everybody Let's Dance
6 Steal Away
7 Try Me
8 I'm Gonna Rise Again
9 I Tried To Tell You
10 I'm Getting Better
11 Stormy Monday Blues
12 I Want Justice
13 I'm Qualified
14 My Loving Time
15 Lollypops, Lace And Lipstick
16 You Might As Well Forget Him
17 Goodbye My Lover Goodbye
18 You Really Know How To Hurt A Guy
19 Have You Done Got Over Me ?
20 Girl You Belong Here With Me
21 MY Adorable One
22 Steal Away Pt 2
Jimmy Hughes


пятница, 4 мая 2018 г.


A1 Aku Djadi Direktur
A2 Pantai Pelabuhan Ratu
A3 Si Pendek & Si Djangkung
A4 Sendja Di Kaimana
A5 Tjemburu
A6 Usah Kau Ragu
B1 Mat Kilau
B2 Dengarlah Suara Lontjeng
B3 Kuberdjalan Sendiri
B4 Pantun Chajal
B5 Karena Senjum
B6 Serodja

01. Gembira Dihari Raya (D. Djufari, Ilin Sumantri)
02. Mahligai Tjinta (Yadi S.)
03. Timang-Timang Bobo (D. Djufari, Hamiedan)
04. Dibawah Pohon Berbunga (Wedhasmara)
05. Terharu (Harry Santosa)
06. Maut Ditali Guitar (Hamiedan)
07. Anggrek Bulan Berbunga (A. Rijanto)
08. Kasih Tak Sampai (Nus S.)
09. Romi & Julie
10. Dusun Terlindung (Nus S.)
11. Ku Pergi Membawa Luka (Harjoto MC)
12. Pulang Kampung (Is Harjanto)

The vibrating deep baritone of Alfian Harahap (aka Nasution) was one of the most distinguishable voices in Indonesian pop music of the 1960s. His greatest hit was Semalam di Cianjur (A Night in Cianjur) recorded about 1965 for Remaco.
The song was reportedly written spontaneously by Alfian in the studio and concerns the singer remembering the wonderful night he spent in the East Java town of Cianjur and his promise to return some day. One explanation of the song I have heard is that Cianjur at the time was a transit stop for travellers through Java who would overnight there and continue their journey the next day. So the song could be about a romantic encounter in a travellers’ hotel.

Following the success of Semalam di Cianjur Alfian’s subsequent Remaco recordings were released in Singapore by Philips under license. I feature two songs of Alfian’s from that period, Relakan (Acquiesce), from a Philips EP, and Andaikan (Suppose), on a record with the Pop Sounds label, which appears to have been a Malaysian subsidiary of Philips. On both EPs Alfian is backed by the band Arulan led by Jarzuk Arifin. I would say these recordings were made in 1966. These two songs contain some good guitar work; the other songs on the two EPs are more subdued.

Alfian remained a popular singer until the early 1970s when the Indonesian music scene began to be dominated by bands and solo singers were out of fashion. Alfian chose to retire from the music industry and spent several years working in a warehouse on the Jakarta waterfront. In 1978, however, he was involved in a traffic accident and spent two years recovering.
In 1980 he returned to the music industry working for a record company as a coordinator and supervisor of new singers. He also re-recorded a number of old hits. In 1992 he passed away as a result of diabetes and heart problems. His son Tonny, who is said to have a similar voice, has recorded a number of songs made popular by his father.