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Sexonica - Erotic and Sexual Music

1. Vaginal Frictions (5:40)
2. Orgasmic ocean (4:49)
3. Pelvic Rubbings (2:54)
4. Eternal Climax (4:29)
5. Remote Ejaculation (4:55)
6. Sexual Devotion (4:12)
7. Phrenetic Semen (5:09)
8. Perverted Tongues (5:51)
9. Wet Dreams (3:56)
10. Clitoris Frenzy (5:53)
11. Inundated vaginas (4:42)
12. Wish To Lick (5:23)
13. Puddle Of Sex (4:39)

Gerhard Heinz ‎– Sex Fever / Die Insel Der Tausend Freuden (Repost)

Eingeborenen Tanz
Isle Of Reggae
Isle Of Lesbos
Isle Of Love (Instrumental)
Titel Tanz
Die Alte
Isle Of Love

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Melodies In Love The Erotic World Of Gerhard Heinz

All You Ever Need Is Beat 3:24
Bangkok At Night 2:04
Svenska Disco Machine 2:12
Liebesspiele 2:03
Bangkok Bossa 2:11
Die Sieben Sünden 2:25
Rachels Theme 2:43
Melody In Love 3:12
Come Shoot 2:53
Smooth Voice 4:02
Love, L'Amour, Amore 3:12
Baby, Stick Together 3:10
Vanessa 3:53
Go Get A Kick 4:10
Brazilian Countess 3:57
All Said And Done 4:28
Isle Of Love 4:12
Dampfnudeln 2:08
I Need It 5:23
Ding Dong
Melody In Love (Instrumental)
Compilation of music for Austrian and German erotic movies of the '60-'70 era, written and composed by Gerhard Heinz .


Еще  маленький, она переехал в город Jaboticabal, проведя свое детство между городом и Рибейран-Прету, где  начала свою карьеру на телевидении Tupi, канал 3 до 15 лет. Джиан выступала в качестве эстрадного исполнителя в известном южноамериканском оркестре Jaboticabal (музыкальная группа, основанная в 1940 году, существующая до сегодняшнего дня, являясь одной из последних в Бразилии по своей деятельности). В 1962 году она записывает свою первую работу под лейблом Chantecler, приносящую песню «Случайно»
В 1964 году он достигает большого успеха с песней Dominique, версия на португальском языке, первоначально записанная бельгийской певицей Soeur Sourire. Джиан была одной из первых певиц в Бразилии, которая использовала наложенный текст, чтобы сделать второй голос для себя в этой песне.👌
Доминик оставался около шести месяцев в хит-парадах страны👯
В 1960-х и 1970-х годах она добилась успеха сдругими песнями  «Estrada do Sol»,  «Alle Porte del Sole» Джильолы Чинкетти. В разгар своей карьеры Джайан выступала на главных телевизионных шоу.
За свою карьеру он записал около двадцати дисков

1964 👌

1967 👍

1968  👐

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Gerhard Heinz ‎– The Music Is On : The Gerhard Heinz Anthology 1971 - 1986

1 –Lola & Jerry Love, Love, Love 3:07
2 –Gerhard Heinz Come Shoot 2:53
3 –Waterloo & Robinson My Little World (German Version) 2:50
4 –Hannes Tesar Rocking Reggae 2:47
5 –Steffi Vinjak   Bangkok At Night (Jimmy Michaels Mix) 2:11
6 –Hannes Tesar Vanessa (Original LP Mix) 3:52
7 –Gerhard Heinz, The London Studio Chorus Theme From The Joy Of Flying 3:11
8 –Andreas Rohl Lazy Lovin' 3:52
9 –Hannes Tesar Be A Rover 4:50
10 –Hannes Tesar Fly Away Girl 3:17
11 –Andreas Rohl The Music Is On 3:00
12 –Martina Equiluz Melody In Love 3:12
13 –Martina Equiluz Sweet Silent Sounds 3:42
14 –Steffi Vinjak   Lollipop World 4:42
15 –Curtis Corporation Summer Night Fever 3:10
16 –Curtis Corporation Disco Nights (Single Mix) 2:38
17 –Curtis Corporation All Said And Done 4:31
18 –The Triplets Isle Of Love (Jimmy Michaels Mix) 6:26
19 –Gerhard Heinz, Martina Equiluz I Miss You 3:11
20 –Gerhard Heinz Isle Of Lesbos 2:59
21 –Football Go Get A Kick 4:10
22 –Andreas Rohl Honeymooners Loving 1:27
23 –Rudy Come And See Hong Kong 3:23
24 –Steffi Vinjak   I Need It (Parts 1 & 2) 5:24
25 –Rudy The Champ 3:46
26 –Angelika Simon Holiday Feeling (Original 1979 Mix) 5:40
27 –Football Dance To The Samba (Jimmy Michaels 12'' Edit) 5:09
28 –The Girls Of Vienna You Are Superman 1:55
29 –Football Dancing In A Disco 3:05
30 –Luxury It's Alright 4:52
31 –Luxury Motorcycle Ladies 3:06
32 –Gerhard Heinz Train In The Night (12'' Version) 4:56
33 –Michael Scheickl Melodie (Einer Grossen Liebe) 3:07
34 –Gerhard Heinz Theme From Linda 2:56
35 –Steffi Vinjak Top Set (Jimmy Michaels Mix) 4:08
36 –Classroom Total Television (Original 1980 Mix) 3:12
37 –Classroom Look At Them Kids 3:18
38 –Gerhard Heinz Rock You Baby, Shake You Baby 3:00
39 –Michael Scheickl Love In The Jungle 4:22
40 –Pippa Armstrong Catherine Cherie's Theme (Full Length Version) 5:45
41 –Gerhard Heinz Theme From The Pussycat Syndrome 2:42
42 –Lola & Jerry Get Up, Get Down 3:31
43 –Angelika Simon Linda Lu (English Version) 2:38
44 –Gerhard Heinz, The Girls Of Vienna We Are The Little Pigs 3:03
45 –Angelika Simon Theme From Escape To Paradise 2:58
46 –Gerhard Heinz, Kamikaze Hellride (Video Version) 2:25
47 –Lola & Jerry Once More In Love 4:06
48 –Ines Reiger She's An Angel 3:17
49 –Ron Williams Let's Talk About Africa 4:47
50 –Jimmy Michaels Why Don't We Fly Away
Featuring – Gerhard Heinz
Austrian composer, lyricist and pianist, born 9 September 1927 in Vienna, Austria.
Gerhard Heinz started as young composer in the '60s. He worked for Polydor as a producer and as a singing coach for non-German speaking Schlager stars like Connie Francis, Milva, Rita Pavone, and Domenico Modugno as well as for Peter Kraus and Freddy Quinn. In 1961 composed his first scores for German and Austrian films, mostly B and C-grade comedies and sleazy soft-core action thrillers. Heinz frequently traveled between Vienna and Munich, and was soon highly-sought after for porn soundtracks. His music was an infectious soul jazz with funk and disco flavor. Heinz composed over 130 scores for a wide variety of films. Though best known for music he wrote for exploitation movies, one of his most prestigious collaborations was with Austrian director Franz Antel. Heinz scored Antel's four-part series Der Bockerer, about a naive Viennese butcher in Nazi Germany. These films, among the most highly regarded in Austrian cinema, spanned three decades, the first installment released in 1981, and the final film in 2003.

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Jon Allasia & David Blonski ‎– Saturn Rising

1 Twilight 3:53
2 Stardust 1:50
3 The Dreaming - "Among The Stars" 6:04
4 Solar Winds 9:42
5 The Dreaming - "Visions"
Lyricon – Dallas Smith
6 When Angels Touch 5:06
7 Sojourn 3:28
8 Saturn Rising 6:28
9 Beyond The Outer Rings 3:26
10 Voyager 4:38
11 Moons Of Saturn 6:02
12 New Frontiers 6:04
CD insert reads: "This sonic journey transports you into the realms of deep space, where time and matter are but an element of thought. In this realm, thought can travel many times the speed of light and time has little or no relevance. Here we can explore the cosmos or explore our own inner depths which are as vast and limitless as the universe itself. It is the exploration of our inner universe that holds the key to our successes, happiness, sense of well being and inner peace. We invite all our friends who listen to this music to sit back, relax, close your eyes and experience whatever the mind has to offer. It is unlikely that you will be disappointed with time well spent.

"Keyboards and Sound modules used: EMU Proteus/1, Korg 01/WFD, M3R and DW-8000, Kawai K1r, Casio FZ-1, Yamaha DX7IIFD and TX81Z with WX7 Wind Controller, Casio PG-380 Guitar Synthesizer"

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The Mocha Beans ‎– In The Moog

A1 Latin Fever 2:36
A2 For Cat Lovers Only 1:48
A3 Hot Dog 2:54
A4 Snakes And Ladders 2:24
A5 One Friday Afternoon 1:42
A6 Knock Knock Who's There 2:58
B1 Lucky Day 3:52
B2 I Saw My Baby Last Night 2:12
B3 Fascination 2:13
B4 Gurgle Along 2:23
B5 Taste The Mocha Beans 2:42
B6 I Like Your Walk, You Like My Talk 2:07

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Peter Lotis ‎– Honey

A1 Honey
A2 What A Wonderful World
A3 Wish Me A Rainbow
A4 Walkin In The Sunshine
A5 Am I That Easy To Forget
A6 Halfway To Paradise
B1 Unchained Melody
B2 Easy Come Easy Go
B3 Counting The Days
B4 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
B5 Togetherness
B6 Husbands And Wifes
South African broadcaster and singer. Born in Vredendorp, Johannesburg in 1931 from a Greek father and a British mother. Died on 22 May 2015 in Johanesburg. His father's (and his) surname was originally Kandilotis, but was changed to Lotis. Presented the show Radio Record Club on Springbok Radio and was the first South African radio presenter to boast a listenership of over a million people. He started 'Radio Today' in 1996 and was a presenter at that radio station until his death at age 84. He recorded several singles of popular South African songs such as 'Honey', 'Walking In The Sunshine' and 'Sunday Girl'.

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James Ray

The Old Man And The Mule 2:11
Lazy Bones 2:16
I've Got My Mind Set On You - Pt. I Pt. II 3:28
St. James Infirmary 2:36
Come Rain Or Come Shine 1:56
If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody 1:58
Without A Song 2:28
Teach Me Tonight 2:16
A Miracle 1:59
It's Been A Drag 2:05
Welcome To The Floor 2:15
Itty Bitty Pieces 2:22
James Ray

Making the move from Washington, D.C. to New York City in 1959, aspiring just-turned-18 singer James Ray Raymond was ushered into a recording studio shortly after arrival, resulting in a single for Gallant, one of George Goldner's labels from the Gone/End/Gee group. As Little Jimmy Ray (his general appearance similar to short-in-stature hitmaker Little Willie John, though vocally they were quite dissimilar), his A side ballad "Make Her Mine," written by singer and Chantels mentor Richard Barrett, was flipped with "You Need to Fall in Love," penned by Raymond, its melody and arrangement a blatant imitation of John's signature tune "Fever." But as easy as it had been to break into the business, so was it tough going for the next two years.
James pounded the Big Apple pavement for many months after that one unsuccessful bid, occasionally working in small nightclubs but mostly singing on street corners and, for a time, living on the streets. A music-obsessed mailman, Rudy Clark, saw him in a club in 1961, which ultimately worked in James's favor. When Gerry Granahan, founder of the recently-established Caprice Records, showed interest in some of Clark's songs but didn't feel he had a voice for recording, Rudy tracked down James, who'd been sacking out on the roof of an apartment building, and took him to audition for Granahan. Caprice had gotten off to a good start that year with hit singles by a pair of female acts from New Jersey, Janie Grant ("Triangle") and The Angels ("'Til"). Taking a simplified and less juvenile name, James Ray scored the label's third big hit.
"If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody," the best song in Clark's repertoire, benefited further from an oddball arrangement by Hutch Davie (whose first notable accomplishment was co-composing "The Green Door" and pounding the piano on Jim Lowe's number one hit version in '56). Many of Davie's arrangements went against trend; he often made clever use of horn sections (trumpet blasts, trombone accents). The recording was produced as a waltz and emphasized the tuba and harmonica as lead instruments. The whole thing could have gone horribly wrong, but didn't; Ray's distinctive vocal performance came almost as an afterthought. "If You Gotta" hit the national charts in November 1961 and spent several weeks in the top 30 in January and February '62 while reaching the top ten of the R&B charts. Flip side "It's Been a Drag" wasn't strong on airplay but Ray's reading of the song's downer message rang true.
James Ray
Clark composed the follow-up, "Itty Bitty Pieces," which contrasted Ray's gritty vocal sound against pop backing singers and a more conventional band arrangement than its predecessor. A lesser hit, it just missed the top 40 in mid-May. Around this time James popped up in an unlikely place: Janie Grant's spoof of Vitalis hair tonic, "That Greasy Kid Stuff," poked fun at the infamous 1871 meeting of explorer David Livingstone and H.M. Stanley in Africa. James supplied the obvious spoken line 'Dr. Livingstone, I presume!' (Janie chiming in with '...are you still using that greasy kid stuff?') and made his last, albeit uncredited, appearance on the charts. The next James Ray single, "A Miracle," fell far below expectations, after which he was switched to Granahan's Dynamic Sound label for "I've Got My Mind Set on You," another Rudy Clark song, a failure for Ray but not, as it turned out, for another well-known singer many years later.
While James Ray attempted in vain to build on his promising start, British musicians were busy spreading the word about his songs. The Beatles, still pounding the Liverpool pavement in early '62 (and paying their dues in Hamburg, Germany at the Star-Club), began including "If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody" in their set; fascinated by Ray's hit and its mesmerizing harmonica, they used it as a blueprint for their own debut single, "Love Me Do," recorded that summer. A rousing performance of "If You Gotta" at Liverpool's Cavern Club in September did not go unnoticed by Freddie and the Dreamers, who were on the bill that night; a somewhat soulless recording of the song became the first major U.K. hit for Freddie and company in the spring of 1963. U.S. artists had a fondness for the tune as well; Calvin Grayson's remake appeared on Capitol in the summer of '65 and Maxine Brown charted with her version at the end of the year. Some went the "Itty Bitty Pieces" route; The Rockin' Berries released a pop version in late 1963, followed a few months later by Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds' bluesy variation.
James Ray's later efforts appeared on the Congress label and included "Do the Monkey" (written by Clark with occasional collaborator Bobby Darin) and his final single, "We Got a Thing Goin' On," in 1964. Ray's death occurred sometime afterwards, a drug overdose being the most commonly believed cause. Even the date of this tragedy is uncertain, but he wouldn't have been much older than his mid-twenties, a talented singer mysteriously taken too soon.
Rudy Clark pushed on and realized his dreams, authoring several indelible classics including "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)" (a super-size '64 hit for Betty Everett), "Good Lovin'" (penned with Arthur Resnick, it was a hit for The Olympics in '65 and a Young Rascals chart-topper a year later), "Everybody Plays the Fool" (The Main Ingredient's signature smash in '72, cowritten with J.R. Bailey and Ken Williams) and solid soul shots for Chuck Jackson, Mary Wells and Wilson Pickett, among others. For years, Beatle George Harrison had planned to record one of his favorite songs, "Got My Mind Set on You" (retitled slightly from Ray's 1962 original); in 1987 he finally did and in January '88 it became the second number one hit in the songwriting career of Rudy Clark, simultaneously renewing interest in the superbly unique recordings of James Ray.
- Michael Jack Kirby

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James Pegler - Love Is A Morning Sunrise

A1 Love Is A Morning Sunrise
A2 Cherish
A3 Ann
A4 My Boy
A5 Talking In Your Sleep
A6 Try To Remember
A7 When I Loved Her
B1 L'amour Est L'enfant De La Liberté
B2 Amazing Grace
B3 Ten Girls Ago
B4 Once In A Lifetime
B5 Love Of A Gentle Woman
B6 Back Step
B7 My Way


James Pegler was well-known in the 70s and 80s as a singer of ballads and love songs. Born in Castle Hill, Sydney NSW Australia, he worked as a jackeroo in Queensland and had seven successful working tours in England.

After eight years of intensive training at the Sydney Conservatorium, his career started in 1972 with success in the ABC’s “Showcase”. In England, he toured with Harry Secombe and Petula Clarke, and also appeared with Des O’Connor and Gladys Knight. ABC-TV produced a Special and then a series of six programs called “The James Pegler Show”.

Jim’s most personal triumph was when he performed at the United Nations UNICEF Concert in the General Assembly Hall in New York. The charity concert directed by Sir Robert Helpmann, was the first in the Assembly Hall for just one country and included other great Australian performers: Joan Sutherland, June Bronhill and Barry Crocker.

He passed away on 15 June 2004 due to heart failure.


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Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin Quoi
–Jane Birkin En Duo Avec Serge Gainsbourg La Décadanse
–Jane Birkin Mon Amour Baiser
–Jane Birkin Fuir Le Bonheur De Peur Qu'Il Ne Se Sauve
–Jane Birkin Yesterday Yes A Day
–Jane Birkin ,En Duo Avec Serge Gainsbourg 69 Année Erotique
–Jane Birkin Ex-Fan Des Sixties
–Jane Birkin Jane B
–Jane Birkin En Duo Avec Serge Gainsbourg Je T'Aime ... Moi Non Plus
–Jane Birkin Baby Alone In Babylone
–Jane Birkin Raccrochez C'Est Une Horreur
–Jane Birkin Lolita Go Home
–Jane Birkin Ballade De Johnny-Jane
–Jane Birkin En Rire De Peur D'Être Obligée D'En Pleurer
–Jane Birkin Di Doo Dah
–Jane Birkin Baby Lou

Orang Outang 2:25
Le Canari Est Sur Le Balcon 2:17
Les Capotes Anglaises 2:10
Bébé Song 2:38
Si Ça Peut Te Consoler 3:01
La Fille Aux Claquettes 2:30
Apocalypstick 2:35
Exercice En Forme De Z 2:30
L'aquoiboniste 2:18
Rocking Chair 2:12
Overseas Telegram 3:30
Les Dessous Chics 2:10
Être Ou Ne Pas Naître 3:23
C'est La Vie Qui Veut Ça 2:56
Le Couteau Dans Le Play 3:43
Amours Des Feintes 4:30
Master Serie

МЕЛОМАНЧИК !: Various ‎– Tabu! Volume 1 2 3

МЕЛОМАНЧИК !: Various ‎– Tabu! Volume 1 2 3: 1–The Thunderbirds Delilah Jones 2–Dc 5 Chaquita 3–The Imps That'll Get It 4–The Jokers Congo Rock 5–The Jumping Jewels ...

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Barbara Acklin ‎– Greatest Hits

1 –Barbara Acklin Love Makes A Woman
2 –Barbara Acklin Just Ain't No Love
3 –Barbara Acklin You've Been In Love Too Long
4 –Barbara Acklin Be By My Side
5 –Barbara Acklin Make The Man Love You
6 –Barbara Acklin It's A Groovy Idea
7 –Barbara Acklin Stop Look And Listen
8 –Barbara Acklin Portrait Of A Broken Heart
9 –Barbara Acklin I Did It
10 –Barbara Acklin Am I The Same Girl
11 –Barbara Acklin After You
12 –Barbara Acklin Lady Lady Lady
13 –Barbara Acklin I Call It Trouble
14 –Barbara Acklin Yes I See The Love
15 –Barbara Acklin To Sir With Love
16 –Barbara Acklin Someone Else's Arms
17 –Barbara Acklin With Gene Chandler From The Teacher To The Preacher
18 –Barbara Acklin With Gene Chandler Show Me The Way To Go


Singer/Songwriter raised in Chicago, Il; cousin of Monk Higgins who produced her first sessions for Special Agent in 1966 (as Barbara Allan). Also, a backup vocalist at Chess Records in the mid 1960's.
Born: 28 February 1943 in Oakland, California (or) 28 February 1944 in Chicago, Illinois.
Died: 27 November 1998 in Omaha, Nebraska. (Pneumonia)
She collaborated extensively with Eugene Record of The Chi-Lites.
Her first hit was "Show Me The Way To Go" a 1966 duet with Gene Chandler. Her biggest hit is "Love Makes A Woman" (1968)but she is mostly famous for "Am I The Same Girl" (1968), later huge hits for Dusty Springfield and Swing Out Sister.

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Wasted Desire

01.lusten 04:08
02.so fucking hot 02:27
03.je ne sais pas 03:49
04.schnell 03:46
05.worship 06:43
06.molodaya blondinka 04:18
07.dessert 03:50
08.meow 02:30
09.let me suck 00:38
10.it's gonna be wet 03:54
11.bad girl 02:24
12.gimmie more 01:52
13.buried 00:52
14.you're the best 05:20
15.daddy 01:14
16.oh my god 03:36
17.i ain't done 03:48
18.mush 03:36
19.5 710250 017400 10:49


69 minutes or so of minimalist / maximalist melodies and beats over smutty moaning and dirty talk. Sometimes techno, sometimes oldschool beats with samples from out there. A labor of love, music for perverts and adicts.
released June 12, 2017

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David Blonski with Allasia - Land of the Midnight sun

A1 Aurora
A2 Softer Side Of Heaven
A3 Yesterday's Sunset
A4 Land Of The Midnight Sun
B1 Ice Flow
B2 Footprints
B3 Ice Castles
B4 Desolation Wilderness
This recording from David Blonski and Jon Allasia features acoustic guitar and flute with vast electronic and orchestral backdrops paying tribute to our planet's frozen arctic and mountainous expanses and the beauty that can be found in these most desolate of places. The music flows smoothly from soft ambient spaces to bold orchestral and rhythmic statements and back again.

Land of the Midnight Sun
All music composed, arranged and performed by David A. Blonski & Jon Allasia
David Blonski - Flute, Synthesizers & Electronic Percussion
Jon Allasia - Guitars & Synthesizers

String Bass - Hans Halt , Cliff Hill / Violin - Michael Harrison, Dan Rosen, Kevin Lancaster
English Horn & Flute - Frank Benvenuto
String Arrangements for Softer Side of Heaven & Yesterday's Sunset - Michael Harrison
Recorded at Allasia Studio South Lake Tahoe, CA
Mastered at Timeless Productions Studio, Garden Valley, CA

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Various ‎– Pleasures And Treasures (A Kaleidoscope Of Sound)

1 –Alan Hacker March By Mr. Handel (Boxwood Clarinet) 1:40
2 –Unknown Artist Mira O Norma (Polyphon Musical Box) 2:06
3 –Kathryn Tickell Jean's Reel (Northumbrian Small Pipes) 2:37
4 –Best Of Brass Lezghinka (Brass Group) 2:23
5 –Nigel North Prelude To Lute Suite In E Major (Baroque Lute) 4:37
6 –Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra Collette (78 RPM Record) 2:43
7 –Dave Townsend John Come Kiss Me Now (English Concertina) 3:43
8 –Monks Of Prinknash Abbey & Nuns Of Stanbrook Abbey Music From Compline (Plainsong) 1:19
9 –Stephen Preston Le Coucoû (Ivory Flute) 2:34
10 –Sound In Brass Whistling Rufus (Handbells) 2:09
11 –Eileen Monger Limerick's Lamentation/Give Me Your Hand (Celtic Harp) 3:40
12 –Robin Canter La Quinte Estampie Real (Treble Shawm) 1:21
13 –Unknown Artist I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts ("Barrel Organ") 1:47
14 –Jing Ying Soloists Love At The Fair (Chinese Er-Hu) 3:16
15 –Unknown Artist Miss Annabelle Lee (Pianola Roll) 3:06
16 –Ralph Holmes Scherzo From "Spring" Sonata (Stradivarius Violin) 1:18
17 –Jack Charman The Wibbly Wobbly Walk (Phonograph Cylinder) 4:05
18 –Jim Couza Jenny Lind Medley (Hammer Dulcimer) 3:03
19 –Richard Burnett Turkish Rondo (Viennese Fortepiano) 3:11
20 –Georges Schmitt O Sanctissima (Pan Pies & Organ) 3:04
21 –Danielle Pauly Rève Gourmand (French Accordion) 2:42
22 –Canterbury Clerkes & London Serpent Trio Sportive Little Trifler (English Glee With Serpents) 1:25

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Walter Carlos

 Switched-On Bach 1968

Sinfonia To Cantata No. 29 3:20
Air On A G String 2:27
Two-Part Invention In F Major 0:40
Two-Part Invention In B-flat Minor 1:30
Two-Part Invention In D Minor 0:55
Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring 2:56
Prelude And Fugue No. 7 In E-Flat Major 7:07
Prelude And Fugue No. 2 In C Minor 2:43
Chorale Prelude "Wachet Auf" 3:37
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 In G Major (First Movement) 6:35
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 In G Major (Second Movement) 2:50
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 In G Major (Third Movement) 5:05

The Well-Tempered Synthesizer 1969

Stereo Test Tone 0:10
"Orfeo" Suite 3:15
Sonata In G Major, L. 209 1:38
Sonata In D Major, L. 164 3:50
Water Music: Bourrée 0:43
Water Music: Air 2:42
Water Music: Allegro Deciso 2:57
Sonata In E Major, L. 430 1:52
Sonata In D Major, L. 465 2:25
Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 In G Major: I Allegro 8:03
Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 In G Major: II Andante 3:30
Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 In G Major: III Presto 4:40
Domine Ad Adjuvandum (From 1610 Vespers) 2:13

This late 1968 release seemed innocent enough at the time; and actually, it was a sincere effort to use a then newly-practical interpretive instrument, the Moog synthesizer, in a decidedly traditional musical manner. Indeed, at the time, it was simply extending - in a somewhat more forward-thinking direction - the kind of attention that had been devoted to Johann Sebastian Bach's music as early as 1782, barely over 30 years after the composer's death, when Mozart wrote a set of string trio arrangements of some of Bach's keyboard works. Heard 40 years on, the approach here seems very tame and formal, but in 1968 it offended some Baroque purists (of whom there were relatively few) and a lot of classical music Luddites (of whom there were a lot more); but it still became the first classical music LP ever to be certified for a Platinum Record Award, by selling to hundreds of thousands of mostly younger listeners who didn't normally buy classical recordings. Wendy Carlos had come up with an artistically valid and musically legitimate approach to the most tradition-bound of all classical music that made it not only palatable but exciting to a generation of listeners more inclined toward the Beatles than Beethoven (much less Bach). Carlos' use of the Moog's oscillations, squeaks, drones, chirps, and other sounds was highly musical in ways that ordinary listeners could appreciate, itself a first in the use of this instrument, and was characterized by - for the time - amazing sensitivity and finely wrought nuances, in timbre, tone, and expressiveness. Carlos saw the Moog voice as valid on its own terms, which may be one reason why this album still stands out today, when compared with some of the more flamboyant work that followed from others, such as Isao Tomita - everything here is musical, with no sound effects to speak of until near the finale (and even that is restrained); and the Moog is working in its own "voice," rather than overtly imitating other, non-electronic instruments. On the downside of the ledger in the eyes of many serious listeners, this record and its success were also to "blame" for any number of excesses by Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Rick Wakeman (especially "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" which, to be fair, was his best album), Tomita and others, and helped foster the multi-keyboard musical barrages mounted by ELP and Yes, for starters. ["Switched-On Bach" has been reissued several times on CD, including an audiophile version and, in 2001, an edition with one bonus track.] 

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Various ‎– Disco Fire

–Chic Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)
–Barry White It's Ecstacy When You Lay Down Next To Me
–Stargard Which Way Is Up
–C.J. & Co Devil's Gun
–THP Orchestra Two Hot For Love
–Meco* Star Wars Title Theme
–Donna Summer I Feel Love
–Parliament Flash Light
–KC & The Sunshine Band Boogie Shoes
–Rhythm Heritage Gonna Fly Now (Theme From "Rocky")
–Samantha Sang You Keep Me Dancing
–Eruption I Can't Stand The Rain
–The Trammps Disco Inferno
–KC & The Sunshine Band Keep It Comin' Love
–Brick Dazz
–Bionic Boogie Risky Changes
–Jimmy "Bo" Horne Dance Across The Floor
–Santa Esmeralda Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
–The Emotions Best Of My Love
–Roy Ayers Running Away
–Boney M. Ma Baker
–Tuxedo Junction Chattanooga Choo Choo
–The Michael Zager Band Let's All Chant
–Peter Brown  Dance With Me

суббота, 15 июня 2019 г.

Rena Rolska ‎– Kiedy Znów Zakwitną Białe Bzy...

A1 Kiedy Znów Zakwitną Białe Bzy
A2 Bal U Zizi
A3 Zatańczmy Tango
A4 Złoty Pierścionek
A5 Nad Czarną Hańczą
A6 Właśnie Dlatego
A7 Na Szczęście
B1 Ej, Piotr
B2 Samotność
B3 Chciałabym, A Boję Się
B4 Mam Chłopczyka Na Kopernika
B5 Rausz
B6 Zapomnisz O Mnie
B7 A W Zakopanym Sypie Śnieg


пятница, 14 июня 2019 г.

четверг, 13 июня 2019 г.

Gert Wilden & Orchestra – Schulmadchen Report

1 Die Dressiertre Frau - Title Theme
2 Was Manner Nicht Fur Moglich Halten - Follow Me
3 Madame Und Ihre Nichte - Title Theme
4 Schulmadchen Report 1-13 -Title Theme
5 Schulmadchen Report 1 - Girl Faces
6 Schulmadchen Report 2 - Dirty Beat
7 Schulmadchen Report 3 - Soul Guitar
8 Schulmadchen Report 4 - Getting Blue
9 Was Manner Nicht Fur Moglich Halten - Dirty Boy
10 Schulmadchen Report 5 - Ecstasy Blues
11 Madchen Die Nach Munchen Kommen - Title Theme
12 Madchen Die Nach Munchen Kommen - Sexy Girls
13 Die Fleissigen Bienen Vom Frohlichen Bock - Blues Party
14 Madame Und Ihre Nichte - Hot Dance
15 Madame Und Ihre Nichte - Dirty Dancing
16 Was Manner Nicht Fur Moglich Halten - Ballet Elevin
17 Die Jungen Ausrei?erinnen - Blue Mood
18 Madame Und Ihre Nichte - Ecstasy Dance
19 Die Jungen Ausrei?erinnen - Little Girls
Additional title: “Schoolgirl Report & More Music From Sexy German Films (1968-1972)”.

среда, 12 июня 2019 г.

Gert Wilden & Die Jupiter Serenaders -Musik Fur Verliebte

A1 Wenn Ich Musik Hor', Mu? Ich Tanzen
A2 Old Oxford
A3 Ein Sommer Ohne Rosen
A4 Wann Gehorst Du Mir
A5 Die Liebe Ist Das Halbe Leben
A6 Wenn Die Sonne Scheint
B1 Carla, Carolina
B2 Schweigende Taiga
B3 Irgendwo Auf Dieser Welt
B4 Kleiner Hampelmann
B5 Mara
B6 Annemarie