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Kayton Roberts

Kayton Roberts & Little Roy Wiggins ‎– Twin Steel Guitars

A1 Twin Steel Boogie
A2 Take Your Pick
A3 Georga Steel Guitar
A4 Kentucy Waltz
A5 Through The Night
A6 Near The Cross
B1 Release Me
B2 Boot Heel Drag
B3 Aloha
B4 Love Theme
B5 Kayton's Waltz
B6 Maiden's Prayer

Kayton & Iva Lee Roberts 1975

01 Opryland Swing 
02 Oh My Darling Nellie Gray 
03 The Swingin' Boogie 
04 Humoresque 
05 Darktown Strutters Ball 
06 Yours 
07 Bluebird Island 
08 Three String Swing 
09 Love Letters In The Sand 
10 Tweedle Dee 
11 Night Train 
12 Bells of St Mary's 
13 Silent Night 

Anthony Quinn with The Harold Spina Singers and Orchestra ‎– In My Own Way...I Love You

In My Own Way
Just How Much Do I Love You
What Is Love?
I Love You, You Love Me
Love Is A Headache
The Distance To The Moon
Fall In Love In Rome
Young And Foolish-And In Love
Who Can Forget A First Love?
The Last Leaf On The Apple Tree
Anthony Quinn
Antonio Rodolfo Quinn Oaxaca
Mexican American actor, painter and writer, born April 21, 1915 in Chihuahua, Mexico, died June 3, 2001 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Father of Danny Quinn. In 1969 he had an album release called 'In My Own Way'

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Anne Vanderlove-Mélancolitude

1. Ballade en novembre (3:20)
2. Silver (4:23)
3. Les bruyères de Birdhill (3:43)
4. Amour ou ami (4:11)
5. J'te vois partout (3:00)
6. Du côté de St Jean du Gard (3:19)
7. Ballade pour Eléanor (3:56)
8. Le prince de Brocéliande (4:52)
9. Comme les fous de Bassan (3:55)
10. Restez petites; petites filles (4:01)
11. Le parfum des roses (3:38)
12. Le livre d'images (3:25)
13. La ballade nord irlandaise (3:27)
14. Escale à Galway (3:56)
15. Je pense à toi (3:51)
16. Ou sont passés mes cheveux longs ? (3:14)
17. Tous ceux qui n'ont pas réussi (3:13)
18. L'arsenal (4:13)
19. Chante avec moi, ça va (2:58)
20. Qu'on le dise en argot (3:26)

1. En passant par Quevert (3:26)
2. Mélancolitude (4:35)
3. Mes beaux amours (2:28)
4. Madeleine-Opéra (3:20)
5. Le roi chasseur (2:00)
6. Femme de légende (4:06)
7. La mare aux fées (2:47)
8. Tant de jours et de nuits (3:28)
9. Tears of Guns (3:56)
10. L'aile d'un ange (3:35)
11. La mémoire du vent (4:31)
12. Les demoiselles du vent d'octobre (2:56)
13. Pour un peu plus d'amour dans l'air (4:44)
14. Rien que des graffitis (2:43)
15. Le gris bleu des Scheveningen (4:06)
16. Le bistrot du bout du quai (3:21)
17. Un jour je m'appellerai Lucy (2:21)
18. Les rendez-vous manqués (3:33)
19. Virginia Love (3:35)
20. Bye Bye Seagull (4:15)
21. À toi Lili Marlene (4:30)
Born December 11, 1943 in Scheveningen, The Hague, Netherlands 
Died June 30, 2019 in Finistère, Brittany, France 
French singer of Dutch descent

Lori Lieberman ‎

Killing Me Softly With His Song 4:23
Michael And The Children 3:27
And The Feeling's Good 3:02
Double-Decker Jet Plane 3:37
My Lover Do You Know 3:48
Time For Me To Go 3:31
Back To Before 4:08
There's A Harbor 3:46
To That Time 3:15
A Day Our Love Has Put Together 2:45

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Emil Dimitrov

Златни хитове 1

1 Арлекино
2 Нашият Сигнал
3 Песен За Чайката
4 Ти Си Отиде През Септември
5 Песен За Моята Майка
6 Ако Някога Се Срещнем Непознати
7 Нора
8 Вън Вали
9 Моряшко Сбогом
10 На Брега На Тихата Марица
11 Когато Отиваш Там При Другия
12 Лидия
13 Само Тази Нощ
14 Моя Страна
15 Джулия
16 Мариана
17 Писмо До Мама
18 Ела В София
19 Стела
20.   Obladi Oblada (Bonus)

Златни Хитове 2

1 Ако Си Дал
2 Само Един Живот
3 Убий Ме За Това
4 Отмъщение
5 И Между Две Целувки
6 Ако Можех Да Избирам, Майчице
7 Пътища
8 Акордеон
9 Сбогом, Мария
10 Любовта Замина
11 Върни Ми Времето
12 Ретро Любов
13 Не Съжалявам За Изгубеното Време
14 Ти Налей Ми Чашата
15 Аз Съм, Майко
16 Автографи
17 Кръстопът На Любовта
18    Leti, otlita +
19    Anna +
20    Srednoshten monolog +
Popular Bulgarian singer. He made his debut in 1960 and recorded about 30 albums. Born on December the 23rd, 1940 in Pleven. Died on March the 30th 2005 in Sofia)

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The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Rostal & Schaefer, Ron Goodwin ‎– The Beatles Concerto

"The Beatles Concerto"
1st Movement: Maestoso - Allegro Moderato
A1a She Loves You
A1b Eleanor Rigby
A1c Yesterday
A1d All My Loving
A1e Hey Jude
2nd Movement: Andante Espressivo.
A2a Here, There And Everywhere
A2b Something
3rd Movement: Presto
A3a Can't Buy Me Love
A3b The Long And Winding Road
Six Beatles Impressions
B1 Fool On The Hill
B2 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
B3 Michelle
B4 Maxwell's Silver Hammer
B5 Here Comes The Sun
B6 A Hard Day's Night

Woman Sing Beatles ! (Re- )

1.From Me To You-Louise Cordet
2.We Can Work It Out-Leslie Uggams
3.All My Lovin'-Annette Funicello
4.Ticket To Ride-The Chicks
5.Please Mr Postman-Helen Shapiro
6.Love Me Do-Sandie Shaw
7.Please Mr. Postman-The Marvelettes
8.Baby Its You-Cilla Black
9.Aquela Garota Linda (She's A Woman)-Conjunto A Patota
10.My Bonnie-Donna Lynn
11.Ticket To Ride-Alma Cogan
12.I Wanna Hold Your Hand-The Lennon Sisters
13.I Feel Fine-The Chicks
14.Please Mr. Postman-Carpenters
15.Chains-The Cookies
16.Ni Un Viaje Màs (Day Tripper)-Angelica Maria
17.We Love The Beatles 64-Vernons Girls
18.We Can Work It Out-C.Valente

1.Here, There And Everywhere-Petula Clark
2.Imagine-Nana Mouskouri
3.A Hard Day's Night-M.Millers
4.Penny Lane-Barbara Dickson
5.Something-Shirley Scott
6.Come Together-Supremes
7.Strawberry Fields Forever-Libby Titus
8.And I Love Him-Rita Lee
9.The Fool On The Hill-Tony Hatch And Jackie Trent
10.Get Back-Chris Clark
11.Till There Was You-Vera Lynn
12.Nowhere Man-Vikki Carr
13.Across The Universe-Cilla Black
14.The Long And Winding Road-Julie Budd
15.Yesterday-Alma Cogan
16.Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da-Dana Valery
17.Day Tripper-Mae West
18.Yesterday-Barbara Lewis
19.Let It Be-Nana Mouskouri

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Jon Pertwee Featuring Una Stubbs & Geofrey Bayldon ‎– Worzel Gummidge Sings

A1 Worzel's Song 3:40
A2 Sulking 3:08
A3 The Scarecrow's Party 2:47
A4 O-Wor-K-Wor-Dip 3:25
A5 I Might We'll See 3:14
A6 Acting 4:44
B1 Scarecrows On Parade 3:10
B2 If I Was You And You Was Me 2:42
B3 Singalonga Worzel 3:26
B4 Who'd Be A Scarecrow? 3:45
B5 Oh What A Day This Is 2:24

Vic Lewis -The Best Of The EMI Years

01 Vic's Tune (Keating) (5:28)
02 Ricardo (Hayes) (6:07)
03 Danielle (Deuchar) (5:02)
04 Last Minute Bossa Nova (Scott) (5:20)
05 Bossa Nova Scotia (Lewis) (6:21)
06 Rio (Quintana) (3:25)
07 Two Note Samba (Rogers) (6:00)
08 Bossa Nova Blues (Lewis) (6:00)
09 Town Talk (Riddle) (2:52)
10 Bass is Loaded (Riddle) (3:50)
11 Sax Blue (Nelson Riddle) (3:11)
12 Basiec Riddle take 2 (Riddle) (3:24)
13 Basiec Riddle take 5 (Riddle) (3:06)
Recorded January 18 (05-08) February 08 (01-04) 1963
The original lp was called 'Bossa Nova Home And Away' which is very rare and the cd is now becoming equally so. Four extra tracks were added for cd issue and these are with a completely different group of musicians under the direction of Nelson Riddle.
The British group has some of the big names of the day including Tubby Hayes.

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Alex Puddu, Edda Dell'Orso ‎– The Mark Of The Devil

A1 Il Sogno.Il Fuoco 01:22
A2 The Haunted Palace 03:37
A3 Tentazioni 04:50
A4 Incontri Notturni 02:12
A5 La Carne , il Peccato 05:45
A6 Il Canto Delle Vergini 02:20
B1 Ombre e Distorsioni 03:35
B2 Confessioni a Venezia 04:16
B3 The Whip 03:54
B4 Il Settimo Cerchio 02:59
B5 Mother Of Tears 02:46
B6 The Beyond 04:57

Vic Lewis And His Orchestra ‎– Donovan My Way

A1 Sunshine Superman
A2 There Is A Mountain
A3 Poor Cow
A4 Lalena
A5 Lord Of The Reedy River
A6 Mellow Yellow
B1 Hurdy Gurdy Man
B2 Catch The Wind
B3 Young Girl Blues
B4 A Sunny Day
B5 Three King Fishers
B6 Jennifer Juniper

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Alex Puddu ‎– The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography Vol. 3

Cowboys Do It Better 3:52
The Swinger Generation 3:05
Blue Hawaii 2:50
Black Orgasm 3:51
Behind Closed Doors 3:35
Sex Bar 2:27
Seductive Sitar 3:05
Africa Scream 3:13
Lesbian Lovers 2:51
XXX Action 4:14
Exotic Love 2:55
Feeling Saxy 4:44

Zacherley ‎– Spook Along With Zacherley

01 -  Happy Halloween
02 - Let's Twist Again
03 - Monster Monkey
04 - Dinner With Drac
05 - Come With Me To Transylvania
06 - Monster Mash
07 - Pistol Stomp
08 - Weird Watusi
09 - Dummy Doll
10 - I Was A Teenage Caveman
11 - Monsters Have Problems, Too
12- Limb From Limbo Rock
13 - Franc And Drac Are Back
14 - Lunch With Monster Goose
15 - Hello, Dolly
16 - A Ticket, A Casket
17 - I'm The Ghoul From Wolverton Mountain
18 - Ring A Ding Aurangotang
19 - Popeye
20 - A-B-C
21 - Eighty Two Tombstones
22 - Surfboard
23 - Dear Dear Valentine
24 - Gravy
25 - Baying At The Moon
26 - The Bat
27 - Scarey Tales From Mother Goose
28 - A Sure Sign Of Spring
29 - Coolest Little Monster
30 - Clementine
31 - The Spider & The Fly
32 - Igor
33 -Transylvania P.T.A
34 - Dinner With Drac Part 2 (Bonus Track)

John Zacherle (born September 26, 1918, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - died October 27, 2016, Manhattan, New York, USA) was an American television host, radio personality and voice actor, known for his long career as a television horror movie host in the 1950's and 1960's. He is sometimes credited as John Zacherley.
Честно говоря не знаю что это за альбом,на диск 1960 он не похож,аналогов не нашел,хотя и не в этом ВЕЛИКАЯ СЕРМЯЖНАЯ ПРАВДА !👲

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Alex Puddu feat. Edda Dell'Orso ‎– In The Eye Of The Cat

Danza Delle Ombre In Algeria 05:15
Emerald 03:08
Il Sogno ,La Luna 04:14
Immersioni 04:48
The City Of Gold 02:48
The Bull 03:04
Mood Psychedelico 04:46
Magic Mountain 02:54
In The Eye Of The Cat 02:46
Una Donna Allo Specchio 03:22

Jon Pertwee ‎– Sings Songs For Vulgar Boatmen

A1 The Buxom Country Maid
A2 Lucky Jack
A3 The Sailor And The Mermaid
A4 Old MacLeod
A5 What A Shame
A6 A Ship Is Like A Maiden
B1 The Devonshire Maid
B2 London Town
B3 Portsmouth Town
B4 The Ugly Captain
B5 Jack’s Plan
B6 Beautiful Nancy Of Yarmouth
B7 A Captain’s Loves

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Alex Puddu ‎– The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography Vol. 2

Hot Mouth 3:41
Boys And Girls And Danish Hot Dogs 3:24
Gimme More 3:43
The Rope 3:29
Horny At The Office 3:04
She Wants It Black 3:02
Bad Love 2:08
Sweet And Perverted 3:23
Group Sex At The Birthday Party 3:25
After Party 2:48
Composed By, Arranged By, Producer, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Synth, Sitar [Electric], Vocals – Alex Puddu
Organ – Alex Puddu (tracks: A3, B2 to B4)
Organ, Electric Piano – Massimo Fiorentino
Photography By – Maiken Kærgaard
Bonus CD included

Composed, Arranged and Produced By Alex Puddu
Recorded in Copenhagen at Sexy Lady Studio, between 2012 and 2013

In 2009 we started up Pink Flamingo Entertainment as a sub label of Another World Entertainment. It’s aim was to release vintage and quality porn on DVD and VOD, as a counterpart to the cold and mechanical commercial porn of the mainstream.
The first release was Ole Ege’s ‘Pornografi’ (1971), which we put out in 2009. Ole Ege was one of the pioneers of Danish porn, working from the period leading up to the legalisation of pornography in Denmark in 1969 and up until a few years after that. ‘Pornografi’ had previously been released on VHS and appears as a feature film, but it is in fact a collection of short films that Ole Ege had made for the blooming 8mm market at the time. The films are from the period 1964 to 1971, which means that some of the films are from before the legalisation of pornography and hence were sold under the counter.
Shortly after releasing ‘Pornografi’, I received a phone call from an elderly gentleman, who had been given my number by Ole Ege. He was a former business partner of the late Freddy Weiss, and held the copyright for and had a large collection of negatives for Freddy Weiss’s films, that had been released on Super8 in the early ‘70s. Freddy had been a photographer for Ole Ege in the early years but had later gone his own way. I told him that this all sounded very interesting and that I’d like to have a look at it. The next day a silver-grey Mercedes rolled into the courtyard of our office. The trunk was loaded with film spools. During the course of the following days I started gathering an overview of what the collection consisted of, which wasn’t easy, as it was all negatives. So I couldn’t just view them. Besides many of the spools were damaged by moisture and mold and the information on them was extremely sparse. Most of them were in a can or a bag with a tiny note thrown in stating titles such as ‘Anal Sensation’, ‘Black Triangle’ etc.

We selected some of them and sent them off for scanning so we could get a better idea of what we were dealing with. Most of what came back from the lab turned out to be of a great quality and of high cultural value. But they had no sound and if we were to release them on DVD we had to find a soundtrack to make the viewing experience more entertaining. I did not for a single moment doubt that my good friend Alex Puddu was the right man for the job. I have a former career in the music business, where I got to know Alex in the early ‘90s, while distributing the music of his first band, Excess Bleeding Heart. In 2004 I put out Alex Puddu’s debut solo album ‘Chasing the Scorpion’s Tail’ and the year after that his second one, ‘The Silence of the Sun and the Rhythm of the Rain’. Both on my record label April Records. I then left the music business in 2006 to dedicate myself fully to the film industry. Working with Alex Puddu had led to a close friendship between the two of us . We shared a love for the era of the late ‘60s to early ‘70s and would often meet up for good food (Alex is an incredible cook!) and listen to soundtrack records and watch films. Especially Italian Gialli and poliziesco/poliziotteschi films from the ‘70s. We also live out our mutual interest of the old soundtracks and the funky music of the era through our DJ’ing activities, in club concepts such as ‘Club Frenzy’ and ‘Orgasmo’, together with our dear friend Anders Arentoft (a.k.a. DJ Curious). So I knew that Alex would instantly understand which direction I wanted the soundtrack to go in for the first collection of Freddy Weiss’s short films ‘The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography’. And the end result of his work was nothing less than mind-blowing. It simply suited the films perfectly. Alex self-released the soundtrack as an ultra limited vinyl pressing of only 250 copies and that record got him signed to the acclaimed Italian record label Schema Records. Both the DVD and the soundtrack were well received worldwide and on selected occasions Alex Puddu and his band have performed his groovy ‘70s style porn soundtrack live to Freddy Weiss’s sleazy films in cinemas.
Now that I am standing here with ’The Golden Age of Danish Pornography Vol. 2’ I can’t help but smile. Another great collection of films has been put together and Alex… well, he’s done it again! That man is definitely the uncrowned king of groovy porn soundtracks… I love it! Thanks my friend!

Jan Schmidt
February 2014

Iva Zanicchi

Come Ti Vorrei
Caro Mio (Cara Mia)
Non Tornar Mai
Caldo È L'Amore
I Tuoi Anni Più Belli
Accarezzami Amore
Mi Cercherai
Ma L'Amore No
Non Era Vero
Un Altro Giorno Verrà
Italian singer.(born Jan. 18, 1940, Ligonchio, Reggio Emilia). Her career began in 1962 at the Castrocaro Festival of New Voices, coming in 3rd. She won the Sanremo Festival in 1969 with Zingara. In the same year she represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest in Madrid with Due Grosse Lacrime Bianche. She represented Italy in the V Festival Internacional da Canção in Rio with Tu non sei più innamorato di me in 1970.The competition was followed by a concert at the Paris Olympia and an intense tour of numerous concerts in the United States, Canada, Southern America and Soviet Union, later in Australia and Japan.

Молодость прекрасна !❤
Потом как то хуже все !👏

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Neoton Familia


Don Quijote 4:02
Egy Húszas Elég 3:32
Marathon 5:22
Körbenjárás 3:40
Nézz Rá! 3:09
A Felügyelő 4:15
Apám Szólt 4:17
Hova Menjek? 3:35
Nehéz Úgy 3:54
Te Quiero 3:54

A Família

Kétszázhúsz Felett 4:25
Sámson És Delila 4:41
Jöjjön A Nyár! 3:06
A Legkisebb Fiú 3:52
Vadvirág 3:46
Lobo, Az Idegen 4:23
Egyszer Megértelek 3:30
Caligula 4:26
Hazudós 3:36
Régi Zongorám 3:22
Когда то давно Неотон прогремел своим Марафоном и как то лихо исчез из поля зрения
До эпохи инета понятия не имел что у группы длинная история и что после Марафона она продолжалась.

Alex Puddu feat. Edda Dell'Orso ‎– Registrazioni Al Buio

Alex Puddu Il Canto Delle Orchidee 4:11
–Alex Puddu Il Seme Della Violenza 3:03
–Alex Puddu, Edda Dell'Orso Il Deserto Sotto La Pelle 2:50
–Alex Puddu Alta Tensione 3Am 4:05
–Alex Puddu Mirror Madness 3:09
–Alex Puddu Incontri Nel Parco 4:09
–Alex Puddu, Edda Dell'Orso Anna Il Desiderio Chiuso Nella Stanza 3:29
–Alex Puddu Angeli Della Morte 3:15
–Alex Puddu Magia Nera, Rituali, Inferno Ad Haiti 2:43
–Alex Puddu Nuove Sezioni Ritmiche 3:26
–Alex Puddu La Paura E' Una Lama Di Ghiaccio 2:46
–Alex Puddu, Edda Dell'Orso L'Occhio Nella Parete 3:13
–Alex Puddu Mother's Milk 3:19

воскресенье, 21 июля 2019 г.

Pop Concerto Orchestra ‎– Eden Is A Magic World

Eden Is A Magic World
Only One Day
When The Sun Died
Lonely Days
She Wears A Rainbow
Kerie Elei Son
European Love Song
Little Girl
Love Me Touch Me
The Secret Of My Love


Alex Puddu ‎– The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography

The Barber Shop 3:31
Kinky Hairdresser 3:53
Madam Delight 4:05
Miss Butterfly 3:37
Massage Salonen 3:40
The Dirty Games Of Dr. Love 4:00
Naughty Girls At The Wild Party 5:06
Black Triangle 3:18
Lusty Nurses 4:16
Sex Bar 2:24
Lady Lovesport 2:01
Piano For Lovers 4:00
The Golden Age

суббота, 20 июля 2019 г.

Lada Edmund

 01. Foxy
02. I Want A Man
03.The Answer
05. I Know Something
06.Once Upon a Time
07.The Larue
08.This Time
09. Trouble
Lada Edmund was born Lada Michele Perkins in 1947.  Later known as Lada Edmund, Jr., she was originally cast in the Broadway production of "Bye Bye Birdie" with Dick Van Dyke and Chita Rivera in 1960. Later she was a featured dancer on "Hullabaloo" on NBC in 1965, as the "Hullabaloo A-Go-Go Girl in the cage."   She had records on Coral, Roulette & Decca (1962-1967)

After Hullabaloo, she appeared in a small budgeted movie filmed in New York entitled, "Out Of It." She would have second billing in the film with the third billing going to a then unknown-actor from Yonkers, New York named Jon Voight. His next film would be his breakout film, "Midnight Cowboy." Lada, seeing that she would have difficulty breaking in films, became a Hollywood stunt person and driver and became the highest paid female in that industry. She was one of the first female stunt people to establish a career in the field.

Stan Freberg ‎– The Very Best Of Stan Freberg

1 John & Marsha 2:27
2 I've Got You Under My Skin 2:05
3 That's My Boy 3:05
4 Try 3:12
5 The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise 2:35
6 St. George And The Dragonet 3:25
7 Little Blue Riding Hood 3:25
8 Christmas Dragnet (Yulenet) Part 1 3:17
9 Christmas Dragnet (Yulenet) Part 2 3:27
10 C'est Si Bon (It's So Good) 3:13
11 A Dear John And Marsha Letter 3:18
12 Sh-Boom 3:28
13 The Yellow Rose Of Texas 3:23
14 The Great Pretender 3:21
15 Heartbreak Hotel 2:12
16 Rock Island Line 3:21
17 Banana Boat (Day-O) 3:26
18 Tele-Vee-Shun 3:08
19 Wun'erful, Wun'erful (Side Uh-One) 3:40
20 Wun'erful, Wun'erful (Side Uh-Two) 3:30
21 Green Chri$tma$ 6:50

Stanley Victor Freberg
Born: August 7, 1926, Pasadena, California, USA
Died: April 7, 2015, Santa Monica, California, USA
American author, recording artist, animation voice actor, comedian, radio personality, puppeteer and advertising creative director, whose career began in 1944. He remained active in the industry into his late 80s, more than 70 years after entering it.

пятница, 19 июля 2019 г.

Pink Project


Der Da Da Da 5:45
Disco Project 5:05
Hyper Gamma Oxygene 6:27
Voices Of Independence 6:45
Smoke Like A Man 5:14
Amama 5:35
Magic Flight 6:30


Scratchin' Superstition 5:26
Stand By Every Breath 5:14
Duel 5:03
Hypnotized 5:26
Sally's Living In My Car 5:18
B-Project 4:50

Israel Tolbert ‎– Popper Stopper

A1 Big Leg Woman (With A Short, Short Mini Skirt) 3:15
A2 Lost Love 3:02
A3 You'll Lose A Good Thing 2:49
A4 Kentucky Waltz 4:14
A5 Happy Birthday Misses 2:23
A6 Saving My Love For You 3:05
B1 Shake Your Big Hips 2:37
B2 Darling, I Love You 2:51
B3 Driving Wheels 2:42
B4 Bitter Tears 2:34
B5 I'm In Love 2:35