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Eilert Pilarm - Best of Elvis

 1 In The Ghetto 2:50
2 Jailhouse Rock 2:28
3 Are You Lonesome Tonight 2:43
4 Love Me Tender 3:25
5 Blue Suede Shoes 2:07
6 It's Now Or Never (O Sole Mio) 2:51
7 Teddy Bear (Let Me Be Your) 1:01
8 There Goes My Everything 2:50
9 Release Me 2:48
10 All Shook Up 2:06
11 Heartbreak Hotel 3:25
12 Hound Dog 2:05
13 Return To Sender 2:13
14 From A Jack To A King 2:31
15 Suspicious Mind 3:32
16 How Great Thou Art 2:54
17 Don't Be Cruel 2:06
18 Always On My Mind 3:26
19 That's All Right Mama 2:09
20 Green Green Grass Of Home 3:33
Многие бы хотели стать Элвисом !И этот швед с внешностью постаревшего Гарри Глиттера тоже не прочь,результат средний,  http://eilertpilarm.to/

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Various ‎– Buttshakers ! Soul Party Vol. 1-2

Buttshakers Soul Party Vol.1

1. Billy Clark & The Maskman : Soul Party Part 1
2. Jamo Thoma : Bahama Mama Part 1
3. Simtec Simmons & Wylie Dixon : Socking Soul Power
4. Barry Jones : Let's Do The Funky Boogaloo
5. Pervis Lavawn : Crossin' Over
6. Soul Inc. : The Alligator!
7. Butterballs : Butterballs Part 1
8. B.W. Soul : Marvins Groove
9. Tommy Dark : Wobble Legs
10. Jerry O : Funky Four Corners
11. Fabulous Shalimars : Funky Line Part 1 & 2
12. Electric Man Lionel Davis : Electric Man
13. Chick Willis : Mother Fuyer
14. Buddy McKnight : Everytime Part 1
15. Other Brothers : Hole In The Wall
16. Monk Higgins And The Satellite's : Mister Luckee

Buttshakers! Soul Party Vol.2

–Marvin L. Sims Talkin' Bout Soul
–Mr. C. & Funck Junction Hot Buttler'n All
–Billy Mack Son Of A Lover
–A.C. Reed Boogaloo-Tramp
–Chris Jones I'm The Man
–Billy Guy & The Odds'n Ends Lookin' Like A Nut Nut
–The Third Position Trio Tail Gator Party
–The Golden Toadstools Silly Savage
–Mickey & His Mice Cracker Jack
–Charles Lattimore Doin' The Thing
–Chet Poison Ivey Poo Poo Man
–Jamie Lyons Soul Struttin'
–Kim Melvin Doin' The Popcorn
–The Fabulous Fantoms The Mau Mau

среда, 27 марта 2019 г.

Blondes, Brunettes & Redheads - Silky Gals of the Atomic Age

1.Travelin' Light---Julie Wilson
2.The Thrill Is Gone--Connie Russell
3.Lazy Afternoon-Fran Jeffries
4.Candy-Lola Albright
5.A Deep Dark Secret-Lizabeth Scott
6.Easy Does It--Gayle Andrews
7.Hold Me--Tina Louise
8.It's Silk- India Adams
9.Little Girl Blue-Joyce Carr
10.Slow Glow-- Annita Ray
11.Come by Sunday-Diana Dors
12.It Takes Time--Ruth Olay
13.Volare-Pier Angeli
14.It Could Happen to You--Pat Thomas
15.Easy to Love-- Linda Lawson
16.He Needs Me--Pat Morrissey
17.Why Try to Change Me Now--Nancy Steele
18.Teach Me Tonight--The DeCastro Sisters
19.Haunted Heart--Lynn Taylor
20.All by Myself in the Morning--Pat O'Day
21.He Took Me by Storm--Marie McDonald
22.Too Hot to Handle--Jayne Mansfield
23.Do It Again--Monica Lewis
24.The Gentleman Is a Dope-Janet Blair
25.Lazy Afternoon-- Edie Adams

вторник, 26 марта 2019 г.

Wing - Wing Sings for All the Single Ladies and Raps for All the Safe Parties

Introduction 0:35
Doggy and Me 3:14
The Earth Song 5:38
All the Single Ladies 3:50
Aquarius 4:23
Everything I Do, I Do It for You 4:35
Black and White 2:47
What the World Needs Now Is Love 2:33
Total Eclipse of the Heart 6:29
Safe Party - Happy Ending 3:24

Тетка выпевает смешной кошмар ,тем не менее в сочетании с некими китайскими звуками ,очень даже прикольно !

понедельник, 25 марта 2019 г.

Saul T. Peter ‎– For Women Only

A1 Oooo Have I Got Hot Nuts For You
A2 He's The Queen Of Fire Island
A3 Limericks That Sing
A4 The Horse With The Hansom Behind
A5 How Do Worms Make Love?
A6 Ants In Her Pants
A7 Tessie The Teaser
B1 Don't Let Your Busines Fall Off
B2 She Loves Her Peter
B3 Limericks That Sing
B4 A Rag A Bone And A Hunk Of Hair
B5 The Girl On Father's Chest
B6 Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter
Жанр массовик затейник процветал и в дебрях дикого капитализма !Как раз тот случай !

вторник, 19 марта 2019 г.

Various– My Pussy Belongs To Daddy

A1 –Fay Richmonde My Pussy Belongs To Daddy
A2 –Fay Richmonde Sadie's Still Got The Rag On
A3 –Fay Richmonde I Want A Man To Gimme Some Luck
A4 –Saul T. Peter I Tried It Everywhere
A5 –Saul T. Peter She Sits Among The Cabbages And Peas
B1 –Saul T. Peter Don't Give Me No Goose For Christmas, Santa
B2 –Angelina He Forgot His Rubbers
B3 –Miss Dee Hey Mister Ice Man!
B4 –Miss Dee Things Are Soft For Grandma
B5 –Fay Richmond Tony's Got Hot Nuts

понедельник, 18 марта 2019 г.

Mouth & MacNeal ‎– I See A Star

 I See A Star (Ik Zie Een Ster) 2:55
Hello-A 4:00
Minnie, Minnie 3:45
Battering Ram 3:17
How Do You Do? 4:05
Hey, You Love 3:35
Ah, L'Amore 3:15
My Friend 2:39
You-Kou-LA-Le-Loupi 3:42
Do You Wanna Do It 3:58
Sing Along 3:50
Juke Box 3:15
Dutch duo, consisted of Sjoukje Smit and Willem Duyn. Formed in 1971 by producer Hans van Hemert. After a string of hits in Europe and USA, they participate in the Eurovision Songcontest in 1974. They became third with "Ik zie een ster". But, later on in 1974, they decided to split after a lot of arguments. Willem Duyn proceeded as a duo with Ingrid Kup under the name of Big Mouth & Little Eve. Sjoukje Smit started up a succesful solo career as Maggie MacNeal. Willem Duyn died in 2004.

воскресенье, 17 марта 2019 г.

Jens Brenke ‎– Heute Nacht Im Nachtlokal

A1 Lieber Mal Heulen
A2 Manövertragödie
A3 Höchste Eisenbahn
A4 Lebenshilfe
A5 Funny Hill
A6 Monolog In Der Badewanne
B1 Jenseitslied
B2 Mr. Buster
B3 Strandcafé
B4 Verdieners Klage
B5 Das Stillvergnügte Streichquartett
B6 Junger Mann 5 Uhr Morgens
B7 Wenn Es Draußen Dunkel Ist
Jens Brenke
German cabaret artist, died 16 June 1988 in Hanover, Germany.

суббота, 16 марта 2019 г.

Various ‎– Hot Pepper

A1–Angelina -I'm A Virgin, But I'm On The Verge
A2–Angelina -All The Girls Like Big Dick
A3–Saul T. Peter-OOoo Have I Got Hot Nuts For You
A4–Saul T. Peter-She Likes To Lick, Lick, Lick
A5–Faye Richmonde-You Ought To See Her Box
A6–Faye Richmonde-It Was Hard When I Kissed Her Goodbye
B1–Nancy Steele -Quit Your Feelin' Around
B2–Faye Richmonde-My Pussy Belongs To Daddy
B3–Faye Richmonde-Tony's Got Hot Nuts
B4–Miss Dee -It's What's Up Front That Counts
B5–Miss Dee -Oh! What A Jock!
B6–Faye Richmonde-She's Nine Months Gone From Home


воскресенье, 10 марта 2019 г.

Various ‎– Vintage Children's Favourites

1–Charles Penrose The Laughing Policeman 2:38
2–Frank Crumit The Prune Song 3:17
3–Layton & Johnstone The Wedding Of The Painted Doll 2:44
4–Frank Luther  & Carson Robison Barnacle Bill The Sailor 3:13
5–Vernon Dalhart The Runaway Train 3:11
6–Henry Hall The Teddy Bear's Picnic 2:52
7–Henry Hall Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf 2:42
8–Harold Williams Grandfather's Clock 3:17
9–Billy Costello I'm Popeye The Sailorman 2:28
10–The Hill Billies Ragtime Cowboy Joe 2:51
11–Stuart Robertson The Owl And The Pussycat 2:08
12–The Seven Dwarfs Heigh-Ho 2:44
13–The Ovaltineys & Monte Rey Balloons 2:41
14–Gracie Fields The Dickie Bird Hop 2:37
15–Arthur Askey The Bee Song 2:39
16–Maurice Denham Three Little Fishes 3:15
17–The Ken Darby Singers We're Off To See The Wizard 2:33
18–Flanagan & Allen Run, Rabbit, Run 2:43
19–Ann Stephens Christopher Robin At Buckingham Palace 2:25
20–Bing Crosby Swinging On A Star 2:29
21–Danny Kaye  & The Andrews Sisters The Woody Woodpecker Song 2:10
22–Phil Harris The Thing 2:14
23–Danny Kaye Tubby The Tuba 8:52
24–Paul Robeson Little Man, You've Had A Busy Day 3:12
25–Vera Lynn Goodnight, Children, Everywhere 3:12

25 original mono recordings from 1926-1950


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Ako Midorikawa

 酔いどれ女の流れ歌  2007

1 酔いどれ女の流れ歌 3:03
2 女のブルース 2:56
3 ふたたび夢は夜ひらく 3:08
4 命かれても 3:02
5 カスバの女 3:31
6 新宿ブルース 2:58
7 波止場女のブルース 2:59
8 女の意地 2:46
9 新宿の女 3:18
10 星の流れに 2:35
11 裏町番外地 2:56
12 新宿仁義 3:04

Originally released in 1970 on Columbia Records.

カスバの女 2007

1 カスバの女
2 ふうてんブルース
3 夢は夜ひらく
4 星降る夜のブルース
5 女の恋は夜の花
6 女の運命
7 惜別のブルース
8 私の涙は赤いバラ
9 ブルースをやって
10 つめたい夜のブルース
11 あなたは命
12 東京エレジー
13 面影のブルース
14 死ぬまで愛して
CD reissue on Bridge-Inc. of 1967 album release on Crown.

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Harry Waters Band ‎

1 Blues In G
2 Jumping
3 Petersons Bounce
4 Juggeling For Beginners
5 Scholars Mate
6 Rum And Coca Cola
7 Blues In F
8 Garden Party
9 Spring Stepping
10 Alligators Funeral
Bonus Track
11 Jarrets Dream

Acoustic Guitar – Chester Kamen (tracks: 11)
Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet – Alan Barnes (tracks: 1-10)
Double Bass – Neville Malcolm (tracks: 11), Yaron Stavi (tracks: 1-10)
Drums – Seb Rochford
Engineer – Philip Bagnall
Piano – Harry Waters
Tenor Saxophone – Ian Ritchie
Trumpet – Quentin Collins
Vibraphone – Roger Beaujolais (tracks: 1-10)
Written By – Harry Waters  (tracks: 1-5,7-11), Lionel Belasco (tracks: 6
Born 16 November 1976, son to Roger Waters & Lady Carolyne Anne Christie, he's also India Waters's brother.
He is first to be heard at the age of 2 in the original recording of "Goodbye Blue Sky" from the famous Pink Floyd's album The Wall. Before the music starts, the song opens with him saying "Look, mummy, there's an aeroplane up in the sky".

Harry is also a British piano and Hammond organ player who has played keyboards with his father's touring band on the In The Flesh tour since 2002. In 2004, he toured with Marianne Faithfull and the Ozric Tentacles. Some demos of his jazz work in collaboration with saxophonist Ian Ritchie (also playing for Roger Waters) are available from his father's website. The formation was called the Harry Waters Quartet.

In November 2008 the first Harry Waters Band self-titled album was released.

четверг, 7 марта 2019 г.

Various ‎– Deep Note 2002

1 –Unknown Artist Bedtime Bongos (From Maui Wowie)
2 –Unknown Artist Science Comes First
3 –Unknown Artist Lydia's Trip (From Orgasmatron 75)
4 –Unknown Artist The Stripper
5 –Unknown Artist Home Alone (From The Diary Of A Horny Housewife)
6 –Unknown Artist Love Dance (From Bang A Gong)
7 –Unknown Artist Help!
8 –Unknown Artist Dialogue (From Orgasmatron 75)
9 –Unknown Artist Beards (From Keep On Truckin')
10 –Unknown Artist Dale's Theme (From Witchy Woman)
11 –Unknown Artist Nevada Truck Stop (From Keep On Truckin')
12 –Unknown Artist The Girl Next Door (From The Diary Of A Horny Housewife)
13 –Unknown Artist Opening Scene (From Knights In White Satin)
14 –Unknown Artist The Hippy
15 –Unknown Artist Thessa's Theme (From Amsterdam Weekend)
16 –Unknown Artist Liberated Ladies
17 –Unknown Artist My Cousin Hanne (From Copenhagen Cupcakes)
18 –Unknown Artist Frolic With Flipper
19 –Unknown Artist Patrick's Theme (From New Rose In Paris)
20 –Unknown Artist Psychedelic Orgy (From The X-orcist)
21 –Unknown Artist Dialogue #2 (From Orgasmatron 75)
22 –Unknown Artist Boob Tube (From Orgasmatron 75)
23 –Unknown Artist The Swingers (From The Diary Of A Horny Housewife)
24 –Unknown Artist Robots Rule (From Plan 69 From Outer Space)
25 –Unknown Artist Pineapple (From Maui Wowie)
26 –Unknown Artist Auntie's Panties
27 –Unknown Artist Delicious Gams
28 –Unknown Artist Good To The Last Drop (From Tender Loins)
29 –Unknown Artist Wanda's Theme (From Soul Sisters)
30 –Unknown Artist Smokin' In The Boys Room
31 –Unknown Artist On The Prowl (From Soul Sisters)
32 –Unknown Artist What Sign Are You?
33 –Unknown Artist Romantic Overture (From New Rose In Paris)
34 –Unknown Artist Love Theme (From Life On Uranus)
35 –Unknown Artist I Think I'm In Love!
36 –Unknown Artist The Rent Collector
37 –Unknown Artist A Quickie
38 –Unknown Artist Dialogue (From Bored Housewifes 2)
39 –Unknown Artist Afternoon Delight (From The Diary Of A Horny Housewife)
40 –Unknown Artist Save The Whales (From Make Love Not War)

среда, 6 марта 2019 г.

Various ‎– Inside Deep Note 2 2005

1 Theme From Sweet & Sticky
2 Cruisin' Downtown
3 Dialogue From Door To Door Daddy
4 Can't Get Enough (Of That Stuff)
5 Motion Lotion
6 Walter's Revenge From If It Feels Good Do It
7 Rollerblade Escapade From Jailbait
8 "Hello Miss Martin" From Under The Bleachers
9 Nightclub Theme From The Devil Made Me Do It
10 Bedtime For Busty
11 "Smart Mouth Kid" From Under The Bleachers
12 Gabi's Theme Dagmar Zeigt's Euch
13 Clavinet Love Suite From Clackers
14 Romantic Interlude From Emanuelle's First Time
15 California Creamin'
16 Roscoe's Theme From Big Black And Beautiful
17 Ten-Four, Good Buddy!
18 Dr. Freud's Advice
19 The Big Bedtime Bear A.K.A. Can't Stop Those Drums
20 Back Up To Bumber Boogie
21 Night Driving Scene From The Thrills Is On
22 Eurodisco Affair From Liebe Auf Den Ersten Schluck
23 What You See Is What You Get, Honey
24 Das Einzige Was Dazwischenkommt Ist Ein Glas Champagner
Inside Deep Note Music Of The 1970's Adult Cinema 2.
When my partner and I started digging through the archives of the adult film industry searching for music from the golden age of adult cinema (the late Sixties until the widespread change from film to video tape around 1980). We were surprised to discover how little information we could find about the producers, composers, and musicians that created the soundtracks for theses features. In this age of blogs, obsessive online discographies, and infinite at-hand minutiae, it is hard to imagine that there were virtually no records kept of this information. Why is this so? Simple. It wasn't important. In fact, most of the soundtrack composers, when they were credited, used an assumed "nom de porn". They made this music to pay the rent, not to advance their careers. It was no feather in one's cap in those days to be associated with adult movies.
Many famous musicians, whether on the way up or on the way down, made ends meet by creating music for the emerging adult film industry. Artists as diverse as Frank Zappa, Michael Bloomfield, Rupert Holmes and countless others made extra bread producing, composing or performing as sidemen on adult movie soundtrack sessions.
My partner and I have gotten many e-mail asking us why there isn't more information about the music in the first two Deep Note volumes. I hope you are beginning to see why. When we get acces to a new library of soundtrack masters, the tape boxes usually don't even bear the name of the film for which the music was composed. Many times the composer recorded the soundtrack having never seen the film, been instructed to provide so many minutes of each different mood needed. The result being edited and looped together with the movie later.
We've uncovered several new libraries for this volume (both American and European) and baked countless hours of analog tape (the magnetic oxide layer of recording tape tends to flake off after many years: baking it in the oven stops the process), picking the best and digitizing it for Inside Deep Note 2. We hope you enjoy!
Gorm Pedersen June 2005. Produced and Compiled by Gorm Pedersen and Torben Madsen e-mail: OST_Records@hotmail.com
O.S.T Grammofonpladen A/S. Størgade 10 København, Danmark.
Text on CD: Dress her up and let her serve. Dress her down and keep her home.
DVD has full printed text from various magazine advetisements on it!

вторник, 5 марта 2019 г.

Various ‎– Inside Deep Note 2003

1 –Unknown Artist Greg's Groove Thing
2 –Unknown Artist A Woman's Point Of View
3 –Unknown Artist Fuzzy Navel
4 –Unknown Artist Slip It In
5 –Unknown Artist Dialogue (From "How's My Little Girl?")
6 –Unknown Artist Leticia's Theme (From "Soul Sisters")
7 –Unknown Artist Exchange Glances
8 –Unknown Artist At The Therapist
9 –Unknown Artist Theme (From "A Thousand And One Knights")
10 –Unknown Artist Big Bad Wolf
11 –Unknown Artist Coconuts
12 –Unknown Artist Hebrew National Salami
13 –Unknown Artist Neighborhood Toys
14 –Unknown Artist Dialogue (From "The Manimal")
15 –Unknown Artist Pimp Fight
16 –Unknown Artist Sex On The Beach
17 –Unknown Artist Sleeping With Erik
18 –Unknown Artist I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing
19 –Unknown Artist Wet 'N' Wild
20 –Unknown Artist The Doctor's In
21 –Unknown Artist School's Out
22 –Unknown Artist Love Theme (From "Sir Lancealot")
23 –Unknown Artist I Dig Your Vibe
24 –Unknown Artist It's All For You
25 –Unknown Artist Portobello Surprise (From "Brighton Beach Bunnies")
26 –Unknown Artist Four Wheelin' Meat Movers
27 –Unknown Artist My Wife, I Think I'll Keep Her
28 –Unknown Artist Opening Scene (From "Dial-A-Date")
29 –Unknown Artist Bodacious Bongos
30 –Unknown Artist You Bastard
31 –Unknown Artist Rubber Balls And Liquor
32 –Unknown Artist Please Be Gentle!
33 –Unknown Artist Hot Buttered Buns (From "The Manimal")
34 –Unknown Artist Mrs. Cream Jeans
35 –Unknown Artist When The Curtain Falls

понедельник, 4 марта 2019 г.

Various ‎– Nymphomania, Vol.III 2000

1–Soul Organ-Isation Ode To Billy Joe
2–Andre Brasseur Pow-Pow
3–Ray Franklin Orch. Mercy
4–Klaus Doldinger Coming Home Baby
5–Antoine Tu Nu Devant Ta Glace
6–Les Charlottes Necro-Bossa
7–Les Blackburds Absolument Hyde Park
8–Ambros Seelos Swingle Beat
9–Hugo Strasser Black Night
10–Les Blackburds The 'In' Crowd
11–Hugo Strasser Indian Reservation
12–Ambros Seelos Cap Kennedy Beat
13–Klaus Doldinger Negresco
14–Pussy Cat Mais Pourquoi
15–Andre Brasseur Special 230
16–I Marc 4 Peroche

воскресенье, 3 марта 2019 г.

Various – Nymphomania, Vol.II 1999

1–Gus Brendel Group Take A Shake
2–Antoine Ma Ceinture de Securite
3–Andre Brasseur Funky
4–The Nilsmen Le Winston
5–Ambros Seelos Midnight Dance
6–Rita Sexology
7–Charly Steinham Shakemaster
8–Orchester Lou Castell Dear Lover
9–Sophie Daumier Femme Femme
10–The Monaco Danceband Something Different
11–Orchester Hugo Strasser Black Magic Woman
12–Adi Zehnpfennig  Apache
13–The Samoa Serenaders Pagan Love Song
14–Augusto Martelli Beryl's Tune
15–Orchester Werner Muller Sex Machine
More sexy European go go music from the 60s.

суббота, 2 марта 2019 г.

Nymphomania Vol.1 -A Collection Of Sexy European Gogo Music from the 60's 1998

1–Orchester Lou Castell Lovebug
2–Klaus Und Uschi Young Stud
3–The Monaco Danceband Snake In The Grass
4–Carlo Montez Gogomobil
5–Alfredo Luna Theme From "Claudine '69"
6–Orchester Lou Castell Mini Skirt
7–Juliette LeBlanc Theme From "Nights Of Sin"
8–Antoine Je Resterai Ton Amour
9–Carlo Montez Theme From "Danger In Go Go Boots"
10–Hammond Brothers Green Light
11–Pedro Fumetti Drag De Marquis De Sade
12–Pascal Danel Je M'en Fous
13–Juliette LeBlanc Pink Carpet
14–Adi Zehnpfennig Geisterreiter
15–Unknown Artist Mädchen Die Sich Selbst Bedienen

Romeo Lahoud- Dark Eyes And Oriental Moods

A1. Ala Bali
A2. Ala Toul
A3.Ya Mit Massa
A4. Tcharrafna
B1. Fayek Lam Kinna
B2. Sarli Tlat Ayam
B3. A'ankoud El Helou
B4. Dabke Nouerieh
Romeo Lahoud