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Zebedy Colt ‎– I'll Sing For You

The Man I Love
I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guy
A Sleepin' Bee
Love For Sale
A New Year, A New Love
Lush Life
The Day To Say Goodbye
Finally we have the rare bird, "I'LL SING FOR YOU" by Zebedy Colt released in 1970.
Recorded with the London Philharmonic, this is a surprisingly GOOD record. Colt had a
gentle, resounding voice and a relaxed style that lends itself well to these standards.
The thing that makes this queer (no pun intended) is the man behind the record.

Edward Earle Marsh aka Zebedy was a flamboyant homosexual and gay cabaret singer of
some note. He also had some meaty roles on Broadway and composed film music including
scores for classics like "THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH". Colt also happened to be an
infamous porn actor, producer, director! This crazy dichotomy is just a hint of the
fascinating character that was Zebedy Colt. Check out some of his notorious porn efforts
for a real eye-opening experience. As an actor he often played seriously deranged
characters who loved to humiliate the female depositories of his ahem, method.
His directorial efforts were even more surreal starting with the
disturbing "THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER" wherein a group of criminals have their way with the
titular characters. Most notably it starred everyone's favorite suicidal satirist
Spalding Gray! who doesn't hesitate to join in on the misogynistic XXX proceedings!
Thus listening to Colt's dulcet tones on this record is kinda disturbing given his
other endeavours.

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Ada Falcon-Yo No Se Que Me Han Hecho Tus Ojos

1 - envidia
2 - tengo miedo
3 - vivire con tu recuerdo
4 - donde estas corazon
5 - ilusion marina
6 - yira, yira
7 - madreselva
8 - en la palmera
9 - alma de bohemio
10 - yo no se que me han hecho tus ojos
11 - lo que nunca te diran
12 - no mientas

Ada Falcon (17 August 1905 – January 4, 2002) was an Argentine tango dancer, singer and film actress of the 1920s and 1930s. She starred in the film Idolos de la radio in 1934. She was famous for her tango work and made over 200 recordings in the 1920s and 1930s. She shared a long relationship with orchestra leader Francisco Canaro. She mysteriously disappeared from the limelight in 1942 and lived as a recluse until she died in 2002 at age 96.
Falcon was born in Buenos Aires in 1905. She started acting in theatre as a little girl of only 11 years old. She was known as "la Joyita Argentina" (the Little Argentinian Jewel). At age 13, she appeared in her first movie, El festin de los Caranchos , during the year of 1918.
As a singer, she worked in musical shows and as an actress in theatre and moving pictures. In 1925, she made her first tango recordings as a soloist with Osvaldo Fresedo's orchestra, for Victor Records.

Falcon was a mezzo-soprano, an unusual register at that times for female tango singers, most of whom were sopranos.

Falcon reached national and international fame while singing with the orchestra of Francisco Canaro. Between 1930 and 1942 she was at the peak of her artistic life: she recorded more than 200 songs, and became a wealthy artist.

During her years of popularity, Falcon enjoyed luxury items like furs, expensive jewelry and powerful automobiles. She lived in a three story townhouse in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo.

She had a turbulent romantic relationship of ten years with Francisco Canaro, who was a married man at the time. Canaro refused to divorce his wife.

In 1942 Falcon suddenly withdrew from public life and remained isolated in her house, avoiding contact with the outside world. She occasionally left the house to go to mass dressed entirely in black, her face covered by a net or by sunglasses, wearing a white turban and white gloves.

The cause of this withdrawal is a mystery; she never talked about it. Speculation that love disappointments with Canaro could have been an important element was never confirmed.

After a while she became a "tertiary nun" and entered an isolated convent in the hills of Cordoba Province. There she lived as a pauper by her own choice, in a small cell with little furniture and frugal meals, until she was transferred at an advanced age to a retirement home due to failing health.

She died in 2002 and is buried in the mausoleum dedicated to famous artists in Chacarita Cemetery in Buenos Aires.

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Andrea Carroll - Singles - A's and B's

1. Young And Lonely
2. I’ve Got A Date With Frankie
3. Please Don’t Talk To The Lifeguard
4. Room Of Memories
5. Gee Dad
6. The Charm On My Arm
7. Fifteen Shades Of Pink
8. Miss Happiness
9. It Hurts To Be Sixteen
10. Why Am I So Shy
11. The Doolang
12. This Time Tomorrow [Stereo Mix]
13. Sally Fool
14. Mr. Music Man
15. The World Isn’t Big Enough
16. She Gets Everything She Wants
17. Hey, Beach Boy
18. Why Should We Take The Easy Way Out

Bonus Tracks:
19. Play Me A Sad Song
20. That Boy I Used To Know
21. When People Are Around
22. Only My Friend
23. This Time Tomorrow [Demo]
People throw around the phrase "one-hit wonder," but most of the time it doesn't quite apply to the artists who get branded with it. The Shocking Blue, for example, pop up on various "one-hit" lists, yet they had two other Hot 100 hits besides their #1 smash "Venus." Similarly, the Lemon Pipers made the Hot 100 twice beyond "Green Tambourine." A-Ha also had two more hits besides "Take On Me" in the 1980s.
But '60s-era teen singer Andrea Carroll is an artist who truly deserves her one-hit wonder status. The Cleveland native, who was born Andrea Lee DeCapite, placed only a single Top 100 hit in her five-year recording career. But it's an unforgettable one. "It Hurts To Be Sixteen" is a jangly, bittersweet girl group-styled number that's mighty catchy. The song, in which a young girl laments being too old for kid stuff but not quite old enough for dating, got to #45 in the summer of 1963 (see the Billboard Hot 100 book entry above -- click for larger size).

Since Carroll has since gone on to earn a Ph.D. and become Dr. Andrea Hill, I'm sure being known as a one-hit wonder isn't too bad a thing for her. I personally wouldn't complain. Plus, her hit was allegedly penned by Neil Sedaka under the pseudonym "Ronnie Grossman." With this tune, Sedaka (or Grossman) tapped into a theme that looked ahead to other, less innocent coming-of-age songs like Alice Cooper's "I'm Eighteen" and Britney Spears' "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman."

Had "Sixteen" been a bigger hit for Carroll, she might have been able to score another one on its coattails. But Carroll's "It Hurts To Be Sixteen" stalled out before it hit the Top 40 and the reason for that is probably because a competing version was released by a fellow teen singer named Barbara Chandler. That version hit the pop charts exactly a week after Carroll's record made its chart debut (see graphic above). Chandler was herself a one-hit wonder who only managed to get to #114 on the Bubbling Under chart with a more upbeat version of "It Hurts To Be Sixteen." But that was probably enough to cause Carroll's single lose chart momentum.

Which is a shame, because Carroll's version is by far the superior one. It's hard to imagine a more natural marriage of singer and song. Carroll gets "inside" the lyric and comes off as believably wistful, hurt, and even a bit pouty. She gets the point across so well, in fact, that even if you're years beyond sweet sixteen, you're likely to relate to the song because it's the emotion, not the details, that Carroll puts across. This is a hallmark of a great singer.

Unfortunately, Carroll's distinctive vocal style didn't result in much success, and she never released an album. But she did cut a bunch of other great single sides. These songs have not been served particularly well by the (bootleg) CD collection that's been circulating for the past decade or so. It's great that someone took the time to put that set together, but not so great that the sound quality ranges from below average to very poor.

This collection is my attempt to remedy that. It presents Carroll's first nine singles in chronological order with above-average-to-excellent sound and at the correct speeds. From 1961 to 1966, she recorded for four labels: Epic, Bigtop, RCA Victor, and United Artists and info on each record is in the track tags. For bonus tracks, I also included five other recordings she made (although it's questionable whether one of them is actually her).

More than 50 years on, it's clear that not all of Carroll's singles were chart-worthy. That especially goes for some of the boilerplate plate pre-Beatles-era ballads she recorded. She also cut the original "Please Don't Talk To The Lifeguard" which was made into a hit two years later by Diane Ray who did a better version. But some of Carroll's records are excellent and there are at least three that I'd call genuine under-the-radar classics.

First and foremost among these is "The Doolang," a song about a would-be dance craze that was written by Neil Sedaka's lyricist Howard Greenfield and Helen Miller ("Don't Say You Don't Remember"). It's got a rockin' beat, a sassy lead vocal, and a gritty sax solo. It's also got an additional sax solo on its fade out and I think that if they'd repeated the opening line in that space, they'd have had a much more commercial record. But that's just me.

To my ears, the standout track is "Gee Dad," which has to be one of the weirdest tunes in pop music history -- and I'm saying this as someone who owns virtually everything Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart ever recorded. The lyric of "Gee Dad" is sung almost entirely in a hilarious parody of the "teen lingo" of the early '60s that adults used to complain about. It's in the vein of the ridiculous "Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)," but the songwriters go so over-the-top with it that it almost sounds like Carroll is singing in a different language. In short, it's nearly incomprehensible, which makes it even funnier.

They even included a "glossary" on the picture sleeve (at right). The use of the word "gassy" on that sleeve and the fact that this was on Bigtop Records makes me think it's somehow connected to another silly Bigtop release, Mad Magazine's Mad Twists Rock'N'Roll album from 1962. Carroll, to her credit, breezes through the wacky lyric and the disc definitely rocks. But it was probably too "out there" for DJs who hadn't yet heard "Wowie Zowie" or "Abba Zaba." Still, it's an undiscovered gem that should be heard by any fan of '60s music.

Way, way, way over on the other side of the musical spectrum is "The World Isn't Big Enough," a melancholy ballad with sociopolitical overtones that songwriters Bernice Ross and Lor Crane might not have intended. The duo, who co-wrote "Don't Just Stand There" for Patty Duke and "White On White" for Danny Williams, came up with a melody and lyric that sure sounds hit-worthy when you listen casually. But radio stations have to listen closely to lyrics and this one starts out with a couplet that insinuates the teenage singer might be pregnant, which was a definite no-no for 1966: "They're sending me away/they say our love won't stand the test of time/you by now they'd know/that out of sight's not always out of mind." .

Granted, the song doesn't come out and say that. But sending unwed teenage mothers to far away towns is exactly what parents did back in those days, so the idea is implicit. And also, what type of parents -- then or now -- would make their teenage daughter actually up and leave merely because they didn't approve of her boyfriend? Think about that: A few dates with the high school hood and it's time to turn the entire family upside down by giving li'l Andrea on a ticket to ride. That'll teach her!

Whatever the writers intended, this lyric couldn't have endeared Carroll to radio program directors in 1966. But it does make for a great tune. And it has a first-rate lead vocal. Carroll shows here that she had both range and skill and that she could handle adult ballads as well as she sang teenybopper fare.

This collection also concludes with five bonus tracks, all of which need some 'splaining.

The first two, "Play Me A Sad Song" and "That Boy I Used To Know" were recorded in '63 but not released until ten years later when they appeared on a super-obscure album by Carroll and girl group/demo singer Beverly Warren called Side By Side. The latter title was misprinted on label as "The Boy I Used To Know."

"When People Are Around" was the A-Side to Carroll's final single for United Artists (UA 50062). This 45 is so rare that it doesn't show up in either the Discogs.com or 45Cat discographies. But it's mentioned on several Web pages. If anyone has a copy, please get in touch because I don't have the B-Side, "Winter In My Heart," and would like to add it to this collection. (While I'm asking for things, I'm also looking for the original mono 45 mix of "This Time Tomorrow." All I have is the later stereo one that circulates.)

"Only My Friend" is a track that went unreleased in its day but turned up on YouTube decades later. The song was also released by the Chiffons as the B-Side to "A Love So Fine" in 1963 but unlike "Only My Friend," it uses a completely different backing track. Finally, this set concludes with the demo version of "This Time Tomorrow." It doesn't sound like it features Carroll on vocals, but I included it anyway just because.

We'll conclude this post with some words about teens and psychology, since Carroll is probably the only former teen singer to hold a Ph.D. in that field.

Recently, USA Today reported on a new study conducted by San Diego State University psychology professor Jean Twenge about how today's teens are taking longer to grow. Twenge also penned a book, "iGen," which looks deeper into the concept of "18 being the new 15" and the societal ramifications of that.

What makes this relevant for Carroll -- or Dr. Hill, as she's now known -- is that the theme of "It Hurts To Be Sixteen" has now come full circle. In the early '60s, its lyric about being allowed to date as a teenager clearly resonated with the public. But by the time of the "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" generation came of age in the '80s, the song seemed laughably quaint and old-fashioned.

Well, everything old is new again, as they say. And according to Twenge, teens are now putting off both dating and sex until they're older.

Some of this is due to the "helicopter parents" of today who got that nickname because they're always hovering around their kids' lives. The idea of parents being more than a little involved with their teenage children was something that would have been a complete embarrassment to teens from the "Ferris Bueller" era.

Back then, my folks had no friggin idea what I was up to when they'd leave me home alone and go on trips to New York and Florida. Actually, that's not quite true. They had a pretty good idea because they'd always warn me to "use protection!" when they left me and my girlfriend to engage in more teenage sex and nudity than John Hughes could have ever imagined.

But today's teens, it seems, don't live lives ripped from the scripts of "Risky Business" or "Fast Times." So maybe, somewhere, there's a teenage girl bemoaning her folks' ban on dating and finding a reflection of her life when she Googles her troubles and the half-century-old "It Hurts To Be Sixteen" comes up as a search result. If the song doesn't ease her mind, perhaps Dr. Hill might be able to help -- since she's definitely familiar with that whole scenario.

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Ada Lee ‎– Comes On!

A1.Something Missing (Gilbert Bécaud, Jack Fishman, Louis Amade)
A2.Night In Tunisia
Written-By – Dizzy Gillespie, Frank Paparelli, Jon Hendricks
A3.Romance In The Dark
Written-By – Lil Green
A4.G'Wan Train
Written-By – Ada Lee, Patti Bowen
A5.I'll Never Smile Again
Written-By – Ruth Lowe
A6.It's A Pity To Say Goodnight
Written-By – Billy Reid
B1.I Wish You Love
Written-By – Albert A. Beach, Charles Trenet
B2.If You Go
Written-By – Geoffrey Parsons, Michel Emer
B3.Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
Written-By – Allan Roberts, Doris Fisher
B4.Rain Is Such A Lonesome Sound
Written-By – Jimmy Witherspoon, Rachel Witherspoon
Written-By – Al Hoffman, John Klenner
Written-By – Don Raye, Louis Ferrari


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Various ‎– The Fabulous Irish Showbands

1-1–Pat Lynch , The Airchords Walking On New Grass
1-2–Gregory & The Cadets Girl Of My Dreams
1-3–Tony & The Graduates Kelly
1-4–Brendan Bowyer & The Royal Showband Boulavogue
1-5–Sean Dunphy & The Hoedowners I'm Gonna Change Everything
1-6–Dickie Rock, The Miami Showband Mairzy Doats And Dozy Doats
1-7–Jack Ruane Showband Creole Jazz
1-8–Butch Moore, The Capitol Showband Spanish Eyes
1-9–Eileen Reid & The Cadets, The Royal Showband Mama Don't Cry At My Wedding
1-10–Tom Dunphy, The Royal Showband My Wild Irish Rose
1-11–Dermot O'Brien And His Clubmen North To Alaska
1-12–Sean Fagan, The Pacific Showband Stand Beside Me
1-13–Joe Dolan & The Drifters Showband Saturday night At The Movie
1-14–Brendan O'Brien , The Dixies In Person
1-15–Gerry & The Ohio Among The Wicklow hills
1-16–The Indians Apache
1-17–Margo & The Keynotes Dear God
1-18–Shay O'Hara, The Royal Blues Croce D'Oro
1-19 –Brendan Hutchinson And The Navak 42 In Chicago
1-20–Big Johnny & The Maurice Lynch Showband Biddy Reilly
2-1–Dickie Rock, The Miami Showband Uncle Tristram's Moonship
2-2–Brendan O'Brien , The Dixies Dream Lover
2-3–Pat Lynch , The Airchords Worry
2-4–The Capitol Showband Brahm's Lullaby
2-5–Charlie Matthews, The Royal Showband Both Sides Now
2-6–Peter Cowan & The Hiltons When The Snow Is On The Roses
2-7–Brendan, Jimmy & The Cadets Looking Back To See
2-8–Tony & The Graduates Just My Baby And Me
2-9–Kelley  & The Nevada I Love Only You
2-10–Jack Ruane Showband The River May
2-11–Sean Dunphy & The Hoedowners 4033
2-12–Joe McCarthy & The Dixies One Of The Old Reserve
2-13–Will Ahearn & The Arrivals She's About A Mover
2-14–Ian Corrigon & The Casino In The Middle Of Nowhere
2-15–Earl Gill , The Hoedowners Sunset
2-16–Pat Hanrahan , The Nomads Laugh Sheelin
2-17–Dawn Knight, The Casuals tra Le La Le La Triangle
2-18–Sonny Knowles, The Pacific Showband When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano
2-19–Tom Dunphy, The Royal Showband Never oing Back To Nashville
2-20–Dickie Rock, The Miami Showband One By One

3-1–Doc Carroll And The Royal Blues There Goes My Heart Again
3-2–Butch Moore The Incredible Miss Brown
3-3–Murty Quinn, The Miami Showband There Goes My Everything
3-4–Brendan O'Brien, The Dixies Ebony Eyes
3-5–The Capitol Showband Bould O'Donaghue
3-6–Emmett Wynne, The Airchords Limbo Rock
3-7–Sean Dunphy & The Hoedowners Talking Love
3-8–Gerry Black & The Finnegans An Exile's Dream
3-9–Sean Fagan, The Pacific Showband Photograph To The wall
3-10–Gerry & The Ohio Dark Circles
3-11–Gregory & The Cadets Best Part Of Loving You
3-12–Tina & The Mexicans Que Sera Sera
3-13–Dermot O'Brien And His Clubmen Turfman From Ardee
3-14–Tony Walsh, The Blue Aces Love Songs Of The Waterfall
3-15–Jimmy Day & The Cadets Little Rose
3-16–Don Duggan And The Savoys Under Your Spell Again
3-17–Margo & The Keynotes Through The Eyes Of A Child
3-18–Shay O'Hara, The Keynotes Two Little Boys
3-19–Brendan Bowyer & The Royal Showband Kentucky Woman
3-20–Seamus Shannon, The Drifters Showband Boola Boola
4-1–Derrick & The Sounds Power Of Love
4-2–Brendan O'Brien , The Dixies It Was Only A Heart
4-3–Danny Ellis, The Miami Showband Where Do Little Ladies Go
4-4–The Times What Made Milwaukee Famous
4-5–Sonny Knowles, The Pacific Showband Dublin Fusiliers
4-6–The Cadets Royal Garden Blues
4-7–Butch Moore, The Capitol Showband The Tender Years
4-8–Brendan Bowyer & The Royal Showband Make Me An Island
4-9–Dene Lane & The Rhythm Stars Mary I Need You
4-10–Johnny Flynn Showband Wandering Home
4-11–Muriel Day, The Dave Glover Band A Petal From A Faded Rose
4-12–Steve Lynch & The Dixies History Repeats Itself
4-13–Gerry Madigan & The Cotton Mill Boys Joey Moroney
4-14–Marco Petrassi & The Ohio Mynah Bird
4-15–Sean Dunphy & The Hoedowners Black And Tan Gun
4-16–Eileen Reid , The Cadets True Love
4-17–Pat Lynch , The Airchords Don't You Believe It
4-18–The Greenbeats La La Song
4-19–Fran O'Toole, The Miami Showband Loco Por Ti
4-20–Geno Hearne & The Footappers My Girl

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Jane Morgan

A Lover's Concerto 2:47
1-2-3 2:34
Kiss Away 2:55
Baby The Rain Must Fall 2:20
A Taste Of Honey 2:50
Queen Of The House 2:42
Yesterday 2:22
Call Me 2:45
Summer Wind 2:31
What The World Needs Now Is Love 2:14

01.Good Lovin'-2:13
02.(You're My) Soul And Inspiration-3:30
03.These Boots Are Made For Walkin'-2:27
04.Strangers In The Night-1:55
05.The Sound Of Silence-2:40
06.When A Woman Loves A Man-2:58
08.Monday, Monday-3:02
09.Message To Michael-3:08
10.Elusive Butterfly-2:22


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Gillian Hills– Vue Integrale

1-1 Pres De La Cascade
1-2 Cha Cha Stop
1-3 Si Tu Veux Que Je Te Dise
1-4 Le Paradis Pour Toi
1-5 Ma Premiere Cigarette
1-6 Cou-Couche Panier
1-7 Specialisation
1-8 Aimons-Nous
1-9 Jean-Lou
1-10 Un Petit Baiser
1-11 Ne Crois Surtout Pas
1-12 Tu Peux
1-13 Zou Bisou Bisou
1-14 Je Viens Quand Tu Veux
1-15 Allons Dans Le Bois
1-16 La Tete A L'Envers
2-1 C'est Bien Mieux Comme Ca
2-2 Je Reviens Vers Le Bonheur
2-3 Les Jolis Curs
2-4 En Dansant Le Twist
2-5 Mon C?ur Est Pret
2-6 Tu Mens
2-7 Avec Toi
2-8 Ne Ten Fais Pas
2-9 Maintenant Il Telephone
2-10 Qui A Su
2-11 Je Partirai
2-12 Oublie
2-13 C'est Le Garcon
2-14 Rien N'Est Change
2-15 Oublie, Oublie-La
2-16 Tut, Tut, Tut, Tut
2-17 Rentre Sans Moi

After releasing five EPs worth of mostly American cover versions, Gillian began composing her own songs, defying the perception of Gillian as a substandard Brigitte Bardot. "Maintenant Il Telephone," her ultimate ye-ye disc, and the beat-rocker "Oublie" demonstrate Gillian's ability to write in a variety of styles. Among the Lollipops and Zombies covers featured on her last French EP, Gillian's self-penned "Rien N'est Change" is by far the strongest. It's Gillian Hills attempting Francoise Hardy and succeeding. The track is gentle, with a distinct acoustic guitar sound and delicate vocals. Sadly, even her self-written discs sold close to nothing. Her last release, strangely enough, was for Vogue Records in England. "Look At Them" was released in 1965 and shares much in common with the folk sound of "Rien N'est Change." She sings it beautifully, yet even in the land of Beat Girl, the record was a flop. By 1966 it seemed that Gillian had given up on music and her long blonde locks. A short brown haired Gillian makes a brief appearance in Michelangelo Antonio's sixties mod movie, "Blow Up". She certainly lives up to her nymphet reputation; she and Jane Birkin are shown tearing the clothes off of their blue-eyed photographer, and engaging in the wild sex orgy that is implied before the camera cuts to another shot.

In the seventies Gillian Hills continued to play small roles in feature films, and even landed a role on a British TV mini-series called "Casanova". In Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange", Gillian's minute on screen is spent bare-naked, engaged in yet another sex scene! According to Gillian Hills experts, Micheline de Seraulx & Michel Feron, in 1975 Gillian decided it was time to stop making movies, and she moved to New York to work as an illustrator for various books and magazines. Her disappearance in the '80s prompted a rumor that she had died (suicide according to some French newspapers, or burnt alive when her apartment caught fire). However, Jukebox magazine writer Jean-William Thoury discovered, some 15 years later, that she had suffered from a very long illness, but was in good health now. Also, she was no stranger to the world of music as she married Stewart Young, the manager for the Scorpions. Though Gillian Hills had what it took to be a star, she was never able to achieve major success. From her songwriting, record releases, and film roles, she was always a minor player. But she sure was a fabulous one.

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Ofra Haza ‎– (מנגינת הלב (אוסף משיריה היפים‏ = Greatest Hits

1-1 –עפרה חזה* אמן למילים = Amen For Words
1-2 –עפרה חזה* גורל אחד = Mutual Destiny
1-3 –עפרה חזה* תפילה = Prayer
1-4 –עפרה חזה* חי = Alive (Chai)
1-5 –עפרה חזה* גבריאל = Gabriel
1-6 –עפרה חזה* שיר הפריחה = The Frecha Song
1-7 –עפרה חזה* אתה קורא לי = You Call Me
1-8 –עפרה חזה* כמו ציפור = Like A Bird
1-9 –עפרה חזה* שיר אהבה לחייל = A Love Song To A Solider3
1-10 –עפרה חזה* להמשיך לצעוד = Keep Walking
1-11 –עפרה חזה* סימנים של אוהבים = Lover's Signs
1-12 –עפרה חזה* פלאש גורדון = Flash Gordon
1-13 –עפרה חזה* מלכת הקסמים = Magic Queen
1-14 –עפרה חזה* סופר סטאר = Superstar
1-15 –עפרה חזה* יד ביד = Hand In Hand
1-16 –עפרה חזה* עזור לי = Help Me
1-17 –עפרה חזה* איתך הלילה = With You Tonight
1-18 –עפרה חזה* עם אבי טולדנו* אחרי החגים = After The Holidays
1-19 –עפרה חזה* הנערים הספנים = Sailor Boys
1-20 –עפרה חזה* עיניים = Eyes
1-21 –עפרה חזה* בלדה למלך = A Ballad For A King
1-22 –עפרה חזה* התחדשות = Revival

2-1 –עפרה חזה* אדמה = Earth
2-2 –עפרה חזה* בית חם = Home Sweet Home
2-3 –עפרה חזה* כל יום מתחילה שנה = A New Year Starts Every Day
2-4 –עפרה חזה* קיץ = Summertime
2-5 –עפרה חזה* עכשיו = Now
2-6 –עפרה חזה* כל הקלפים = All The Cards Are On The Table
2-7 –עפרה חזה* ליידי = Lady
2-8 –עפרה חזה* בוא ותגן אותי = Come And Play Me
2-9 –עפרה חזה* ארבעים = Forty
2-10 –עפרה חזה* השנה אינשאללה = This Year Inshalla
2-11 –עפרה חזה* רחמים = Rachamim
2-12 –עפרה חזה* גלבי = Galbi
2-13 –עפרה חזה* I'm Nin'alu
2-14 –עפרה חזה* Wish Me Luck
2-15 –עפרה חזה* Ya Ba Ye (Tell Me Why)
2-16 –עפרה חזה* עם איגי פופ* Daw Da Hiya
2-17 –עפרה חזה* Show Me
2-18 –עפרה חזה* Fatamorgana (Mirage)
2-19 –עפרה חזה* Shaday

3-1 –עפרה חזה* לאורך הים = Along The Sea
3-2 –עפרה חזה* לתת = Giving
3-3 –עפרה חזה* יד ענוגה = Gentle Hand
3-4 –עפרה חזה* ירושלים של זהב = Jerusalem Of Gold
3-5 –עפרה חזה* Sixth Sense
3-6 –עפרה חזה* You've Got A Friend
3-7 –עפרה חזה* הגשם = Rain
3-8 –עפרה חזה* מכתב אהבה = Love Letter
3-9 –עפרה חזה* מנגינת הלב = Melody Of The Heart
3-10 –עפרה חזה* בן פרבר = Suburban Boy
3-11 –עפרה חזה* אמרו היכן הם ידידי = Tell Me Where My Friends Are
3-12 –עפרה חזה* עם גידי גוב* לא דיברנו עוד על אהבה = Haven't Talked About Love Yet
3-13 –עפרה חזה* שביל תפות הזהב = The Golden Apple
3-14 –עפרה חזה* הכאב הזה = This Pain
3-15 –עפרה חזה* סוף הקיץ = End Of Summer
3-16 –עפרה חזה* עוד מחכה לאחד = Still Waiting For The One
3-17 –עפרה חזה* אם חקשיב לגלים = Listen To The Waves
3-18 –עפרה חזה* מישהו הולך תמיד איתי = Someone Always Walks With Me

четверг, 22 августа 2019 г.

Various ‎– Striptease (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1 –Spencer Davis Group Gimme Some Lovin'
2 –Billy Ocean Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car
3 –Blondie The Tide Is High
4 –Soul Survivors Expressway To Your Heart
5 –Booker T & The MG's Green Onions
6 –Laladin Love Child (Halaila)
7 –Chynna Phillips I Live For You
8 –Smokey Robinson & The Miracles You've Really Got A Hold On Me
9 –Billy Idol Mony Mony
10 –Prince If I Was Your Girlfriend
11 –Joan Jett And The Blackhearts I Hate Myself For Loving You
12 –Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
13 –Dean Martin Return To Me

среда, 21 августа 2019 г.

Rika Zaraï ‎– Alors Je Chante

Alors Je Chante 3:02
Trois Perles De Pluie 3:03
Douce, Douce 3:13
Un Mur A Jerusalem 2:57
Les Pommes Du Voisin 1:50
Demain Sera Demain 2:30
Casatschok 2:49
L'Oiseau Bleu 2:46
Viens Danser 2:46
La Robe A Franges 2:50
Le Pays De L'Enfance 3:05
Quel Beau Dimanche 2:21

вторник, 20 августа 2019 г.


A1 Casatschok
A2 Karobuschka - Casatschok
A3 Szeni - Casatschok
A4 Metjeliza -Casatschok
A5 Fideler - Casatschok
A6 Luna -Casatschok
B1 Kalinka - Casatschok
B2 Gitarren - Casatschok
B3 Der Enterich Im Kasten - Casatschok
B4 Gopak - Casatschok
B5 Maibock - Casatschok
B6 Schwarze - Augen - Casatschok

понедельник, 19 августа 2019 г.

Марика Балан ‎– Поёт Марика Балан

Марие Ши Мэриорарэ
Хай Майке Ла Ярмарок
Дорул Меу Ну-й Кэлэтор
Дэ Доамне Ши Омулуй
Периница (Танец)
Балада Шарпелуй
Асярэ Вынтул Бэтя
Ка Ла Бряза
Really great Moldavian etno record with superb female vocal. Some songs sounds as etno psychedelic ballads. Track B4 is fantastic instrumental ambience psych folk with Moldavian flute

Марика Георгиевна Балан (рум. Marica Bălan; 1 апреля 1936 — 21 февраля 2014) — советская и молдавская актриса театра и кино.
Родилась в бессарабском селе Дмитровка Измаильского уезда (в то время Румыния; ныне Килийский район Одесской области, Украина). В 1955—1960 годах училась в Театральном училище им. Бориса Щукина.
В 1960—1970 годах играла в Московском театре «Ромэн», а в 1970—1976 годах служила актрисой «Современник», играла роль Цыганки в спектакле «Эшелон»
В 1978 году вернулась в Молдавию. В 1977—1981 годах была актрисой Театра-студии киноактера киностудии «Молдова-фильм». В 1985—1990 годах работала актрисой театра «Лучафэрул». В 1990 году создала театр одного актёра «Моно». В кино дебютировала в 1966 году в роли Василуцы в фильме «Горькие зёрна». В 2011 году о жизни и творчестве актрисы снят документальный фильм «Марика Балан» (реж. Мирча Сурду).
В конце 1990-х годов ушла на пенсию, последние годы жила в доме престарелых в Кочиерах, где умерла 21 февраля 2014 года[

воскресенье, 18 августа 2019 г.

Поют артисты цыганского театра "Ромэн"

1. Николай Сличенко - Песня Бруно из спектакля Сломаный кнут
2. Николай Сличенко - Бида
3. Николай Сличенко - Замурдынэ
4. Зинаида Кикина - Дуй Чурья
5. Зинаида Кикина - Вано гуливано
6. Валентина Маштакова - Дохан
7. Валентина Маштакова - Не хочу
8. Валентина Маштакова - Он говорил мне
9. Марика Балан - Калитка
10. Марика Балан - Дружок
11. Марика Балан- Скрипка
12. Рада Волшанинова - Не уезжай ты, мой голубчик
13. Рада Волшанинова - Я ехала домой
14. Рада Волшанинова - Уйди,совсем уйди
15. Рада и Николай Волшаниновы - Кумушка

суббота, 17 августа 2019 г.

Die Lauser - Lauserzeit

1. Jetzt beben die Berge
2. Lauser bleib'n Lauser
3. Hoamatland
4. Lauserzeit
5. Boarisch 1, 2, 3
6. Wenn Lauser aufgeig'n
7. Alles oder nichts
8. Immer guat drauf
9. A jeder mag's wenn d' Musi spielt
10. Ich will leben mit dir
11. Marsch der Lauser
12. Volle, volle Tube
13. Nur für di'
14. Ja die madl'n

пятница, 16 августа 2019 г.

Cindy & Bert ‎– Ihre großen Erfolge

1 Immer Wieder Sonntags 3:14
2 Spaniens Gitarren 2:57
3 Aber Am Abend, Da Spielt Der Zigeuner 2:57
4 Wenn Die Rosen Erblühen In Malaga 3:08
5 Spiel Noch Einmal Für Mich Habanero 2:30
6 Addio, Mia Bella Musica 2:45
7 Ich Fand Eine Hand 3:07
8 Hallo, Herr Nachbar 3:04
9 Heute Abend Brauchst Du Sehr Viel Zärtlichkeit 3:32
10 Ich Komm Bald Wieder 2:57
11 Rot War Der Mohn 4:19
12 Wer Die Sehnsucht Kennt 3:46
13 Liebe, Wein Und Tausend Lieder 2:50
14 Geh' Die Straße 2:52
15 Komm Gib Mir Mehr 2:58
16 Die Musik Ist Schuld Daran 2:41
17 Cheerio, Fremder Wandersmann 4:33
18 Das Letzte Lied 3:05
+ 19.Der Hund Von Baskerville  ↓ 💃
Jutta Gusenburger born 26/01/1948 in Völklingen/Saarland, Germany 
Norbert Maria Berger born 12/09/1945 in Völklingen/Saarland, Germany, died 14/07/2012 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

четверг, 15 августа 2019 г.

Miss Toni Fisher ‎– The Big Hurt

Speak Of The Devil
Blue, Blue. Blue
Autumn Leaves
Love Affair
Why Can't The Dark Leave Me Alone
Gloomy Sunday
The Big Hurt
Take Me In Your Arms
Gotta Walk, Can't Sleep
What Did I Do
My Silent Love
Maybe (He'll Think Of Me)
Toni Fisher was an American pop singer best remembered for her 1959 song "The Big Hurt", written by her husband Wayne Shanklin. According to disc jockey Wink Martindale, she was billed on the record as "Miss Toni Fisher" because her voice was so powerful that the record company wanted to make certain listeners knew that a woman was performing the song. Born in 1931, Fisher died of a heart attack on February 12, 1999

среда, 14 августа 2019 г.

Ethel Azama ‎– Exotic Dreams – Martin Denny Presents The Enticing Voice Of Ethel Azama

Ringo Oiwake
Two Ladies In De Shade Of De Banana Tree
Shady Lady Bird
Lazy Afternoon
Friendly Island
Green Fire
Speak Low
Montain High, Valley Low
Happy Talk
Autumn Leaves

Born August 28, 1934 – Died March 7, 1984

American jazz and popular singer and recording artist. She sang regularly in nightclubs and other concert venues between the mid-1950's and 1984.

Started her professional career in 1955 as an emcee at the Oasis nightclub in Honolulu. In 1956, she began working as a standards singer in U.S. military clubs on Oahu such as The Cannon Club on Diamond Head. Pianist Paul Conrad usually served as her accompanist for her gigs. Conrad also wrote many of her arrangements. By 1957 she was singing at Waikiki Beach nightclubs as the opening act for headliners such as popular singer Herb Jeffries and blues singer and guitarist Josh White. With the help of bandleader Martin Denny, Azama obtained a one-album deal with Liberty Records (1957–58). She released the album Exotic Dreams in 1958, which Paul Conrad arranged, on which she sang standards, including "Speak Low" and "Autumn Leaves". She made had her singing debut on the American mainland in January 1959 when she appeared at Ye Little Club in Beverly Hills, California.

Pop singer Jimmie Rodgers attended one of her shows and persuaded Liberty Records executives to allow her to record another LP. The 1959 album, Cool Heat, consists entirely of American standards.

From 1959–60, she sang in nightclubs in Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. She also appeared in Las Vegas casinos on bills with jazz and standards singer Mel Tormé and with the jazz vocal group The Four Freshmen. In May 1960, she appeared on a national network variety special titled, Music on Ice. Azama sang several songs on the hour-long special which also featured French figure skater Jacqueline Du Bief, Japanese dancer Takeuchi Keigo, and singer-host Johnny Desmond.

She continued to sing on a regular basis in nightclubs and other public venues on Oahu until her sudden death from a cerebral aneurysm in 1984, aged 49

вторник, 13 августа 2019 г.

Various ‎– Mickey Mouse Disco

Disco Mickey Mouse
Welcome To Rio
The Greatest Band
Macho Duck
Watch Out For Goofy!
It's A Small World
Chim Chim Cher-ee


1.Si Blang Kucingku
2.Temanku Yang Jauh
3.Ayo Berolah Raga
4.Lagu Kita Semua
5.Tamasya Gembira
6.Happy Birthday
7.Pendekar Udara
8.Boneka Plastic
9.Si Ali Nakal
10.Alaikum Salam
11.Ayo Ke Bulan
Редкий альбом вышедший пожалуй только на кассете где то в туманном Сингапуре !
Неплохие кавер версии диско хитов конца 70-х

понедельник, 12 августа 2019 г.

Various ‎– Песни Российского Пролетариата

1–Оркестр Под Упр. А. В. Гаука Интернационал
Music By – Pierre Degeyter
Written-By – Eugène Pottier, Аркадий Коц
2–Камерный Хор Под Управлением Н. Корнева Варшавянка
Written-By – Wacław Święcicki, Глеб Кржижановский
3–Владимир Панкратов, Камерный Хор Под Управлением Н. Корнева Дубинушка 5:23
4–Ансамбль Песни ВРК. Худ. Руководитель А.Г. Новиков. Дир. В. Целиковский По Морям, По Волнам 1:48
5–Камерный Хор Под Управлением Н. Корнева Смело, Товарищи, В Ногу 2:04
6–Большой Хор Всесоюзного Радио Вы Жертвою Пали 4:06
7–Оркестр П / У В. Г. Соколова Наш Паровоз 2:03
8–Камерный Хор Под Управлением Н. Корнева Рабочая Марсельеза
Music By – Rouget de Lisle
Written-By – Пётр Лавров
9–The Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble По Долинам И По Взгорьям
Music By – Александр Васильевич Александров
Written-By – Петр Парфенов
10–Валентина Левко, Большой Хор Всесоюзного Радио Орлёнок
Music By – Виктор Белый
Written-By – Яков Шведов
11–Государственный Академический Русский Хор Им. А. В. Свешникова Там Вдали За Рекой 4:56
12–Борис Гмиря Раскинулось Море Широко 3:41
13–Марк Решетин, Национальный Академический Оркестр Народных Инструментов России Имени Н.П. Осипова Славное Море, Священный Байкал 3:57

воскресенье, 11 августа 2019 г.

Various ‎– In The Mood For Love (Original Soundtrack

1–Shigeru Umebayashi Yumeji's Theme 2:29
2–Tony Leung Mo-wan's Dialogue 0:09
3–Michael Galasso Angkor Wat Theme I 2:12
4–Michael Galasso ITMFL I 2:09
5–Nat King Cole Aquellos Ojos Verdes 2:12
6–Deng Bai Ying Shuang Suang Yan 2:53
7–Michael Galasso ITMFL II 1:03
8–Zhou Xuan Radio Zhou Xuan Announcement / Hua Yang De Nian Hua 3:18
9–Nat King Cole Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps) 2:45
10–Rebecca Pan Bengawan Solo 2:51
11–Michael Galasso ITMFL III 1:32
12–Tan Xin Pei Si Lang Tan Mu 0:21
13–Zhang Yun Xian And Hou Li Jun Shuang Ma Hui 1:13
14–Michael Galasso Blue 5:44
15–Zheng Jun Mian And Li Hong Hong Niang Hui Zhang Sheng 1:58
16–Nat King Cole Li-zhen's Dialogue / Te Quiero Dijiste (Magic Is The Moonlight) 2:42
17–Michael Galasso Angkor Wat Theme II 2:05
18–Chiu Wai Ping Yue Er Wan Wan Zhao Jiu Zhou 3:10
19–Michael Galasso Cassanova's Flute 2:18
20–Shigeru Umebayashi Yumeji's Theme / Li-zhen's Dialogue 2:29
21–Michael Galasso Angkor Wat Theme Finale 2:44