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Various ‎– The Fabulous Irish Showbands

1-1–Pat Lynch , The Airchords Walking On New Grass
1-2–Gregory & The Cadets Girl Of My Dreams
1-3–Tony & The Graduates Kelly
1-4–Brendan Bowyer & The Royal Showband Boulavogue
1-5–Sean Dunphy & The Hoedowners I'm Gonna Change Everything
1-6–Dickie Rock, The Miami Showband Mairzy Doats And Dozy Doats
1-7–Jack Ruane Showband Creole Jazz
1-8–Butch Moore, The Capitol Showband Spanish Eyes
1-9–Eileen Reid & The Cadets, The Royal Showband Mama Don't Cry At My Wedding
1-10–Tom Dunphy, The Royal Showband My Wild Irish Rose
1-11–Dermot O'Brien And His Clubmen North To Alaska
1-12–Sean Fagan, The Pacific Showband Stand Beside Me
1-13–Joe Dolan & The Drifters Showband Saturday night At The Movie
1-14–Brendan O'Brien , The Dixies In Person
1-15–Gerry & The Ohio Among The Wicklow hills
1-16–The Indians Apache
1-17–Margo & The Keynotes Dear God
1-18–Shay O'Hara, The Royal Blues Croce D'Oro
1-19 –Brendan Hutchinson And The Navak 42 In Chicago
1-20–Big Johnny & The Maurice Lynch Showband Biddy Reilly
2-1–Dickie Rock, The Miami Showband Uncle Tristram's Moonship
2-2–Brendan O'Brien , The Dixies Dream Lover
2-3–Pat Lynch , The Airchords Worry
2-4–The Capitol Showband Brahm's Lullaby
2-5–Charlie Matthews, The Royal Showband Both Sides Now
2-6–Peter Cowan & The Hiltons When The Snow Is On The Roses
2-7–Brendan, Jimmy & The Cadets Looking Back To See
2-8–Tony & The Graduates Just My Baby And Me
2-9–Kelley  & The Nevada I Love Only You
2-10–Jack Ruane Showband The River May
2-11–Sean Dunphy & The Hoedowners 4033
2-12–Joe McCarthy & The Dixies One Of The Old Reserve
2-13–Will Ahearn & The Arrivals She's About A Mover
2-14–Ian Corrigon & The Casino In The Middle Of Nowhere
2-15–Earl Gill , The Hoedowners Sunset
2-16–Pat Hanrahan , The Nomads Laugh Sheelin
2-17–Dawn Knight, The Casuals tra Le La Le La Triangle
2-18–Sonny Knowles, The Pacific Showband When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano
2-19–Tom Dunphy, The Royal Showband Never oing Back To Nashville
2-20–Dickie Rock, The Miami Showband One By One

3-1–Doc Carroll And The Royal Blues There Goes My Heart Again
3-2–Butch Moore The Incredible Miss Brown
3-3–Murty Quinn, The Miami Showband There Goes My Everything
3-4–Brendan O'Brien, The Dixies Ebony Eyes
3-5–The Capitol Showband Bould O'Donaghue
3-6–Emmett Wynne, The Airchords Limbo Rock
3-7–Sean Dunphy & The Hoedowners Talking Love
3-8–Gerry Black & The Finnegans An Exile's Dream
3-9–Sean Fagan, The Pacific Showband Photograph To The wall
3-10–Gerry & The Ohio Dark Circles
3-11–Gregory & The Cadets Best Part Of Loving You
3-12–Tina & The Mexicans Que Sera Sera
3-13–Dermot O'Brien And His Clubmen Turfman From Ardee
3-14–Tony Walsh, The Blue Aces Love Songs Of The Waterfall
3-15–Jimmy Day & The Cadets Little Rose
3-16–Don Duggan And The Savoys Under Your Spell Again
3-17–Margo & The Keynotes Through The Eyes Of A Child
3-18–Shay O'Hara, The Keynotes Two Little Boys
3-19–Brendan Bowyer & The Royal Showband Kentucky Woman
3-20–Seamus Shannon, The Drifters Showband Boola Boola
4-1–Derrick & The Sounds Power Of Love
4-2–Brendan O'Brien , The Dixies It Was Only A Heart
4-3–Danny Ellis, The Miami Showband Where Do Little Ladies Go
4-4–The Times What Made Milwaukee Famous
4-5–Sonny Knowles, The Pacific Showband Dublin Fusiliers
4-6–The Cadets Royal Garden Blues
4-7–Butch Moore, The Capitol Showband The Tender Years
4-8–Brendan Bowyer & The Royal Showband Make Me An Island
4-9–Dene Lane & The Rhythm Stars Mary I Need You
4-10–Johnny Flynn Showband Wandering Home
4-11–Muriel Day, The Dave Glover Band A Petal From A Faded Rose
4-12–Steve Lynch & The Dixies History Repeats Itself
4-13–Gerry Madigan & The Cotton Mill Boys Joey Moroney
4-14–Marco Petrassi & The Ohio Mynah Bird
4-15–Sean Dunphy & The Hoedowners Black And Tan Gun
4-16–Eileen Reid , The Cadets True Love
4-17–Pat Lynch , The Airchords Don't You Believe It
4-18–The Greenbeats La La Song
4-19–Fran O'Toole, The Miami Showband Loco Por Ti
4-20–Geno Hearne & The Footappers My Girl

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