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Gene & Debbe– Hear & Now 1968

Don't Try To Change Me 2:12
Give Me A Sweetheart 2:01
Playboy 2:52
Rings Of Gold 3:04
Go With Me 2:23
Truly, Truly True 2:02
Love Will Give Us Wings 1:55
I'll Come Running 2:20
Anyway You Want Me 2:50
Let It Be Me 1:59
Two Of A Kind 2:10

Gene and Debbe were a pseudo-pop/country duo hailing from Nashville, Tennessee.

Gene Thomas had some minor success in the early 1960s with the songs "Sometimes" and "Baby's Gone". After the latter he dabbled in writing music for a few years before running into aspiring crooner, Debbe Neville, (or Nevills as some sources say). In an Everly Brothers style of harmonizing, they launched a career at Acuff-Rose music, singing romantic country style pop melodies.

They were signed to a recording contract with TRX, a subsidiary of Hickory Records where they recorded their two biggest hits, "Go With Me" and "Playboy". The latter had an eventual combined sales figure of one million discs being awarded a gold record in June 1968.
After hitting the charts with "Playboy" at #18, they both faded into obscurity