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Disco Stomp 8

1-Droids-(Do You Have) The Force, Part 1  1978
2-Droids-(Do You Have) The Force, Part 2  1978
3-Maria De Rossi-Fini, F.I.N.I.I.         1980
4-Ann C. Sheridan-I Want You (She's So Heavy)1976
5-Ann C. Sheridan-I'll Be Gone            1976
6-Droids--Shanti Dance, Part 1            1978
7-Dandy Lion-If You Want To Love Me Babe (Shoobedoo)1976
8-Dandy Lion--Day Light                    1976
9-Jayne Lesley - My Isle of Wight          1981
10-Patricia Lavila-Je L'ai Dit Mille Fois (Who Do You Wanna Be ?)1979
11-Patricia Lavila-Déclaration De Paix, Déclaration D'Amour1979
12-Kwick-I Want To Dance With Me 1980
13-Monecia Lytle-Boogaloogie  1980
14-Monecia Lytle-How Do You Say Goodbye 1980
15-Les Clodettes--L'amour toujours l'amour 1976
16-Les Clodettes--Miss Disco   1976