среда, 8 марта 2017 г.

VA - The Heart of Cape Breton - Fiddle Music Recorded Live Along The Ceilidh Trail

01 Ceilidh Trail School Concert (reels) — Brenda Stubbert
— My Great Friend John Morris Rankin
— The Flax in Bloom
— A Northside Reel

02 Port Hood Arena Dance (strathspeys, reels) — Jackie Dunn MacIsaac
— Traditional Strathspey
— Stumpy
— Primrose Lass
— A Bright May Morning

03 Mabou Hall Dance (reels) — Kinnon Beaton
— New Haven Reel
— Mrs. Norman MacKeigan's Reel
— Glenquey Reel
— The High Drive Reel
— The Snappy Reel
— Miss Jane McInnes-Dandaleith

04 Broad Cove Scottish Concert (lament, strathspeys, reels) — Jerry Holland
— In Memory of Herbie MacLeod
— Christy Campbell
— Anthony Murray's
— Bridge of Bamore
— Arrochar Bridge

05 Glencoe Mills Dance (jigs) — Buddy MacMaster
— The Way to Judique
— Compliments to the Boys of the Lough
— The Canadian Club Jig
— The Hills of Glenorchy
— Walking the Floor

06 Port Hood Arena Dance (jigs, reels) — Wendy MacIsaac
— Pipe Major George Ross' Farewell to the Black Watch March
— Duke of Athole Strathspey
— Tibby Fowler of the Glen
— Traditional Strathspey
— Creignish Hills
— Sandy Cameron
— The Straw Man

07 Mabou Hall Dance 2 (jigs) — Kinnon Beaton
— Kitty of Oulart
— Traditional Jig
— Inverness Jig
— Memories of Mac
— Little House Round the Corner
— Money in Both Pockets
— The Jumpy Jig

08 Mabou Hall Ceiladh (strathspeys, reels) — Buddy MacMaster
— The Rosebud of Allenvale
— Tom Dey
— Miss Dale
— Maggie Cameron
— The Devil in the Kitchen
— The Margaree Reel
— St. Kilda Wedding
— Elizabeth's Big Coat
— Bridge of Bamore

09 Brook Village Hall Dance (strathspey, reels) — Kinnon Beaton
— Thomas MacDonnell's Strathspey
— Traditional PIpe Reel — - Mrs. Norman MacKeigan's Reel
— New Bedford Reel

10 Port Hood Arena Dance 2 (jigs) — Wendy MacIsaac
— The Short Grass Jig
— The Braes of Elchies Jig
— Capers
— Gallagher's Jig
— The Pibroch of Donald Dubh

11 Brook Village Dance 2 (reels) — Kinnon Beaton
— Michael Rankin's Reel
— Pretty Marion
— Wesley Gillis Reel
— The Marquis of Tullybardine
— The Black Cock's Will
— Colonel Thornton
— Over the Isles to America
— Johnny Muise's Reel
— Tom Rae
— Brenda Stubbert's Reel
— The Weasel

12 Ceiladh Trail School concert 2 (strathspeys, reels) — Brenda Stubbert
— Traditional Strathspey
— The Devil in the Kitchen
— Calum Crubach
— Donnacha's Favourite
— The Mortgage Burn
— Morgan MacQuarrie
— The Grey Bob
With a culture deeply influenced by 19th century Scottish emigration, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, is widely celebrated for its fiddle music. Profoundly rooted in old Scottish tradition, the music is increasingly moving to center stage in the contemporary Celtic revival, as seen in the popularity of Cape Breton fiddlers Natalie MacMaster and Ashley MacIsaac. This CD features some of the best known and most admired Cape Breton fiddlers, with piano and guitar accompaniment in the island’s distinct st

Cкрипичная музыка с острова Кэйп Бритон у побережья Канады, населённого преимущественно выходцами из Шотландии. Несмотря на удалённость этого места от цивилизации, выходцы с этого острова всегда составляли золотой фонд мирового кельтского наследия.