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Various ‎– Lounge At Cinevox

Beat Vol.1

A1 –M. Gigante & C. Bixio Il Seme Di Caino 2:46
A2 –Pignatelli - Morante - Marangolo - Simonetti Supermarket 3:12
A3 –Gianni Ferrio Milano Rhythm And Blues 3:42
A4 –Piero Umiliani 5 Bambole Per La Luna D'Agosto 2:28
B1 –Ennio Morricone Alla Luce Del Giorno 3:03
B2 –Piero Piccioni Il Dopolotta 3:00
B3 –G.B. Martelli Mood 2:56
B4 –Guido De Angelis Serata Al Night 2:36
C1 –Carlo Rustichelli Unknit 5:53
C2 –Ennio Morricone La Cosa Buffa 2:38
C3 –Giorgio Gaslini Domani Forse 1:42
C4 –C. Bixio Una Vergine Da Rubare 2:29
D1 –S. Brugnolini - L. Malatesta - C.A. Bixio Bakenda Beat 4:39
D2 –Fred Bongusto Up To Date 1:31
D3 –Carlo Savina 2968 1:47
D4 –E. Simonetti - Paolini C'era Una Volta Un Motivo 3:20

Beat Vol.2

1 4 Mosche Di Velluto Grigio (Titoli)
Written-By – Ennio Morricone
2 Ankara
Written-By – Guido e Maurizio De Angelis
3 Blue Rhythm Festival
Written-By – Piero Piccioni
4 Ortica
Written-By – E. Simonetti, Paolini, Silvestri
5 Pensando A Te
Written-By – Augusto Martelli
6 Society Rhythm & Blues
Written-By – L. Malatesta, S. Brugnolini
7 Fai Presto, Fai Presto
Written-By – Gianni Ferrio
8 Down Left
Written-By – Carlo Savina
9 Car Chase At Mergellina
Written-By – Guido e Maurizio De Angelis
10 Incompatibilità
Written-By – Gianni Ferrio
11 Quicksilver (New Edit)
Written-By – Giorgio Gaslini
12 Diamonds
Written-By – Franco Bixio
13 Unceasing
Written-By – Carlo Rustichelli
14 Piedone L'Africano
Written-By – Guido e Maurizio De Angelis
15 Crazy Sax
Written-By – Augusto Martelli
16 Break
Written-By – Franco Bixio

Lounge at Cinevox: Beat plucks a series of lounge-influenced instrumentals from the vaults of Cinevox Records, an Italian record company that has specialized in soundtracks for many decades. Lounge fanatics will be happy to know that much of the material on this disc is either previously unreleased or making its first appearance on compact disc. Much of the material presented here has a jazzy swing to it: “Bakenda Beat” layers freewheeling sax and piano solos over the throb of a tight rhythm section, and “Up to Date” is a furiously paced track that lets percolating horns take the lead over a rat-a-tat backbeat from the drummer. Other cuts pursue a psychedelic pop style: “La Cosa Buffa” is an organ showcase paced by some mellow guitar riffs, while “2968” is a positively unhinged tune that piles fuzz guitar riffs and squealing brass atop a throbbing, echo-laden drumbeat. Precious little here fits the easy listening tag, but the occasional cut gives the listener a breather: “Supermarket” is a mellow track that sets some groovy organ soloing to the rhythms of a gently funky bassline, and the elegant closer, “C’Era Una Volta Un Motivo,” juxtaposes yearning strings and peppy horns over a light jazz beat. The problem with Lounge at Cinevox: Beat is that its selections often sacrifice melodic content in favor of just creating a mood, and this might cause non-lounge fans to quickly lose interest. Despite this problem, most of the cuts keep things short and sweet (only “Unknit” overstays its welcome), and the disc maintains a solid lounge-y groove throughout. As a result, Lounge at Cinevox: Beat is a solid pick for European lounge enthusiasts.” [AllMusic]
Fine 60’s & 70’s Italian lounge music of Piero Umiliani, Carlo Savina, Augusto Martelli,Carlo Rustichelli, Giorgio Gaslini, Gianni Ferrio, Ennio Morricone… Some real cool funky fuzz & organ sound