четверг, 10 августа 2017 г.

Bingo Reyna ‎– Mi Corazon Es Una Guitarra 1969

A1 Rosa ... Rosa
A2 En La Cascada
A3 En El Vaiven
A4 Vuelvo A Naufragar
A5 Cleptomania
A6 Esta La Cosa Negra , Negra
B1 Casatschok
B2 Yo Quiero Sonar
B3 Zum Zum Zum
B4 Ven A Mi Mundo
B5 Flechitas
B6 Bonanza
Еще один позитивный !Только Аргентинец ,Rosa ... Rosa почему то напоминает песню про трех белых лошадей из киноляпа Чародеи,хотя может и ошибаюсь

Bingo Reyna was an excellent guitar player. He came from the group “Jackie y Los Ciclones” and in 1964 he created his own band “Beto and Los Huracanes”. The group used to play all Saturdays on channel 9, TV (Buenos Aires). Soon they signed with local RCA Victor where they recorded lots of instrumental records. Bingo Reyna recorded at least six all instrumental albums (in spite of some of them have duplicated tracks and several were reissued with different titles). Les Paul and his multitrack recording techniques, which Bingo has imitated, influenced his sound. As usual, with Argentinean instrumental records from 1960’s, Bingo’s albums back covers usually did not show details of the Bingo Reyna biography or discography. From his albums front covers we can see a young musician in his twenties holding a nice hollowed body guitar. His albums were usually a mix of rock and roll and easy listening tunes (ballads, Bossa Nova, American songs, etc.). However, even the easy listening songs were very well played with clever arrangements. As far as we know, to date, no Bingo Reyna album or compilation was issued on CD.

In 1970 he moved to Spain having recorded with his (ex) wife. He went to Mexico and married again. At present Bingo Reyna lives in Texas, USA where he runs a light and illumination company for shows.