воскресенье, 18 марта 2018 г.

The Lana Sisters ‎– Chantelly Lace 2011

1–The Lana Sisters Ring-a-my-phone
2–The Lana Sisters Chimes Of Arcady
3–The Lana Sisters Buzzin'
4–The Lana Sisters Cry, Cry Baby
5–The Lana Sisters Mister Dee-jay
6–The Lana Sisters Tell Him No
7–The Lana Sisters (Seven Little Girls) Sitting On The Backseat
Featuring – Al Saxon
8–The Lana Sisters Sitting On The Sidewalk
9–The Lana Sisters My Mother's Eyes
10–The Lana Sisters You've Got What It Takes
11–The Lana Sisters Someone Loves You, Joe
12–The Lana Sisters Tintarella di Luna (Magic Colour Of The Moonlight)
13–The Lana Sisters Two-some
14–The Lana Sisters Down South
bonus tracks
15–The Chantelles London My Home Town
16–The Chantelles I Want That Boy
17–The Chantelles Sticks And Stones
18–The Chantelles The Secret Of My Success
19–The Chantelles Gonna Get Burned
20–The Chantelles Gonna Give Him Some Love
21–The Chantelles I Think Of You
22–The Chantelles Please Don't Kiss Me
23–The Chantelles There's Something About You
24–The Chantelles Just Another Fool
25–The Chantelles Another Time Another World
26–The Chantelles The Man I Love
27 -The Chantelles         Out Of My Mind

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