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Jeri Southern ‎– Coffee, Cigarettes & Memories

Coffee, Cigarettes & Memories 2:52
Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year 3:18
This Time The Dream's On Me 2:35
Detour Ahead 2:46
The Song Is Ended 2:05
Yesterdays 2:35
Deep In A Dream 3:02
I'm Stepping Out With A Memory Tonight 3:00
Maybe It's Because I Love You Too Much 2:23
Yesterday's Gaedenias 2:29
I Must Have That Man 3:14
I'll Never Be The Same 2:22
Jeri Southern
Real Name:
Genevieve Lillian Hering
Born 5th August 1926, Royal, Nebraska
Died 4th August 1991, Los Angeles

Originally a classically-trained pianist, she switched to playing jazz, later having some success as a singer - the female equivalent of Nat King Cole.

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