воскресенье, 22 мая 2016 г.

Dan Hill ‎– Sounds Electronic Four 1967

And in the second half of that same year of 1967, the number four of the series was released. To please the moral censors of those times, the beautiful pin-up (one of the sexiest) on the cover was hidden by a suitable gatefold. About the music in it, let's see what was said on the liner notes: «This is Dan Hill's 4th "Sounds Electronic" long-player. It's the best! Because it has more tunes, better sounds. I promise you when you hear the first track you'll move. The rhythm of the first cut "There Is A Mountain" is so compelling you'd have to be a downright music hater to resist jumping up and down (like I did) or even tapping your toes. Dan and Geoff (he's Dan's inseperable sound engineer and buddy) led me into the control room, set me down in front of three speakers and played me a sample cut from this LP. Silence. Then... "Puppet On A String" leaps out of the speakers, glorious saxes ring out the familiar hit-making notes, trumpets take over triumphantly and the Scene scoops me up. I'm on wheels rolling down the road of effervescence. Fun and games after "Puppet" and we go straight into Miss "Tabatha Twitchit" - the beat is out of this world, space travel has nothing on this. Before we know it - "Kaiser Bill" marches in to the shrill of military-whistles. He in turn is succeeded by a bit of Hang-On-Snoopy-type music which introduces "Snoopy Versus The Red Baron"... and Dan leads the band in the shouting. It's spontaneous. Shades of the Turtles as "She'd Rather Be With Me" glides easily onto the tail of "Snoopy" and I'm trying to identify the electronic instrument chatting happily with the cool trumpets. The medley is over.

Dan looks younger suddenly. He's smiling and obviously knocked out himself. Geoff Tucker stands around looking like a proud father. Together they've done it. Together they have utilized South Africa's best musical talent; 4 tape machines (two of them four-tracks jobs); 6 reverberation units; 14 microphones; the most modern recording techniques in Africa; the most modern mixer and studio (Geoff spent 500 brain hours designing and building that alf-transistorized mixer); 40 of the top hits to emerge from the second half of the year 1967; and the ingenuity of the whole recording organisation. This is Dan Hill's latest and greatest "Sounds Electronic". And blended with the extraordinary technical developments to be found on this record is Dan's unique experience of dance bands. He plays regularly for dancers despite his recording commitments and he knows what dancers want and exactly what we like to hear. Success is a small word to use for this album... you have it in front of you now. I'd like you to sample it too. It is great. That's why I am one of Dan's many fans.» (Ronnie Wilson)