понедельник, 11 июля 2016 г.

VA - Jazz Around The Krach 1929

1. Duke Ellington : Wall Street Wail 
2. Ray Miller orch. : That’ a Plenty 
3. Earl Hines orch. : Chicago Rhythm
4. Jabbo Smith : Decatur Street Tutti
5. Sam Wooding : Tiger Rag
6. Paul Howard orch. : Quality shout 
7. Fletcher Henderson : Wang Wang Blues
8. Missourians : Market street Stomp
9. Jo Steele orch. : Coal-Yard Shuffle 
10. Luis Russel orch. : Jersey Lightnin’
11. Noble Sissle orch. : Kansas City Kitty
12. Bennie Moten : Rumba Negro
13. Casa Loma orch. : Happy Days are here again
14. Six Jolly Jesters : Goin’ Nuts
15. Mc Kinney’s Cot. P. : Wherever there’s a Will, there’s a Way 
16. Cecil Scott’s Bright Boys : Lawd, Lawd
17. Lud Gluskin orch. : I Wanna Go Places and Do Things 
18. Fess Williams orch. : Hot Mama (#1)
19. Louis Armstrong : Saint Louis Blues 
20. Fats Waller : Looking good, but Feelin’ bad
21. Cliff Jackson’s Krazy Kats : The Terror
22. Bessie Smith : Nobody Knows You When…
23. Duke Ellington : A Nite at the Cotton Club

"It is not without a certain sense of irony that Fremeaux & Associes, 80 years on, renders homage to the 1929 economic crisis that has its echoes in today’s international events. While 1929 saw the birth of Martin Luther King, Milan Kundera and Jacques Brel, each of whom influenced their era and achieved international acclaim, history and people themselves remember 1929 as the year of the Wall Street Crash and the beginning of the Depression.

Such a crisis that reoccurs regularly within capitalist societies is a revolutionary means of changing things, habits and culture etc. Neither are the artsimmune to these “readjustments” but had to adapt to the Depression: not only a need to make sense of it all but also to find financial backing, producers and, of course, listeners! Noel Herve, Philippe Baudoin and Daniel Nevers return to 1929 in Jazz Around The Crash." - Patrick Fremeaux