пятница, 16 сентября 2016 г.

Various -Disco Stomp 4

1-Mister Right   Coïncidence
2-Movin          Brass Construction
3-Lady Night     Patrick Juvet
4-I Feel So Nice Lara Saint Paul
5-Cosmic Dancer  Toni Van Duyne ‎
6-Station 713    Frederic Mercier
7-I'm The Viper  Lucrethia Lips
8-Talkin'        Brass Construction
9-Swiss Kiss     Patrick Juvet
10-Squeeze Me    Roy Henry & Rena
11-I  Don't Need A Doctor- International Disco Band And Singers
12-Oh My Munich  The Disco Baby Band
13-I'm Your Baby Doll-Sheila & B. Devotion
14-Singin' In The Rain-John First
15-Sing To Me Mama-Mario Cavallero Et Son Orchestre
16-Daddy Daddy   Radiorama
17-I'm Burning Up -Elvin Shaad
18-In San Francisco-V.I.S.A.
19-Tightrope-Number One Ensemble
20-Teaser        The Dells