пятница, 16 сентября 2016 г.

Various -Disco Stomp 5

1-Ma Quale Idea - Pino D'angio
2-The 5Th - Part 1  - Big Daddy Orchestra
3-The 5Th--  Part 2- Big Daddy Orchestra
4-Burn Me Up [ With Your Love ]-Frisky
5-Notte D'amore- Pino D'angiò
6- Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now- Mc Fadden & Whitehead
7- Hate You Baby- Novelty Disco Band
8- That's The Night- Night Creatures
9-Silver Planet-Chantereau, Dahan And Pezin
10-Monkey Star-Arpadys
11-Skateboarding In N.Y.-Georges Rodi
12-Danal Myth-Saturne Ea1
13-Astro 9-Moon Birds
14-Baby Moon-O.K. Lem
15-Star Ship-Andromeda
16-Shooting Star-Actarus
17-Let Me Free Your Love-Patsy Gallant
18-Boogie Baby-Afric Simone
19-A Summer With You-Alain Bongo
20-Tu Peus Me Dire Adieu-Patsy Gallant