пятница, 25 ноября 2016 г.

VA-Blondes, Brunettes & Redheads - Silky Gals of the Atomic Age

01.Travelin' Light by Julie Wilson
02.The Thrill Is Gone by Connie Russell
03.Lazy Afternoon by Fran Jeffries
04.Candy by Lola Albright
05.A Deep Dark Secret by Lizabeth Scott
06..Easy Does It by Gayle Andrews
07.Hold Me by Tina Louise
08.It's Silk by India Adams
09.Little Girl Blue by Joyce Carr
10.Slow Glow by Annita Ray
11.Come by Sunday by Diana Dors
12.It Takes Time by Ruth Olay
13. Volare by Pier Angel
14. It Could Happen to You by Pat Thomas
15. Easy to Love by Linda Lawson
16. He Needs Me by Pat Morrissey
17. Why Try to Change Me Now by Nancy Steele
18. Teach Me Tonight by The DeCastro Sisters
19..All by Myself in the Morning by Pat O'Day
20. He Took Me by Storm by Marie McDonald
21.Too Hot to Handle by Jayne Mansfield
22. Do It Again by Monica Lewis
23. The Gentleman Is a Dope by Janet Blair
24.Lazy Afternoon by Edie Adams
25. Pepper Hot Baby By Jaye P. Morgan
26. Quit Your Feelin' Around By Nancy Steele
27.Haunted Heart by Lynn Taylor