воскресенье, 18 декабря 2016 г.

Various-Disco Hollidays !!!-2

1.Liza... Liza --  Elias Rahbani And His Orchestra
2.Golden Soul -Eurosound_orchestra
3.Oxygène-Galaxy Brothers And Orchestra
4. Soli - Gil Ventura
5.Le Notti Porno Nel Mondo N° 2 (Seq. 1)-Gianni Marchetti
6. Pasodeibol-Eurosound_orchestra
7.Wind And Light-Galaxy Brothers And Orchestra
8.Hooray Hooray It's A Holiday -Guy Denys
9. Flying-Joe Nat Palele Orchestra and The Golden Girls Quartet
10.Dancing Queen-John First
11.Toreador-Manolo Gas
12.Buenos Dias Argentina-Ray Silver And His Orchestra
13.Devil's gun-The Salsa '78 Orchestra
14.Pink pussy-Soul_city_orchestra
15.The Equatorial Passat-String_orchestra
16.Guantanamera-The Ventures
17. The most beautiful girl- Berry lipman
18.Lied vom tod, rio bravo-Peter Thomas
19.Gonna Fly Now - Gil Ventura
Disco Hollidays

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